September 6, 2016

Dutch leader slammed for ant-Muslim remarks

The United Nations human rights chief has strongly criticized Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders for his recent anti-Muslim rhetoric

Speaking at a conference in The Hague, Zeid described Wilders’ pledge to ban Muslim refugees and the Qur’an "grotesque". Some two weeks ago, Wilders published his party’s electoral program ahead of March 2017 parliamentary elections in which he pledged to close all mosques and Islamic schools in the Netherlands. He also vowed to shut the borders and ban refugees from Islamic countries. During his speech, the UN rights chief also accused US Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and some European politicians of spreading "humiliating racial and religious prejudice".

Zeid said a spike in populist politics could turn violent and warned about the QUOTE banalization of bigotry in Europe and the U-S. The US Republican presidential candidate has been under mounting criticism over his outrageous statements about Muslims, immigrants and the military. Despite criticism, the business tycoon is continuing with his anti-Muslim rhetoric. He has already pledged to temporarily ban Muslims immigrating to the United State. Trump has also said he would suspend immigration from certain countries.


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