July 31, 2016

Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO's Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup

While it is common knowledge by now that the failed and/or staged Turkish coup two weekends ago was nothing more than an excuse for Erdogan to concentrate even more power and eradicate all political and independent opposition, a story that has gotten less attention is the sudden, and acute deterioration in US-Turkish relations.

This culminated two days ago when the Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM) General Joseph Votel was forced to deny on the record having anything to do with the attempted coup in Turkey following pointed allegations from the very top in the local government that the US orchestrated last Friday's "coup", according to a statement released by the US military on Friday. Read more.

Zero Hedge

- Top Turkish, American soldiers to meet in person after coup attempt - Hürriyet
- Türkei: Tausende Polizisten umstellen NATO-Stützpunkt Incirlik für „Sicherheitskontrolle“ (video) - RT

Top Turkish, American soldiers to meet in person after coup attempt

The top Turkish and American soldiers are set for their first face-to-face meeting since the July 15 failed coup attempt amid tension between the two NATO allies over the latter’s suspected role in the coup attempt.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph F. Dunford and Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar will meet on Aug. 1 at the Turkish military headquarters in Ankara after the U.S. commander’s visit to İncirlik Air Base... Read more.


Turkish PM to meet top US officer - AA
Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO's Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup - Zero Hedge

Turkish gov’t introduces new decree law to overhaul army - Hürriyet
Turkey: Top ministers to join Supreme Military Council - AA

Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

Since the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15th, the name of exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen is on everyone's lips. 

So who is Fethullah Gulen? Well, that depends who you ask... Read more.

Corbett Report

- F. William Engdahl: What is Fethullah Gülen? - NEO
Turkish Coup Fallout: Chief of Staff Fingers Gulen As Plot Leader (video) - Corbett Report

The Tale of Uncle Tsarnaev, CIA Chief Graham Fuller and a Turkish Islamist Who Lives in USA - Progressive Press

July 30, 2016

Clinton Emails Prove Intervention Against Chavez

The classified emails about Hillary Clinton leaked by Wikileaks expose Clinton's hypocrisy and her direct involvement in sabotaging relations between the U.S. and Venezuela. Read more.


WikiLeaks: Clinton destabiliseerde regering-Chavez - Nieuws-Suriname

July 28, 2016

Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euro Arms Pipeline to Middle East

An unprecedented flow of weapons from Central and Eastern Europe is flooding the battlefields of the Middle East

As Belgrade slept on the night of November 28, 2015, the giant turbofan engines of a Belarusian Ruby Star Ilyushin II-76 cargo plane roared into life, its hull laden with arms destined for faraway conflicts.

Rising from the tarmac of Nikola Tesla airport, the hulking aircraft pierced the Serbian mist to head towards Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Read more + video.

Balkan Insight

‘They have a history of corruption’: Clinton Cash documentary author Peter Schweizer

RT spoke to the author and executive producer of the documentary 'Clinton Cash' - Peter Schweizer, who believes Hillary Clinton needs power to keep the money coming in.


- Clinton Cash (video) - documentary

Campagne Hillary Clinton medegefinancierd door Gülen, Saoedi-Arabië, Qatar

“Er zijn geen bewijzen voor dat Fethullah Gülen persoonlijk opdracht heeft gegeven tot de couppoging [in Turkije, red.], maar de Gülen-beweging is duidelijk betrokken bij de couppoging.” Dat zegt Abraham Wagner van de Amerikaanse denktank Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism tegenover Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten.

“Erdogan mag voor de Verenigde Staten dan een ongemakkelijke partner zijn, hij is echter de enige optie en Turkije is een NAVO-staat. De Verenigde Staten hebben eigenlijk geen keus. Erdogan is de president van Turkije en de Verenigde Staten bevinden zich in een lastig parket.” Lees meer.


July 27, 2016

Deutsche Bank's net income plummets

Deutsche Bank has reported a small net profit for the second quarter. The result was a lot better than expected by analysts, but ongoing restructuring took its toll in securities trading and other business areas.

Germany's largest lender on Wednesday reported a second-quarter bottom-line profit of 20 million euros ($22 million). Read more + video.


Deutsche Bank: not Lehman Brothers - DW
Is Deutsche Bank the next Lehman? - NotQuant

'Europe is extremely sick', says Deutsche Bank chief economist - RT

Utrechts ballingsschap Filipijnse rebellenleider lijkt ten einde

UTRECHT - Er lijkt een eind te komen aan het ballingschap van de Filipijnse rebellenleider José Maria Sison in Utrecht. De nieuwe Filipijnse president Rodrigo Duterte heeft een eenzijdig bestand afgekondigd met maoïstische rebellen waarvan Sison leider is.

In een toespraak in het parlement riep de nieuwe president de rebellen op ook de wapens neer te leggen en zo de weg vrij te maken voor vredesoverleg. Lees meer.

RTV Utrecht

Duterte wil vrede in de Filipijnen, kondigt eenzijdig bestand af - NOS
We vroegen José María Sison wat het betekent om op de Amerikaanse terreurlijst te staan - Vice

Karel van Wolferen: “NAVO is uiterst gevaarlijk”

De NAVO is wellicht een van de gevaarlijkste organisaties ter wereld, dat zegt journalist en hoogleraar Karel van Wolferen in een uitgebreid gesprek bij Café Weltschmerz. 

Amerika wil zoveel mogelijk controle houden op de wereld en via de NAVO kan ze die controle uitoefenen op Europa. Het heeft er alle schijn van dat ze aanstuurt op een conflict met Rusland. Lees meer + video.


Is Gaddafi’s son returning to politics?

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, while hiding in the vast southern Libyan desert, was captured by the powerful Zintan armed militia in November 2011.

A cloud of mystery surrounds the goals of those behind the recent release from prison of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the assassinated Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Read more.


Will Gadhafi’s son be Libya’s next leader? - Marsad

July 26, 2016

Turkey increases pressure on U.S. for Gulen’s extradition

ISTANBUL — Turkish leaders on Tuesday stepped up their calls for the United States to punish Fethullah Gulen, the reclusive cleric living in Pennsylvania whose organization is said to be behind the failed July 15 coup attempt that sought to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government.

Officials in Ankara insist that Gulen had a direct hand in the coup plot, a mutiny led by a faction in the military that led to about 290 deaths before it was quashed. Read more.

Washington Post

Turkey strongly expects Gülen's extradition from US: FM Çavuşoğlu - Hürriyet
Turkey 'Heartbroken' by US Reaction Toward Request to Extradite Gulen - Sputnik

Who Was Behind the Coup Attempt in Turkey? - NY Times
Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt - NEO

What is Fethullah Gülen’s real mission? - openDemocracy
The Tale of Uncle Tsarnaev, CIA Chief Graham Fuller and a Turkish Islamist Who Lives in USA - Progressive Press

Albania ruled by Gülen and Soros - Foreign Policy News
Brennan's CIA (and Soros) Supporting Islamic Indoctrination of US Children in 148 Charter Schools in 27 States - CVFC

The Coup in Turkey did not Fail - Progressive Press

Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Wall Street-backed warmonger whose potential election as President of the United States this November poses an existential threat not just to Americans but to all of humanity. Read more.

Corbett Report

Bernie Booed: Sanders supporters yell as he urges they vote for Clinton (video) - RT
Walk out & occupation: Sanders delegates stage walk out during DNC roll call - RT

July 25, 2016

UK families struggle with rising child poverty

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May has said she wants to address what she calls the "burning injustice" of inequality. Latest figures show the number of children living in poverty rose by 200,000 last year up to 3.9 million.

A recent report warns that more than a million parents may have to skip a meal to feed their children this summer. Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from Northern Ireland, one of the poorest parts of the UK.

Al Jazeera

Child poverty soars in Britain - WSWS

Game of Drones: A new type of war crime that’s going unpunished

The CIA’s killer drones, stealthy and cheaper than manned war planes, have become a convenient modern weapon for finding and destroying terrorist targets abroad. They allow the US military to eliminate enemies from the safety of an air force office. That convenience, distance and safety however, may be deceptive.

Among the places under constant surveillance and frequently attacked by CIA drones are the tribal regions of Pakistan, where militants from various terrorist groups have taken refuge. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drones have killed around a thousand innocent Pakistani civilians since 2004. Locals live in constant fear of an airstrike as deadly drones hover overhead, an ever-present reminder of the reality and fragility of their lives.

Human rights activists argue that even when a target is identified correctly, the very idea of execution by a drone is against international law, human rights and the principles of democracy.

Meanwhile, many military drone operators, on the other side of the world, suffer psychological breakdown, PTSD and an all-consuming sense of guilt for launching attacks that, in all probability, caused civilian casualties.

RT Doc meets people targeted by drones and their lawyer, world famous former international cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, and a former drone operator who became an anti-drone activist, all talk to RTD about the true extent of the collateral damage caused by these airborne killing machines. Read more.


Libya killings: Bodies found with signs of torture

An investigation is under way in Libya after 21 unidentified bodies showing signs of torture were found in Benghazi. The UN's Libya envoy Martin Kobler says he is shocked by the summary executions, which he labelled a war crime.

Al Jazeera’s Emike Umolu reports.

Al Jazeera

Barghati says outside help needed to fight terrorism - Libya Herald
Libya armed groups urge citizens to fight against French troops - Marsad

Will Gadhafi’s son be Libya’s next leader? - Marsad

10 Yemeni civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes

Saudi Arabia has carried out fresh airstrikes in Yemen’s southern province of Ta’izz

At least ten civilian were killed when their house was targeted by Saudi warplanes. Nearly 9500 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the war since March 2015. The military aggression has put millions of Yemenis in a dire humanitarian situation. Human Rights Watch and other international rights groups have condemned Riyadh for targeting Yemeni civilians and the country's economic infrastructure.

We have talked to Yemeni journalist and political commentator Hussain al-Bukhaiti. He believes the UN has become the political wing of the Saudi aggression on Yemen.


Yemen ballistic missile ‘kills dozens of Saudi troops’ - PressTV

The Empire Files: Bringing Corporations to Justice with Ecuador's UN Rep

For the first time ever, progress is being made at the United Nations for a binging legal instrument that would hold corporations accountable for human rights violations

Transnational corporations--many with larger economies than the countries they operate in--have enjoyed immunity from charges for destroying the environment and taking human lives. But Ecuador is leading a fight in the UN to create an international treaty and standards that can change this equation.

At teleSUR's studios in Quito, Abby Martin interviews Ecuador's Permanent Representative to the UN and Chair of the negotiations for the binging instrument, María Fernanda Espinosa, about the need for this step.


15 Years Of Terror: Timeline map of terrorist attacks since 2001

Decade of Carnage in Iraq: See how MSM changed their tune since 2003

July 24, 2016

WikiLeaks publishes DNC emails showing scheme against Bernie Sanders

Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has released nearly twenty-thousand emails from several US Democratic National Committee members, with messages that raise questions about the committee's impartiality during the Democratic primary.

The emails sent and received between seven top members of the DNC were released on Friday. The leaks show an insider effort to undercut Bernie Sanders' campaign including several stinging denunciations of him and his organization.

The revelations come just days before the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton at the party's convention in Philadelphia. Meanwhile Clinton's Republican rival Donald Trump said that the leaked emails show plans to destroy Sanders and are proof of the Democrats’ manipulative system.


Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary for Hillary - Anti-Media
WikiLeaks Just Revealed Mainstream Media Works Directly With Hillary, DNC - Anti-Media

DNC email database - WikiLeaks
DNC Leaks: Anti-Sanders bias, pro-Clinton collusion revealed in WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 emails (video) - RT

Hillary Clinton: Business As Usual (video) - teleSUR
WikiLeaks: Democratische Partij probeerde Sanders te dwarsbomen - Volkskrant

Zonnen zonder smeren is gezond

(Earth Matters | door Rozemarijn van West) - Genieten jullie ook volop van de zomerse dagen? Hopelijk wel, want dat is de beste manier om vitamine D binnen te krijgen. Helaas krijgen veel mensen te weinig vitamine D binnen omdat we ons massaal insmeren met zonnebrandcrèmes. En daardoor wordt er geen vitamine D in de huid aangemaakt! Terwijl juist vitamine D een belangrijke rol speelt bij het voorkomen van kanker. Lees hier hoe je optimaal en veilig kunt genieten van de zon.

Waarom vitamine D onmisbaar is
Vitamine D is een hormoon dat met behulp van zonlicht in de huid wordt gevormd uit cholesterol. Lees meer.

Earth Matters

Munich attack not connected to refugees or ISIS, was inspired by Breivik - German police

The Munich shooter had no connection to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) or refugees.

He was born and raised on German soil, Bavarian police chief told reporters citing preliminary results of a search of the gunman’s family apartment. Read more.


Expert: Depression is no motive for mass violence - DW

July 23, 2016

GLADIO: Die Geheimen Naziarmeen in Europa

TV Dokumentation vom SWR 2010 | Erstausstrahlung in ARTE 16.2.2011

Nazis die in der Ukraine im Auftrag von CIA, NATO und EU einen Putsch auf dem Maidan inszenierten, ist das etwas Neues? Nein, dass dies ein altes und bewährtes Verfahren der westlichen Geheimdienste und der NATO ist, darauf gibt diese TV Dokumentation, von 2010 vom SWR, eine ausführlich Antwort.

Die Dokumentation zeigt auf, dass wir in Mitteleuropa und Deutschland ganz konkret von diesen Machenschaften betroffen sind, sowohl als Täter wie auch als Opfer. Mehr info.

Reinhard Gehlen, the CIA and the Nazis (video) - documentary
NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (video) - documentary

Epic Rant: The Government Will Not Protect You From Tractor Trailers

As the Problem-Reaction-Solution (Nice edition) plays out as expected, it is time to remind ourselves: The government is not your daddy and it will not protect you from the boogeyman.

The government creates the boogeyman to scare you. Giving more power to the government in the wake of every tragedy only incentivizes them to terrorize you further. Read more.

Corbett Report

Willy William - Ego

Violence intensifies in eastern Ukraine

Violence has intensified in eastern Ukraine as more people are killed in clashes between government forces and pro-Russia militia. The fighting comes despite a ceasefire agreement between the warring sides.

Lena Savchuk reports from Kiev.


Militants launch 54 attacks on ATO troops in eastern Ukraine - Ukrinform
One Ukrainian serviceman killed, two wounded in Donbas in past 24 hours - Interfax

Ukraine under threat of full-scale war (video) - UT
- Ukraine estimates potential losses in first two days of full-scale war with Russia - Unian

Crimea to sell Kolomoisky’s assets to compensate swindled depositors of his bank - RT
Ukraine stands no chance of getting help from 'Mad Max' Trump as US president - Kyiv Post

July 22, 2016

Vulture Funds Attack Puerto Rico Despite Bailout 'Rescue'

It remains unclear how courts will rule on lawsuit filed by top bondholders following passage of PROMESA bailout.

Despite Congressional approval of the controversial PROMESA bill to “rescue” Puerto Rico from its US$73 billion debt crisis, top bondholders Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the island to repay its debts in full. Read more.


July 21, 2016

Van Ecevit tot Erdoğan: Een korte geschiedenis van pro-Amerikaanse staatsgrepen in Turkije

Momenteel doet het volgende ‘narratief’ de ronde in het publieke debat: Erdoğan eigent zich te veel macht toe en is Turkije aan het islamiseren. Daarom trad het Turkse leger als hoeder van de seculiere staat met een staatsgreep op, net zoals het had gedaan in 1960, 1971, 1980 en 1997. Het is eigenlijk betreurenswaardig dat het leger misgreep, want nu heeft Erdoğan alle ruimte om zijn greep op de macht verder te verstevigen. En wie weet was deze mislukte samenzwering wel een valse vlag-operatie van Erdoğan zelf? Dit narratief klinkt misschien aannemelijk, maar gaat voorbij aan de feiten.

Het klopt dat Erdoğan bezig is met het consolideren van zijn macht. Hij heeft een hoop tegenstanders en heeft in de afgelopen dertien jaar met zijn AKP-regering alle tijd gehad om een lijst van die tegenstanders samen te stellen. Lees meer.


- Waarom de mislukte Turkse couppoging geen “valse vlag” machtsgreep door Erdogan was - Novini
Russia 'warned Erdogan about coup' moments before assassination attempt - New Arab

July 20, 2016

US may ‘take a pause’ in aiding Syrian rebels after beheading of Palestinian boy

The US says it may reconsider its affiliation and support for the Syrian opposition if reports of anti-Assad rebels beheading a Palestinian boy are confirmed.

The State Department has vowed “consequences” if the gruesome videos of the death are true.


CIA-Armed Syrian Rebel Group Just Beheaded a 10-Year-Old Boy on Video - Anti-Media

The Lost Tribes Of Israel

The mystery of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel has fascinated people through the ages. Explorers claim to have discovered evidence of the "lost tribes" all over the world, from Australia to Siberia, but few if any such claims have been backed up by solid evidence.

But now a provocative possibility about the whereabouts of one of the tribes has emerged--and it's 4,000 miles from Israel--in Southern Africa. Host and explorer Josh Bernstein retraces the amazing journey that the Lemba people claim they made centuries ago.

It stretches from the heart of modern South Africa to the ancient stone cities of Zimbabwe...and then onto the shores of the Mediterranean and the city of Jerusalem. And the evidence for this journey is more than anecdotal. As Josh discovers, recent DNA studies point to the Lemba's true origin in the Middle East.

Turkey’s ‘Deep State’ Has a Secret Back Channel to Assad

Ceren Kenar - President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently patched up ties with Russia and Israel. Are a couple of nationalist politicians laying the groundwork for a deal with Syria’s strongman?

ISTANBUL — In the past month, Turkey has worked to turn two old rivals into new friends. On June 27, Turkish officials announced a deal normalizing relations with Israel after a six-year rift in the wake of the deadly Mavi Marmara incident. That day, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also expressed regret to Russia over the downing of a Russian warplane in November 2015, which paved the way for the two countries to patch up their relationship. Read more.


July 19, 2016

Highlights from the ‘missing’ 28 pages of the 9/11 report allege Saudi links to the World Trade Center hijackers

Jim Edwards The final 28 pages of the official US intelligence Joint Inquiry into the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were released on Friday.

The pages, which describe what the US intelligence services knew about Saudi government links to the 9/11 attacks, got fewer news headlines than expected because the world was transfixed that night by the attempted coup in Turkey. Read more.

Business Insider

Congress releases secret '28 pages' on alleged Saudi 9/11 ties (video) - CNN
9/11 report's classified '28 pages' about potential Saudi Arabia ties released - Guardian

Congress releases long-secret '28 pages' indicating Saudi ties to 9/11 - RT
- Saudi ties to 9/11 detailed in documents surpressed since 2002 - Intercept

July 18, 2016

Turkey’s Failed Coup: “A Gift From God” Or From Washington?

Tony Cartalucci - The coup this weekend that rocked Turkey was a particularly spectacular geopolitical development. Theories abound regarding who was behind it and their motivations for carrying out what ultimately proved an apparently failed attempt at removing the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Still, it is too early to tell, as facts are far from forthcoming. However, it is possible to discern the most plausible possibilities based on the subsequent actions taken by various potential players who may have been involved in the coup attempt. Read more.

Activist Post

Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkish Coup (video) - Corbett Report

The Overthrow of the Ottoman Empire & the Rothschilds

Muhammad Rafeeq and Daryl Bradford Smith, August 24, 2007

- The Facts Behind the Overthrow of the Ottoman Sultaanate - Mohammed Rafiq
Who Were The "Young Turks"? - Anti Kemalist

The Fall of Khilafah (Caliphate) & a Freemason (video)
Armenian Genocide Was Created by Freemasonic Donmeh (video)

MH-17: Two Years of Anti-Russian Propaganda

Two years ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot out of the sky over eastern Ukraine killing 298 people and opening an inviting path for a propaganda campaign toward a new Cold War with Russia, writes Robert Parry.

Robert Parry - Perhaps it’s only fitting that as we reach the second anniversary of the horrific shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flights 17, The New York Times would mark the occasion by once more using the tragedy as a propaganda club to advance the neocon goal of a new, costly and very dangerous Cold War with Russia. Read more.

Consortium News

Glyphosate Disrupts Uterus Study Finds

F. William Engdahl - One of the most difficult aspects of demonstrating the possible risks of GMOs and their paired chemical herbicides such as Monsanto Roundup containing glyphosate is that the GMO chemical companies make it virtually impossible for serious, unbiased scientists to test possible dangers. An uncharacteristically huge resistance inside the member countries of the EU among the population and various NGOs has three times forced a postponement of EU Commission decision to renew the EU license for glyphosate.

In 2015 an agency of the World Health Organization labeled glyphosate a “probable carcinogen. Now a team of scientists has published their peer-review findings discovering serious damage to the uterus of rats exposed to glyphosate, the world’s most-used weed-killer. Other alarming signs of high glyphosate toxicity also to humans are being documented as well. Read more.


July 15, 2016

Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?

Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting 'Jurassic Park capitalism' since the demise of the USSR


EU lawmakers warn Congress against Saudi terrorism bill

European lawmakers are putting Congress on notice that a bill to allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia could inadvertently harm relations with some of America’s closest allies across the Atlantic.

The Dutch parliament wrote to House lawmakers ahead of a July 14 hearing to warn them that the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) would represent a “gross and unwarranted breach of Dutch sovereignty” that could result in “astronomical damages.” Read more.


In de tang van VS - Telegraaf
‘De Amerikanen geven met JASTA een dikke middelvinger naar de rest van de wereld’ - Politalk

July 14, 2016

Big Ag Wants to Sell You GMO Marijuana

Voter initiatives like California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” have many celebrating the legalization of the long-demonised plant. 

But as Ellen Brown writes in her new article, “The 'War on Weed' Is Winding Down – But Will Monsanto/Bayer Be the Winner?” the push toward legalization is being steered by corporate interests for potential profit, not a concern for public health. Read more.

Corbett Report

Cannabis Growers Of Canada Unite Against Trudeau (video) - Press For Truth

The Pokemon Go Conspiracy

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the conspiracies behind the latest viral trend of the augmented reality app Pokemon Go

We go over all the facts and sources in the video detailing the effects of the app and its larger implications. We talk about privacy concerns and the debate that is taking place right now with information you should consider before downloading pokemon go.


Hoe Pokémon Go het belang van een Frans filosoof uit de jaren tachtig bewijst - De Wereld Morgen

How the System Gets People to Conform & Accept Police State Brutality

Of course right now if you say anything against the action of an officer, Dallas will be invoked against you, as if 7/7/16 is some kind of magical hall pass for all police brutality ever after, but here are a few random thoughts... 

There's a huge push on social media right now for people to conform and accept the burgeoning American police state, to beg for it in fact. To condone atrocious acts of violence against citizens. To grant even more power. If we're truly living in a Matrix, you could easily say a giant program is being run on the entire population to gain this acceptance through emotional and psychological manipulation. It's all about violence, anger, and fear. Especially fear.

In reality, if the cops in this particular video had handled this situation properly, the only thing you'd remember about it is the woman's criminal behavior... not theirs.

Truthstream Media

Dozens of Protests Hit U.S. Against Police Violence (video) - teleSUR
GRAPHIC: Bodycam footage of unarmed Dylan Noble released by Fresco police (video) - RT

July 13, 2016

Saudi regime arrests prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Habib

Sheikh Habib was arrested in the Shia majority Qatif region, along with three of his companions on Saturday. They were reportedly transferred to a facility in the capital Riyadh for questioning. The senior cleric is known for his criticism of the Saudi regime and its policies towards the Shias.

The cleric intensified its anti-government criticism earlier this year when Riyadh executed prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. The execution caused international outrage, with many condemning the move as a sign of Saudi Arabia’s lack of tolerance for dissent. Read more.


July 12, 2016

EU launches sanctions procedures against Spain & Portugal

Eurozone finance ministers have decided to start sanctions procedures against Spain and Portugal for breaching EU spending rules. Read more.


EU states back deficit sanction procedure for Spain, Portugal - Reuters

UK MPs urge Saudi to stop Daesh funding by royal families

A British parliamentary committee says Saudi Arabia and other Arab states must prevent their rich ruling families from funding the Daesh terrorist group.

In a report on the state of Daesh finances, lawmakers from the Foreign Affairs Select Committee say the terror organization is enjoying financial support from wealthy Arab families. Read more.


Saudi Arabia must do more to prevent secret funding of Isis, MPs say - Guardian

July 10, 2016

Death by Calcium -- Proof of the Toxic Effects of Dairy and Calcium Supplements -- Tom Levy

Death by Calcium -- Proof of the Toxic Effects of Dairy and Calcium Supplements" by Tom Levy, MD on May 15th, 2014.

For the most part, vitamin and mineral supplementation impacts very positively on the overall health of the population, in spite of much of the aggressive and irrational attacks lead by the pharmaceutical industry. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that one of the most popular supplements ever, with the ongoing support of most conscientious physicians and other healthcare practitioners, is in fact very toxic and should never be chronically supplemented.

The supplement is calcium, in any form, although some forms are more toxic than others. Furthermore, it is now clear that excess dietary calcium, as is realized with the routine ingestion of milk and other calcium-laden dairy foods, is also a toxic and life-shortening practice. Read more (pdf).


The Plague of Nationalism

This week we unpack the historic #Brexit vote in the UK, which has sparked a political crisis and generalized a populist anti-immigrant sentiment.

For the musical break, we’ve got Caxton Press, with Broken Dreams.

We then shift our attention to the United Snakes, where the long-standing effects of neoliberalism and disillusionment with the traditional political establishment is leading many down the path of right-wing reaction and conspiracy theories. Read more.


Rockefeller Family: A Dance with The Devil

Breaking down the American mythology of the Rockefeller legacy; of it's philanthropy against the horrible backdrop of the obsession with gaining wealth with terrible tactics and violence.

Looking at the family history of philanthropy as dark because good causes need to kneel to the power the family holds to receive the benefits.


Dallas Ambush Follows Pattern of Provocateured False Flags

In February 2014 paramilitary snipers (later identified as Gladio operatives) opened fire on protestors and police forces in Ukraine, escalating the crisis and putting the final nail in the coffin of Yanukovych’s rule.

In March 2011 the “spontaneous democratic protest” in Daraa led to carnage as trained snipers killed seven policemen and four protesters, escalating the crisis and launching the five-year long devestation of Syria.

In July 2016 unidentified snipers opened fire at an otherwise peaceful protest in Dallas, potentially sparking America’s next civil war. Do you see a pattern? Read more.

Corbett Report

Jay Z - Spiritual

July 9, 2016

Dissecting the Royal Society's GMO Whitewash

Dr. Robert Verkerk is the Executive and Scientific Director of the Alliance for Natural Health. Today we discuss his recent article, "UK Royal Society whitewash on GM crops," which breaks down the Royal Society's recent report on the safety of genetically modified foods.

From false assurances of consensus to exclusion of key issues like glyphosates and superweeds, we show how the latest report is a whitewash and discuss why the Royal Society is promoting the biotech industry. Read more.

Corbett Report

Rutte vraagt Porosjenko niet om ruwe radarbeelden MH17

Premier Mark Rutte gaat de Oekraïense president Porosjenko morgen niet vragen naar de ruwe Oekraïense radarbeelden van de ramp met vlucht MH17. Die zouden meer duidelijk kunnen scheppen over de toedracht.

Politiek beïnvloeding
,,Wij vragen nooit als Nederlandse regering naar informatie in het kader van MH17,.. Lees meer.


Rutte: Ik ga niet zelf naar radarbeelden MH17 vragen - RTL

Nederland heeft Rusland opnieuw gevraagd om radarbeelden MH17 - NOS
Rusland verleent medewerking aan Justitie bij onderzoek MH17-ramp - NU

Nabestaanden eisen actie Rutte om radarbeelden - NU

July 8, 2016

Russian Aggression? NATO doesn’t need warmongering to bring security to eastern border – German FM

Even key NATO ally Germany is voicing deep concern over the organization’s buildup in Eastern Europe, with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier accusing it of war-mongering against Russia.


NATO, US rebuke German foreign minister's 'saber-rattling' comments - DW
Germany slams NATO 'warmongering' on Russia - AFP

July 6, 2016

Outrage as ICC claims Blair won't go on trial for war crimes

The long awaited Chilcot report on the UK's role in the Iraq war is due to be released on Wednesday after seven years of preparation.

Ahead of its publication the International Criminal Court says that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will not be investigated for war crimes but that British soldiers could be.


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July 5, 2016

Valse mediaberichten; wat is er aan de hand met onze pers?

Een groot aantal berichten die een beter beeld zouden kunnen geven van de werkelijke agenda van machtselites verschijnen niet in de Nederlandse pers. Hoe kan dit? Zijn alle persbureaus in handen van Amerikaanse investeringsmaatschappijen wellicht? Is de NPO bevooroordeeld? Laten we gewoon eens kijken naar enkele nieuwsfeiten die wij amper tot niet in Nederlandse kranten konden vinden en de feiten die anders gepresenteerd worden dan in de internationale pers.

We begonnen een beetje wakker te worden toen jaren later boven water kwam dat de dochter van de Saoedische ambassadeur geld ontvangen had voor het maken van een filmpje waarin ze huilend beweerde dat in de ziekenhuizen in Irak baby’s op de grond gegooid werden. Vervolgens werden westerse landen bestookt met beschuldigingen dat Irak chemische wapens zou hebben. De propaganda om onderbuikgevoelens aan te wakkeren tegen ‘de vijand’ deed opnieuw zijn intrede. Lees meer.

Groninger Krant

Nederland wordt wakker - DSW

July 4, 2016

Leaked Tor Project chat logs reveal it struggled over hiring ex-CIA agent

Internal chat logs show how the non-profit organisation's work may be affected by the intelligence community.

The Tor Project, a non-profit organisation that runs one of the world's most popular anonymous online communication platform, has in the past come under fire from the government as well as the public. As a result, the non-profit is fairly protective of its public image. However, recently uncovered internal chat logs reveal that the firm had briefly employed an alleged ex-CIA agent, which may be a cause for concern for Tor users. Read more.


De EU is een project van de CIA?

Betreft de EU een CIA-project? Het lijkt er veel op! Dit klinkt wellicht compleet gestoord, maar lees toch even verder. Het nieuws over de CIA als kracht achter de EU komt eigenlijk gewoon via de grote reguliere media naar u toe. Het Britse The Telegraph schreef onlangs:
DECLASSIFIED American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.
Uit recentelijk vrij gegeven documenten blijkt dat de voorloper van de CIA in Europa federalisten sponsorde voor het opzetten van een EU Superstaat. Lees meer.

Lang Leve Europa

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OSS, CIA and European Unity in Diplomacy and Statecraft, vol. 8 no 1, March 1997 (pdf) - Warwick

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July 3, 2016

File 17 is glimpse into still-secret 28 pages about 9/11

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid the clamor a year ago to release 28 still-secret pages of a congressional inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks, the government quietly declassified a little-known report listing more than three dozen people who piqued the interest of investigators probing possible Saudi connections to the hijackers.

The document, known as "File 17," offers clues to what might be in the missing pages of the bipartisan report about 9/11. Read more.


Empire Files: Propaganda & Engineering Consent for Empire with Mark Crispin Miller

With thousands of advertisements seen by Americans everyday, and a corporate media that reinforces the needs of Empire, propaganda in the U.S. is more pervasive and effective than ever before.


Thousands March in Argentina Against Rising Energy Rates

Power to the people of Argentina! Thousands took to the streets in Buenos Aires to denounce Mauricio Macri's government and the rising energy costs that have gone up by nearly 700 percent, thanks to his neoliberal crackdown on progressive policies by his predecessor.


Thousands March on Honduran Coup Anniversary

Thousands marched on the anniversary of the 2009 Honduran coup to protest the repressive government and worsening conditions.


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Puerto Rico 'Rescue' Bill to Reinforce Colonial Relationship with US

The so-called PROMESA bill imposes an imperialistic, open-ended fiscal control board that will determine the livelihood of Puerto Ricans for the foreseeable future, says activist Julio Lopez.


Puerto Rico: Colonial Bondage & Resistance - Empire Files (video) - teleSUR

July 2, 2016

Breedlove’s war: Hacked emails reveal ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia

Hacked private emails of the US general formerly in charge of NATO reveal a campaign to pressure the White House into escalating the conflict with Russia over Ukraine, involving several influential players in Washington. Read more.


Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy - Intercept

U.S. claims drones only killed 116 civilians; experts say it’s way more

Journalists and rights experts say the Obama admin.'s report on drone strikes is understated and lacks transparency

According to the Obama administration, just 64 to 116 civilians have been killed in its secretive drone program.

The U.S. government published a report on Friday, July 1 that claims that the counter-terrorism airstrikes it conducted outside of conventional war zones between January 2009 and the end of 2015 only killed scores of non-combatants. Read more.


Obama drone casualty numbers a fraction of those recorded by the Bureau - Bureau of Investigative Journalism

- Obama admin: Up to 116 civilians 'accidentally' killed in US drone strikes (video) - RT
Rights Groups: US downplays civilian death toll from airstrikes (video) - PressTV

Killing Joke - Seeing Red

Europees kruitvat

In steeds meer landen groeit de twijfel over het lidmaatschap van de Europese Unie. Als de leiders in Brussel niet snel actie ondernemen, kan dit volgens Jan Dwarshuis wel eens leiden tot een vlammende climax voor Europa.

De weeffouten van de Europese Unie (EU) zijn te lang onder het tapijt geschoven. Daarnaast voelt de Europese burger feilloos aan of hij vanuit Brussel gekneveld of geholpen wordt. Brussel is te ver gegaan door van de EU niet alleen een economisch, maar ook een politiek bolwerk te willen maken. Genoeg ingrediënten voor een Europees kruitvat. Lees meer.


Oostenrijk AUXIT? - Herstel de Republiek

July 1, 2016

Scrapping NATO? EU looks to create own military to face off against external threats

The EU's foreign policy chief has called for a collective defense force in Europe - one, that's not reliant on NATO.

The idea of an EU army was outlined in Brussels' latest global strategy document, RT's Lizzie Phelan and Lode Vanoost, journalist and a Former Deputy Speaker of the Belgian Parliament have more.