March 30, 2017

CrowdStrike EXPOSED: cybersecurity firm in damage-control mode

CrowdStrike, the cyber-security firm that initially claimed Russia hacked the DNC and tilted the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor, is being accused of misattribution of quotes in a December report.

They have since walked back key claims in said report, calling their credibility into serious question. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the story.


"Something Stinks Here" - CrowdStrike Revises, Retracts Parts Of Explosive Russian Hacking Report - ZeroHedge
Cybersecurity Firm That Attributed DNC Hacks to Russia May Have Fabricated Russia Hacking in Ukraine - CounterPunch

'Read my lips - NO!' Putin slams allegations of Russian meddling in US election (video) - RT
SHOCK! Russian Hacking Story is Unraveling! #NewWorldNextWeek (video) - Corbett Report

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