March 5, 2017

Normalizing Repression

Last week, the Conservative Political Action Convention, or CPAC, was held in National Harbor, Maryland, and was put on by the American Conservative Union, the NRA, the Heritage Foundation, and several right-wing media groups. 

Speaking at the conference was Trump, members of his administration, and a variety of far-Right talking heads who firmly put their cross hairs on the media and popular social movements that threaten Trump's power.

Meanwhile, across the US in at least 18 states, Republican lawmakers are pushing a series of repressive laws that seek to further criminalize protesting, wearing masking, blocking freeways, and in some cases, even seek to "seize the assets of protesters who participate in demonstrations that 'turn violent.' Read more.


Anarchists Respond to Trump’s Inauguration, by Any Means Necessary - NY Times

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