March 18, 2017

Israeli Air Force Strikes Targets in Syria; Assad Forces Threaten 'Direct' Retaliation

Syria deploys air defense system, fires missiles at Israel Air Force jets; Israeli missile defense system intercepts missile north of Jerusalem.

Syria and Israel engaged in the most serious incident between the two countries since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war six years ago overnight on Thursday, as Israeli Air Force planes struck several targets in Syria. Read more.


Syrian air defense shoots down one of 4 Israeli warplanes targeting military site near Palmyra - Sana

- Why did the IDF employ top-tier anti-ballistic tech against Syria strike? (video) - JPost
Syria claims Israeli jet shot down after strike near Palmyra, IDF says all aircraft undamaged (video) - RT

Israeli minister threatens to destroy Syrian air defenses - RT
Foreign Ministry: Israeli aggression against Syria is flagrant defiance of Syrian sovereignty and international legitimacy - Sana

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