March 25, 2017

Most cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying 'mistakes'

Scientists report data from a new study providing evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying 'mistakes' account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations that cause cancer. Their research is grounded on a novel mathematical model based on DNA sequencing and epidemiologic data from around the world.

"It is well-known that we must avoid environmental factors such as smoking to decrease our risk of getting cancer. But it is not as well-known that each time a normal cell divides and copies its DNA to produce two new cells, it makes multiple mistakes,"... Read more.


Hallmarks of Cancer 3: Evading Apoptosis - Scientific American

Metabolic Regulation of Apoptosis in Cancer (paywall) - ScienceDirect
A fate worse than death: apoptosis as an oncogenic process (paywall) - Nature

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