December 16, 2016

Militants evacuated from eastern Aleppo by night after Syria govt & rebels reach deal RT

20 passenger busses and 10 ambulances have been provided to evacuate the militants, while around 100 cars are being used by the militants themselves.

The motorcade was being accompanied by humanitarian workers and employees of the Reconciliation Center. Ambulances were carrying injured people who could not be safely transported by other means.


Evacuation of militants from east Aleppo suspended (video) - PressTV
Buses arrive to evacuate eastern Aleppo militants as freed civilians celebrate (video) - RT

VN-gezant voor SyriĆ«: herhaling Aleppo dreigt in Idlib - AD
Eerste bussen met rebellen vertrokken uit Aleppo, evacuatie in volle gang - Volkskrant

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