September 21, 2016

Moscow Denies Russian, Syrian Planes Struck Aleppo Aid Convoy

Just two days after US-coalition forces "mistakenly" attacked a Syrian army post, killing 62 and shortly after the latest Syrian ceasefire ended, a UN aid convoy near Aleppo was struck on Monday allegedly killing 12 people, according to a London-based (and UK-funded) war monitor.

While the United Nations confirmed the convoy was hit, it gave no details on who carried out the attack or how many died as world leaders converged on New York for their annual U.N. gathering under the shadow of fresh violence in the Syrian civil war. However, in an attempt to shift the public's focus on "Russian and Syrian aggression", the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, the same group which three years ago falsely accused the Assad regime of launching a chemical weapon attack that was "caught" on a YouTube clip, said the attacks were carried out by either Syrian or Russian aircraft. Read more.

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