November 6, 2016

US military admits killing civilians in recent Afghan airstrike

The US military has acknowledged killing civilians in its Thursday air raid near the northern Afghan city of Kunduz

The US military spokersman, however, repeated the claim that the US airstrike aimed to help Afghan forces who were battling the Taliban. At least 32 people, including babies and children were killed and dozens were wounded in the bombing of the village of Boz in the Kunduz district.

The Commander of US forces in Afghanistan, has said that an initial probe suggested the strike likely caused civilian deaths. In a statement, General John Nicholson regretted the loss of innocent lives and pledged to carry out an investigation to determine the facts.

Local Afghans have called for justice, accusing US forces of intentionally targeting civilians. Amnesty International has also called for an inquiry into the incident.


Mounting reports of US coalition strikes on civilian areas in Mosul, Iraq (video) - RT

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