August 30, 2016

Kankerpatiënt te grote melkkoe om te laten genezen

De kankerindustrie in de VS is echt “big business”, en deze industrietak kan het zich niet veroorloven dat iemand een middel vindt om deze vreselijke ziekte te overwinnen. Als er een redelijk goedkoop, uiterst effectief middel zou zijn om kanker te bestrijden, dan zou de hele industrietak ineenstorten.

Het farmaceutische cartel zal dat niet laten gebeuren.
Uit onderzoek is gebleken dat aan het begin van de vorige eeuw, in de VS slechts één op de 20 personen kanker kreeg. In de periode rond 1940 was dat gestegen naar één op de 17, en in de zeventiger jaren was het al één op de tien. Vandaag de dag? Schrikt niet: (in de VS) zal één op de drie personen de een of andere vorm van kanker ontwikkelen tijdens zijn of haar leven. Lees meer.

Stop De Bankiers

Big pharma jaagt prijzen kankermedicijnen de hoogte in (paywall) - FTM

- 2016: Old pharma sees new profit cure in cancer drugs - Reuters
- 2015: The Cancer Drug Market Just Hit $100 Billion And Could Jump 50% In Four Years - Forbes

- 2014: Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits - BBC

Dit is het bewijs voor een op hande zijnde recessie

Terwijl de Federal Reserve hint op het verhogen van de rente, zijn er 2 indicatoren die ontegenzeggelijk uitwijzen dat een nieuwe recessie reeds van start is gegaan in de Verenigde Staten. Systeemkenner Mike Maloney diept een bericht op Zerohedge verder uit en overtuigt dat deze trend een nieuwe recessie heeft verraden.

Waar de reguliere media de oren van de massa strelen met positieve geluiden vanuit de Federal Reserve die klaarstaan om de rente iets verder op te trekken omdat macro-economische omstandigheden dit zogezegd zouden toelaten, ontwikkelt er zich op de achtergrond een trend dat lijnrecht tegenover deze schijnbaar positieve ontwikkeling staat. Lees meer.


Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria

Head of a right-wing think tank says the existence of ISIS serves a "strategic purpose" in the West's interests

According to a think tank that does contract work for NATO and the Israeli government, the West should not destroy ISIS, the fascist Islamist extremist group that is committing genocide and ethnically cleansing minority groups in Syria and Iraq. Read more.


The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake - BESA

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

Documentary by James Jones

No compromise from US, no TTIP with EU this year – France & Germany on trade deal

There will be no deal this year between the EU and US on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), says French President Francois Hollande. Several French and German ministers echoed the statement, citing US unwillingness to compromise.

"The negotiations are bogged down, positions have not been respected, it's clearly unbalanced," Hollande said in a speech to French ambassadors. Read more + video.


TTIP in further doubt as Hollande questions timing - BBC
Hollande casts doubt on EU-US trade deal as French trade minister declares 'TTIP is dead' - Telegraph

Frankrijk eist einde aan TTIP-onderhandelingen - NRC
'Frankrijk wil stoppen met TTIP-onderhandeling' - Trouw

Hollande: TTIP-onderhandelingen zijn vastgelopen (video) - NOS
TTIP-verdrag strompelt van hobbel naar afgrond - NOS

Banks are preparing for an ‘economic nuclear winter’

The first half of 2016 has been a roller-coaster for financial markets. A combination of uncertainties surrounding the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union and weaker-than-expected corporate earnings results across the region means a tough second half looms.

European banks, in particular, have had a very tough six months as the shock and volatility around Brexit sent banking stocks south. Read more + video.


European Banks Prepare For "Economic Nuclear Winter" - Zero Hedge
- 5 biggest banks now own almost half the industry (video) - CNBC

‘Banken bereiden zich voor op economische nucleaire winter' - BNR

TTIP talks between EU & US have de facto failed – German economy minister

Talks between the EU and the US on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, have essentially failed, German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has said. Read more.


Germany's Gabriel sounds death knell for TTIP - DW
Opinion: Good-bye TTIP! But what now? - DW

No EU-US trade deal this year - French president - RT

'Onderhandelingen handelverdrag TTIP zijn mislukt' (audio) - BNR
'Einde TTIP als VS niet beweegt' (audio) - BNR

Onderhandelingen TTIP gaan volgens Europese Commissie door - NU

August 28, 2016

The Ancient Order - [R]evolution

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China. While Zbigniew Brzezinski’s article in The American Interest titled “Towards a Global Realignment” has largely been ignored by the media, it shows that powerful members of the policymaking establishment no longer believe that Washington will prevail in its quest to extent US hegemony across the Middle East and Asia. Brzezinski, who was the main proponent of this idea and who drew up the blueprint for imperial expansion in his 1997 book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, has done an about-face and called for a dramatic revising of the strategy.

Here’s an excerpt from the article in the AI: “As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture. Read more.


Brzezinski Vision for a Power Sharing World Stymied by Ignorant Americans Leaders, Citizens - 4th Media
Zbigniew Brzeznski 2016: The New World Order Is Dead, Long Live The New World Order! (video) - Press For Truth

Toward a Global Realignment - American Interest
Zbigniew Brzezinski on Foreign Turmoil (video) - Bloomberg

Former CIA Deputy Director Publicly Advocates for Bombing Syria's Assad

This would be illegal under international law - and qualify as terrorism - but that hasn't stopped the U.S. before, says former intelligence analyst Ray McGovern.


August 27, 2016

The Myth of Russian Aggression: Follow The Money

According to US defense contractors, the “Russian threat” is good for business

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the propaganda that seeks to set the stage for world war three.

Press For Truth 

'Nooit Meer Oorlog: Vandaag is het met dat eerbiedwaardige Vlaamse pacifisme maar triestig gesteld'

'Vertwijfeling, radicalisering en polarisering blijven niet beperkt tot dolgedraaide zelfmoordterroristen. Ook verantwoordelijke bewindslieden van tamelijk welvarende en tamelijk beschaafde EU-lidstaten vallen er aan ten prooi', schrijft Edi Clijsters van Vlinks.

Het is al lang geleden dat de jaarlijkse IJzerbedevaart vele tienduizenden Vlamingen samenbracht onder de leuze die daar op de IJzertoren ten behoeve van vriend en vijand in liefst vier talen gebeiteld staat: "Nooit meer oorlog - Plus jamais de guerre - Nie wieder Krieg - No more war". Een vertwijfelde kreet. Een boodschap van hoop. En een aansporing tot persoonlijk en collectief engagement om die hoop ook in werkelijkheid om te zetten. Lees meer.


We Have to Talk About the Boy in the Ambulance...

I wasn't going to, but then I saw the CNN anchor pretend to cry...

Truthstream Media

August 24, 2016

Turkish special forces enter Syria

The office of the Turkish prime minister says the army has entered northern Syria to conduct an operation against Daesh terrorists

The operation is launched with the backing of US warplanes on the border town of Jarablus. Turkish media say the town has also been hit by heavy Turkish artillery fire and airstrikes.

It comes after foreign-backed militants announced an upcoming assault from Turkish territory on Jarablus. They said it is aimed at preventing the Kurdish YPG militants from taking over the town. Turkey considers the Kurdish armed group as a terrorist organization.

It is not clear whether the foreign-backed militants have entered Syria along with Turkish forces.


- Turkish tanks enter Syria to clear ISIL from Jarablus - Al Jazeera
LIVE: Turkish military, coalition forces launch 'Euphrates Shield' operation in Jarablus - Hurriyet

Turkish Syria operation a response to Daesh, PYD threat - AA
The Latest: Syrian government, Kurds reach truce in Hasakeh - Business Insider

August 23, 2016

‘I don't give a sh*t about them’: Philippines president threatens to leave ‘stupid’ UN

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened that the country could leave the UN after the organization urged the Asian nation to stop executing and killing people linked to the drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished.


Duterte Threatens to Withdraw Philippines From UN, Hits US - NY Times
Philippines' Duterte Excoriates His Critics, the US and UN - teleSUR

August 21, 2016

Death of Aleppo

Al Jazeera World follows the everyday lives of Aleppo residents living amid the ongoing conflict and destruction.

Al Jazeera

Top US commander warns Russia, Syria

(CNN) - In the most direct public warning to Moscow and Damascus to date, the new US commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria is vowing to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if regime warplanes and artillery again attack in areas where troops are located.

"We've informed the Russians where we're at ... (they) tell us they've informed the Syrians, and I'd just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened," Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend told CNN in a telephone interview Saturday from his Baghdad headquarters. Read more + video.


US ready to target Russian, Syrian jets in Syria: Pentagon - PressTV

Yemen: 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Sanaa’s central square on Saturday in a powerful display of support for the Shiite Houthi rebels and Saleh.

Demonstrators cheered a recently established Supreme Political Council that includes representatives of the Houthi movement, as well as supporters of Saleh.


Saudi jets strike Yemen’s capital during 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis - RT

The Final Nail In The Coffin Of U.S Supremacy and Hegemony

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest geopolitical news of China joining forces with Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Russia determining the future of Syria.

The U.S is being left out of this important international influential decision and with other escalations this looks like a grave future for U.S foreign policy. Sources.


New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push the US out of Much of the Middle East - Anti-Media

August 19, 2016

Ankara considers military ties with Russia as NATO shies away – Turkish FM

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has lashed out at NATO, saying the alliance is not fully cooperating with Ankara.

In an interview with Sputnik, he hinted that Turkey would consider military cooperation with Russia.

August 18, 2016

We Are Being Groomed for the Next Big War

Oops, forgot the leaked NATO email about their plot to get Russia involved... then again, this video could be ten hours long, too.

Truthstream Media

Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells

Salk Institute scientists have found preliminary evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cellular removal of amyloid beta, a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.

While these exploratory studies were conducted in neurons grown in the laboratory, they may offer insight into the role of inflammation in Alzheimer's disease and could provide clues to developing novel therapeutics for the disorder. Read more.

August 17, 2016

Lord Rothschild: "This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World"

Two months ago, the bond manager of what was once the world's biggest bond fund had a dire prediction about how "all of this" will end (spoiler: not well).
Gross: Global yields lowest in 500 years of recorded history. $10 trillion of neg. rate bonds. This is a supernova that will explode one day — Janus Capital (@JanusCapital) June 9, 2016
Now, it is the turn of another financial icon, if from a vastly different legacy - and pedigree - that of Rothschild Investment Trust Chairman himself, Lord Jacob Rothschild, who appears to be the latest entrant to the bearish billionaire club. Read more.

Zero Hedge

Lord Rothschild buys gold and sells shares - Money Observer
Gold is the spectre haunting our monetary system - Telegraph

Going Underground: Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods & Elitist Academia

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on an attempted academic coup in Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe

International bestseller & Author of 'Magicians of the Gods', Graham Hancock, discusses a catastrophic event that wiped out our ancient ancestors & the institutions trying to keep this civilisation a secret.


World’s First Temple: Gobekli Tepe

Click CC for subtitles (English and Turkish subtitles are written together) 

China says seeks closer military ties with Syria

China wants to have closer military ties with Syria, state media on Tuesday cited a senior Chinese officer as saying during a rare visit to the war-torn Middle Eastern country.

While relying on the region for oil supplies, China tends to leave Middle Eastern diplomacy to the other permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, namely the United States, Britain, France and Russia. Read more.


China ‘to provide aid, enhance military training’ in Syria – top army official - RT
China ‘to provide aid, enhance military training’ in Syria – top army official (video) - RT

August 16, 2016

“Chemtrails" not real, say leading atmospheric science experts

Washington, DC— Well-understood physical and chemical processes can easily explain the alleged evidence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program, commonly referred to as “chemtrails” or “covert geoengineering,” concludes a new study from Carnegie Science, University of California Irvine, and the nonprofit organization Near Zero.

Some groups and individuals erroneously believe that the long-lasting condensation trails, or contrails, left behind aircraft are evidence of a secret large-scale spraying program. They call these imagined features “chemtrails.” Adherents of this conspiracy theory sometimes attribute this alleged spraying to the government and sometimes to industry. Read more.

Carnegie Science

August 15, 2016

‘My son & 3 others came across a bomb while playing’ – Yemeni father tells of horrors of ongoing war

A 10 year old boy has been killed in Yemen when a bomb he found while playing in a field, went off.

He's the latest civilian to be killed by unexploded ordnance, in the wake of the Saudi-led intervention in the country. William Whiteman takes a closer look at this brutal legacy of the Yemen war.


At least 11 killed in airstrike on MSF-supported hospital in Yemen (video) - RT
The Guardian view on Yemen: stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia - Guardian

George Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs Released Online

Last Thursday, as Bloomberg was gingerly setting the stage, and the preemptive damage control for what was about to be a historic leak, it did everything in its power to deflect attention from the key topic, namely that prominent liberal billionaire and Hillary supporter, George Soros had been hacked and countless documents were about to be leaked, and instead focus on the alleged identity of the hackers, the so-called DCLeaks, which - like all other "experts" - it positioned as yet another Russian government-sponsored operation.

To this we had one retort: "Far more important than the inane speculation on the hackers' identity, is the now official disclosure - and warning - that Soros himself was hacked. Read more.

Zero Hedge

Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online - RT
Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online (video) - RT

SorosLeaks: Miljardair koopt Nederland en de EU - Geenstijl
Wat is het Soros-lek? Vier vragen over zijn politieke investeringen - Elsevier

Rio fear mongering: Reality check vs media coverage

Green swimming pools and stray bullets have affected the competitors and journalists. So how have the fans been fairing amid the turmoil....

RT's Ilya Petrenko has been finding out.


Rio safe? Tell that to residents afraid of the police - Breibart
Wat je niet te zien krijgt: inwoners Rio durven niet eens naar buiten door geweld - Welingelichte Kringen

August 14, 2016

How To Get Rid Of Censorship And Privacy Violating Ads: Steemit

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about what he sees as a social media revolution and a new platform that could be a game changer 

We go over how our independent news organization has been screwed over by all social media and how ads are making time online annoying. We discovered Steem a social network based on the blockchain that is a decentralized reddit like platform where users gain and create value with their comments, upvotes and original content.

We have just withdrawn money from the steem account and it's legit. So just by signing up and upvoting our content you help sustain this independent news organization financially without spending a single dollar, without any checks or credit cards given out. It costs nothing and would mean a lot for us if you could do that for us.


'Mounting' civilian deaths by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen - UN

At least ten children have been killed and almost thirty injured in north-western Yemen, Doctors Without Borders said after a reported airstrike on a religious school. Read more.


Yemen: 'Ten children killed' in attack on school - Al Jazeera
Kids killed in Saudi strike (video) - PressTV

Venezuelan Workers Kick Start Production at Former U.S. Factory

Venezuela's new nationalized Kimberly-Clark factory has produced over 2 million sanitary towels 

Last month the U.S. company abandoned the factory, firing 1000 workers. In response, the workers occupied the plant.


Venezuela Raises Wages 50% as Oil Tour Seeks to Lift Prices - Bloomberg
- Venezuelan president announces 50% salary increase (video) - PressTV

August 13, 2016

CIA Breaks Its Silence On “New Silk Road”: Says Challenging The BRICS And AIIB Was A “Mistake”

By Rusticus For the geopolitically alert audience, there’s little worthwhile on television these days (assuming there ever was); but for those willing to wade through the Matrix Box’s flashing imagery of disinformation, entrainment technology, and trash TV, a select few programs contain the occasional glimmer of Deep Political lucidity from a typically tight-lipped “ruling class.”

One such show is MSNBC’s Morning Joe, due in no small part to co-host Mika Brzezinski’s segment that I’ve come to lovingly refer to as Conversations with Daddy Zbigniew. Another long-running example, the “prestigious” PBS program hosted by Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission member Charlie Rose, provides unparalleled access in this regard – that is, when he’s not busy passing off celebrity interviews as “cultured” and “sophisticated” or even “newsworthy.” Read more + video.

Activist Post

‘Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton (video) - RT

#PayToPlay: Clinton faces corruption scandal after links between donors & State Dept exposed

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who often lectured African countries about corruption as Secretary of State, now faces her own scandal for questionable ethics and the trending hashtag #PayToPlay Read more.


Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide Alerted On Email Inquiry - Judicial Watch

August 12, 2016

Soros gave Clinton step-by-step instructions on how to tackle Albania unrest – WikiLeaks email

An email leaked by WikiLeaks reveals that when Hillary Clinton was US secretary of state in 2011, billionaire George Soros instructed her on how to handle unrest in Albania, stressing it “needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government.”

“Dear Hillary,” begins the email dated January 24, 2011 from the founder of Open Society Foundations, Soros. Read more.


Soros ‘Advised Clinton on Handling Albania Unrest’ - Balkan Insight

Deutsche Bank wankelt

Deutsche Bank beleeft zware tijden. De beurswaarde is met 90% gedaald ten opzichte van 2007 en de financiële problemen zijn groot genoeg om een systeemcrisis te veroorzaken. Jan Dwarshuis ziet parallellen met Citigroup, en vreest dat de EU er niet aan zal ontkomen om Deutsche Bank te redden als die dreigt om te vallen. 

Als we de koersontwikkeling van een aantal Europese banken aanschouwen, dan ligt een vergelijking met 2008 al snel voor de hand. Het Amerikaanse Citigroup was destijds de gebeten hond, en nu lijkt Deutsche Bank deze rol in Europa op zich te nemen. Lees meer.


Netherlands probes death threats against Palestinian rights advocate

In the first reported case of the kind, Dutch prosecutors are investigating death threats to a Hague-based Palestinian rights advocate, implicating Israel as a likely culprit due to sophisticated tactics and hacking used. Israel dismisses its involvement.

Nada Kiswanson, a Jordanian-Swedish citizen who is a researcher at Palestinian rights group Al-Haq, has been bombarded with numerous intimidating messages for the last half year. Read more.


Mensenrechtenjurist in Nederland ernstig bedreigd - NRC
Ze dacht dat Nederland veilig was - NRC

August 11, 2016

Libyan forces recapture ISIL headquarters in Sirte

In Libya, UN-backed government forces say they have taken complete control of ISIL's headquarters in the city.

Meanwhile, ISIL has claimed responsibility for the downing of a pro-government fighter jet. The city has been a stronghold of the armed group for over a year.

Al Jazeera's Ahmed Khalifa reports from Sirte. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Sirte’s Ouagadougou Centre and Ibn Sina Hospital reported liberated by Bunyan Marsous troops but Libyan air force jet lost; Serraj says no foreign ground forces needed - Libya Herald

'Russians and Iranians should be killed to pay a price in Syria' - ex-CIA chief backing Clinton

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who supports Hillary Clinton and insists that Donald Trump is being manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that Russians and Iranians in Syria should be killed covertly to 'pay the price.' Read more.


August 10, 2016

Wikileaks offers $20k reward over dead DNC staffer, but won’t confirm he leaked emails

The whistleblowing organization Wikileaks wants to catch those responsible for the murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich and are now offering a $20,000 reward for information.

The group’s co-founder Julian Assange suggested on Dutch television that if Rich is the source of the 20,000 emails exposing the party’s sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton, he may have been killed over it. Read more + video.


Assange hints murdered DNC staffer could've been Wikileaks source, offers $20k reward for info (video) - RT

Een alternatief voor Windows 10: Deepin Linux 15.2

Je hebt het wellicht gemerkt, Windows 10 viert zijn eerste verjaardag. Na een jaar lang Windows 7 en 8 gebruikers lastig te hebben gevallen over te stappen naar Windows-10-als-Dienst, moet je er nu voor betalen. Dat is: als je überhaupt nog wil. 

Microsoft volgt jou tegenwoordig scherp op je PC: hardware in je computer, sites die je bezoekt, zoekacties, spraak analyse, software die je hebt geïnstalleerd, etc. Herinner de telemetrie en data collectie, er is tegenwoordig een hele industrie ontstaan voor aanvullende software voor het verkrijgen van enige privacy op je eigen Windows computer. Dit geldt tegenwoordig ook voor Windows 7 en 8. Herinner: je moet de inlichtingendiensten het werk niet te makkelijk te maken. Lees meer.


Gülen is een groter gevaar dan Erdogan

Gülenisten infiltreerden in politie en justitie. Ze schiepen een maffiastaat binnen de staat. De zuivering die nu plaatsvindt, was daarom hard nodig, schrijft politicoloog Ahmet Erdogan. De mislukte coup in Turkije onderscheidt zich van de eerdere coups in veel opzichten.

Om te beginnen door zijn gewelddadigheid: er vielen 237 doden en 2191 gewonden. Voor het eerst zijn het parlementsgebouw (met parlementariërs erin) en diverse strategische instellingen gebombardeerd. Lees meer.


Mislukte staatsgreep in Turkije: Wie en wat zat hierachter? - DSW

Vrijheid geldt ook voor kwetsende meningen

Het vrije woord | De overheid mag nooit het signaal geven dat bepaalde dingen niet zouden mogen worden gezegd. Ook niet als het om kwetsende dingen gaat.

Van aanslagen tot pogingen tot censuur: onze vrijheid van meningsuiting staat onder grote druk. Onlangs bemerkten we, in navolging van Duitsland, ook in Nederland de lange arm - en de lange tenen - van president Erdogan, waardoor columniste Ebru Umar zich geconfronteerd zag met een lawine aan beledigingen en zelfs haar arrestatie in Turkije. Lees meer.


Saudi airstrikes kill 35 in Yemen

Another deadly day in Yemen: Nearly 30 people have been killed in the latest wave of Saudi airstrikes on Yemen.

Saudi warplanes targeted a food factory in the capital Sana’a, killing 14 people and injuring nearly a dozen others. Seven people were killed in airstrikes on Ta’izz province.

A separate attack on the Qatabir district of Sa’ada province left six people dead. Elsewhere in Ibb province, two civilians lost their lives and several others wounded in an airstrike on a residential area.

The air raids come as a Norwegian humanitarian group has warned about a complete catastrophic situation in the war-ravaged country.


UK complicit in Saudi war on Yemen (video) - PressTV
Bombs made in UK dropped on Yemeni civilians, human rights group claims - RT

US Approves More Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia - teleSUR

Teeth of Iraqi children show high level of toxins caused by US air raids

The findings of a new study about the impact of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq on children have just been published.

The study focuses on teeth samples which show that Iraqi children are suffering from alarming levels of toxins associated with heavy bombardments by the US warplanes and troops during Iraq's occupation.

Commentator:  Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, Researcher and Activist


Prenatal metal exposure in the Middle East: imprint of war in deciduous teeth of children - Springer

August 9, 2016

'Stop coup in Brazil!' Rio Olympics marred by political protests against interim president

A venomous conflict is erupting in Olympic host Brazil between the interim president and his suspended predecessor.

Dilma Rousseff is facing an impeachment process on charges of violating budget laws, however her successor Michel Temer is struggling to govern the country amid low approval ratings.


Brazil’s Courts Allow Protests During Olympic Games - Rio Times
Protests Outside The Olympics Stadium (video) - teleSUR

 - 'It's a coup' Brazil split in two camps over impeachment of president Rousseff (video) - RT

Putin meets Erdogan for 1st time since downing of Russian jet

Turkish president Recep Tayip Ergodan is to meet with “his friend” Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in hopes of turning a fresh page in the two countries’ relations.

It will be their first meeting since Turkey downed a Russian bomber over Syria last November. Read more.


Story of secret diplomacy that ended Russia-Turkey jet crisis - Hurriyet
Erdogan, Putin talks expected to boost trade relations - AA

Erdogan: Turkish Stream gas pipeline project will be implemented - TASS
Turkish president may discuss discounts for Russian gas — ministry - TASS

Putin and Erdogan Talks: Will Russia-Turkey Reset Spell the End of NATO, EU? - Sputnik

Euro Hof Geeft Groen Licht Voor Zaak MH17 Families Tegen Oekraïne

Het Europese Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens (EHRM) heeft de klacht van vier Duitse nabestaanden van de slachtoffers van het neerstorten van de MH17 in behandeling genomen. De families verwijten de Oekraïense regering opzettelijk het luchtruim boven het oorlogsgebied niet te hebben gesloten voor vliegverkeer.

Volgens de klacht waren de Oekraïense autoriteiten op de hoogte van de gevaren van het vliegen boven de conflict zone van oostelijk Oekraïne, maar hebben zij bewust geen maatregelen getroffen wat resulteerde in de dood van hun familieleden op 31 juli 2014. Lees meer.


'Het westerse kapitalisme is een ziekte'

INTERVIEW | We veranderen het klimaat, tasten de biodiversiteit aan, vervuilen de oceanen. Natuurlijk hebben we windmolens en zonnepanelen nodig en dienen we onze ecologische voetafdruk te verkleinen, maar met minder dan 'een totale omwenteling van ons denken' kunnen we niet het hoofd bieden aan de problemen van het 'Antropoceen', het tijdperk waarin de mens de bepalende factor is op aarde, meent Bernard Stiegler.

De Franse techniekfilosoof debatteerde onlangs op de Nijmeegse Radbouduniversiteit met de Duitse filosoof Peter Sloterdijk over de verantwoordelijkheid van de mens voor het behoud van de planeet aarde. Lees meer.


Gallup: More than 33 million American adults currently use marijuana

A new Gallup poll out today finds that percent of American adults who say they currently smoke marijuana has nearly doubled over the past three years.

In 2013, only 7 percent of adults said they were marijuana smokers. When Gallup asked again in July of this year, 13 percent admitted to current marijuana use. Read more.

Washington Post

United Stoners of America: More than 33mn US citizens smoke pot (video) - RT

August 7, 2016

Remote Control & The Bedroom Junkie - Democracy

Waarom complotdenkers gelijk hebben over de media (ook al is van een complot geen sprake)

De media willen niet dat je dit weet... Trap er niet in!' luidt de omineuze titel van een filmpje dat de nieuwe politieke partij DENK op YouTube zette vlak voor een onwelgevallige publicatie in NRC Handelsblad.

Voor wie geen zin heeft het hele filmpje terug te kijken: de strekking ervan is dat 'de media' samenzweren om partijen als DENK, en daarmee hun ideeën, in een kwaad daglicht te stellen teneinde de status quo te beschermen. '[De media] handelen als poortwachters van de gevestigde orde,' stelt Sylvana Simons, waarna haar collega-politicus Farid Azarkan 'de strategie' uit de doeken doet die 'de media' hierin volgen. Lees meer + video.

De Correspondent

Jubilerende satanskerk leidt in Nederland ondergronds bestaan

De satanskerk in Nederland bestaat vijftig jaar, maar de organisatie leidt al vele jaren een ondergronds bestaan. Informatie wordt alleen via een website gegeven, er zijn geen adressen te vinden. Verzoeken per mail om informatie worden niet beantwoord en het telefoonnummer op de website blijkt niet in gebruik.

„Als u de Satanist in uzelf herkent, kunt u besluiten lid te worden van de Church of Satan”, zo luidt de nogal macabere introductie op De Church of Satan is een wereldwijde organisatie en heeft haar administratieve hoofdkwartier in New York. Lees meer.

The Coming Global Economic Crash Is Just A Matter Of Time

Easy money policies can’t last forever. And any attempt to prolong these artificially low interest rates will result in hyperinflation, which will amount to a complete breakdown of the US financial system, not to mention social chaos.

Press For Truth

Keiser Report: Great Period of Instability (video) - RT

Revolution Impossible?

As the economy collapses and the police state noose cinches tighter, revolution is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what kind of revolution is necessary…or even possible?

On this episode of The Corbett Report podcast we look deeper into the revolutionary fervour of our times. Read more.

Corbett Report

Hex Madroom - Psychopaths Rule The World

More Truth Music @ Corbett Report

Julian Assange Special: Do Wikileaks have the email that'll put Clinton in Prison?

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with Julian Assange. We talk to the founder of Wikileaks about how his recent DNC leaks have no connection to Russia.

Plus what are Hillary Clinton's connections to ISIS and Russia.


RAW: Trump v. Clinton like 'cholera or gonorrhea' Assange tells Green Party convention (video) - RT
If the Fact Neocons Are Now Supporting Hillary Clinton Confuses You, Read This - Anti-Media

August 6, 2016

Freak of nature: FDA approves genetically engineered mosquitoes to combat Zika virus

Genetically engineered mosquitoes have been approved for field trials in Florida by the Food and Drugs Administration, in order to battle the spreading Zika virus. The federal agency says it “will not have significant impacts on the environment.”

Trials have already taken place in Brazil and Panama, but critics argue that female mosquitoes developing a preference for ‘normal’ males could reduce the project’s effectiveness. Read more + video.


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Approved By FDA To Fight Zika In Florida - Huff Post
The FDA just approved genetically modified mosquitoes to fight Zika in Florida - Verge

With FDA approval, GM mosquitoes could join Florida's Zika fight - Reuters
- Zika Psyop to Justify Releasing Millions of Bill Gates' GM Mosquitoes in Florida (video) - Truthstream Media 

Verenigde Staten, terrorist nummer 1

Het militair-industrieel complex aan de macht.

Volgens de New York Times van 15 oktober 2014 (*) liet Obama de CIA een onderzoek doen naar wat het stiekem financieren en leveren van wapens (‘covert aid’), met de bedoeling onwelgevallige regimes te ontwrichten en ten val te brengen, de VS had opgeleverd. Dat was omdat hij wilde weten of het zin had Syrische rebellen op te zetten tegen het regime Assad.

De vraag die Obama niet stelde was waarom de VS het recht zou hebben (anders dan het recht van de sterkste) gewapende opstanden te organiseren in landen waarvan het regime ze niet aanstaat en hoe de VS zou reageren als die landen opstandige groepen in de VS van wapens en training zou voorzien om de Amerikaanse regering ten val te brengen. Lees meer.

Kees van Oosten

August 5, 2016

Joegoslavië-tribunaal spreekt Milosevic vrij van oorlogsmisdaden

Het International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in de omgang wel Joegoslavië-tribunaal genoemd, heeft vastgesteld dat de voormalige Servische president Slobodan Milosevic niet verantwoordelijk was voor oorlogsmisdaden die werden gepleegd tijdens de Bosnische oorlog van 1992 tot ’95.

De kamer die de Bosnisch-Servische president Radovan Karadzic wegens oorlogsmisdaden tot 40 jaar gevangenisstraf veroordeelde, concludeerde unaniem dat Slobodan Milosevic geen onderdeel was van een ‘gezamenlijke misdadige onderneming‘ die het tijdens de Bosnische oorlog op Moslims en Kroaten gemunt had. Lees meer.


Milosevic vrijgesproken, was hij eigenlijk wel zo schuldig als hij werd bestempeld? - LLE

August 4, 2016

What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Haitian American Joseph Mathieu a member of the Haitian community that has been in the streets protesting against Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Zika Psyop to Justify Releasing Millions of Bill Gates' GM Mosquitoes

Classic Hegelian dialectic: we are seeing a ridiculous level of fearmongering over what has predominantly been a benign virus for decades right on cue to justify the proposed "emergency" release of millions of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates' $20 million genetically modified mosquitoes on a strongly opposed public in what will essentially be a giant science experiment with unpredictable results... problem — reaction — solution style.

Truthstream Media

Zika, vaccin of gif? Wat geeft microcefalie? - NRC

August 3, 2016

‘Oekraïne had 50 man in A’dam om te trollen’

Dat zei Thierry Baudet, van het nee-kamp bij het Oekraïnerefendum, bij EenVandaag.

De aanleiding
Tijdens de campagne voor het Oekraïne-referendum, afgelopen april, was „veel meer gaande” dan mensen zich realiseren. Dat zei voorman van het nee-kamp Thierry Baudet op vrijdag 22 juli tegen actualiteitenprogramma EenVandaag. Lees meer.


Erdogan: West supports coup plotter, terrorists

Turkey’s President Rejeb Tayyib Erdogan has unleashed his fiercest verbal attack against the country’s Western allies for the first time since the failed coup in Mid-July. He says the West is supporting the coup plotters.

Erdogan particularly criticized the United States questioning the possibility of a strategic partnership between Washington and Ankara if America refuses to extradite US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The Turkish president said the plot was hatched outside Turkey. According to Erdogan those who were thought to be Ankara’s friends stood by the putschists and terrorists. The Turkish president vowed to have no mercy on those who tried to unseat him.

Erdogan also talked about quick implementation of economic reforms, reconstruction of the intelligence apparatus and the army.


‘EU laat oren hangen naar suikerlobby’

De kapitaalkrachtige voedingsindustrie slaagt erin EU-regelgeving die het gebruik van suiker moet terugdringen, tegen te houden of te ondermijnen.

Door de invloedrijke lobbypraktijken van de voedingsindustrie verliest Europa de strijd tegen hartziekten, zwaarlijvigheid en diabetes als gevolg van overmatig suikergebruik. Dat stelt lobbywaakhond Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) in het rapport A spoonful of sugar. Lees meer.


Albert Heijn vermindert suikergehalte in huismerkproducten - Volkskrant
Boycot energiedrankje door Albert Heijn roept vragen op - AD

Food lobby rigs EU sugar laws while obesity and diabetes spiral out of control - CEO
Sugar-Coated Lies: How The Food Lobby Destroys Health In The EU - CounterPunch

August 2, 2016

Research reveals cancer pathway to spreading through the body

Scientists show role oxygen plays in cell movement

Cancer cells need oxygen to survive, as do most other life forms, but scientists had never tracked their search for oxygen in their early growth stages until now -- a step toward a deeper understanding of one way cancer spreads that could help treat the disease.

In a paper published online by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, bioengineers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania report results of their work showing how sarcoma cells in mice pursue a path toward greater concentrations of oxygen, almost as if they were following a widening trail of breadcrumbs. Read more.

subMedia: Come Home to Roost

In this week’s sedition, we take a look at the so-called “War on Cops” in the United Snakes, simmering anti-cop sentiment in the UK and the fallout stemming from Turkey’s recent failed coup.

On the musical break we've got Rocky Rivera with Godsteppin. Read more.


Nederland, surveillancestaat

Vandaag viel mijn oog door toedoen van Petra op een artikel met de titel ‘Hij werd met zak over hoofd afgevoerd alsof hij Holleeder was‘. Ik zal even kort samenvatten wat er hier precies gebeurde: Rob C. werd in zijn nieuwe woning door de politie aangehouden. En dus bepaald niet subtiel of respectvol, iets wat je van je allerbeste vrienden toch wel zou verwachten.

Rob werd aangehouden omdat hij “via de inlogcode” van zijn buurvrouw online was. Voor veel mensen waarschijnlijk een valide opmerking. Maar voor mensen die iets van IT weten, oogt dit best wel raar. Lees meer.


Wie is terrorjournalist Richard Gutjahr?

Stel je bent journalist en je woont in München. Je boekt voor jezelf een lang weekend Nice om daar te ervaren hoe het is om Bevrijdingsdag, 14 juli, mee te maken. Je zit op je balkon en er komt een witte vrachtauto stapvoets voorbij rijden. Alle reden natuurlijk om je camera ( telefoon ) te pakken en de stapvoets rijdende vrachtwagen te filmen. Hoe vreemd is het immers dat in een drukke stad een vrachtwagen stapvoets rijdt tijdens een nationale feestdag? Heel vreemd! Not!

Richard Gutjahr is de naam van de journalist die dit overkwam. Geluk? Lees meer + video.


- Aanslagen Nice en Munchen goed gedocumenteerd - Herstel de Republiek

Schnabbelende artsen onderhouden warme banden met Big Pharma

Sommige medicijnen leveren nauwelijks gezondheidswinst op, maar leiden mogelijk wel tot ernstige bijwerkingen. Desondanks worden dergelijke geneesmiddelen soms toch toegelaten tot de markt. Farmaceutische bedrijven krijgen daarbij hulp van arts-onderzoekers die in ruil voor een royale vergoeding fungeren als reclamezuil.

Onder artsen heerst teleurstelling over de nieuwste generatie statines en antidepressiva. De middelen blijken nauwelijks effect te hebben. Dat Big Pharma dit soort producten toch op de markt brengt, verbaast en frustreert artsen. Lees meer.


UK MP ‘paid by Gülen for anti-Turkey report’

A British MP was allegedly paid tens of thousands pounds to write a report on the human rights situation in Turkey together with a group linked to the U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, a leading British daily reported on Aug. 1.

The Turkish government sees Gülen and his followers behind the July 15 coup attempt. According to The Times article, Sir Edward Garnier, a Conservative MP for Harborough, was paid... Read more.


MP paid by group linked with Turkey coup (paywall) - Times
Human rights abuse rampant in Turkey – British lawyers - RT

Britse parlementariër kreeg €137.433 van Gülen-gelinkte organisatie voor mensenrechtenrapport over Turkije - DutchTurks
Gulenisten betaalden parlementslid $150.000 om negatief rapport over Turkije te schrijven - dJT

August 1, 2016

U.S. Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIS in Libya

WASHINGTON — The United States conducted a series of airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Surt, Libya, on Monday, the Pentagon said, as part of a new coordinated military campaign against the extremist Sunni terrorist group’s new stronghold in North Africa.

Peter Cook, the Pentagon press secretary, said that Libya’s government of national accord asked for help in its fight against the Islamic State,.. Read more.

NY Times

US warplanes target ISIL in Libya for first time - Al Jazeera
US launches air strikes on ISIS targets in Libya (video) - RT