March 22, 2017

MSM silent on civilian suffering during anti-ISIS op in Mosul

Iraqi forces, backed by the U.S.-led coalition, are pushing deeper into the densely-populated areas of western Mosul, to rid the city from Islamic State. The UN says more than 150-thousand residents have fled, as the latest anti-terror offensive goes into its second month.

However, the plight of civilians in the bitter struggle to repel the terrorists, seems to be going noticeably under-reported in much of the mainstream media. Read more.


Civilian Crossfire: Iraqi army pushes further into Mosul in anti-ISIS op (video) - RT

400,000 people expected to flee from western Mosul, says UN - Al Bawaba
UN aid ‘pushed to limits’ as 320,000 more civilians may flee west Mosul - ARA News

‘The worst is yet to come in Mosul exodus’ – UNHCR representative in Iraq (video) - RT

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