January 8, 2017

How Wall Street Bankers Committed Massive Fraud in Puerto Rico and Stayed out of Jail

Mike Papantonio exposes Santander Bank for defrauding investors in Puerto Rico through a massive municipal bond scheme and speaks with attorney, Peter Mougey, about how Santander was able to pull off this scam and why no one was sent to prison as a result.


Puerto Rico Junk Bond Gamble Proves Costly 2 Years Later: Chart - Bloomberg
275 investment firms jumped on Puerto Rico’s junk debt - Institute for Nonprofit News

Santander to Pay $6.4 Million in Puerto Rico Bond Settlement - NY Times
Santander Puerto Rico Bond Fund Lawsuit - Levin Papantonio

First UBS, Now It’s Banco Santander in Hot Water Over Puerto Bond Fraud - Ring of Fire Network

- Pirates of the Caribbean: How Santander's Revolving Door with Puertos Rico's Development Bank Excacerbated a Fiscall Catastrophe for the Puerto Rican People - HedgeClippers

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