March 13, 2017

Turkey asks Dutch ambassador 'not to return for a while'

Turkish foreign ministry calls for Dutch ambassador who is on leave abroad not to come back for a while

ANKARA - Turkey has asked off-duty Dutch ambassador to not return for a while, said a foreign ministry statement Saturday. Read more.


Main opposition leader calls on gov’t to suspend relations with Netherlands - Hürriyet
Dutch-Turk Row Deepens; Geert Wilders Says 'Turks Aren't Welcomed' in the Netherlands - ZeroHedge

Dutch apology not enough, actions will have consequences: Turkish FM - Hürriyet
Turkey vows for tenfold retaliation against Dutch govt. - AA

UK calls for ‘fast end’ to Turkey-Netherlands stand-off - Hürriyet
Europe's mask has come off now, says President Erdogan - AA

Brede verontwaardiging in Turkije over wegsturen ministers - Trouw
Nederland liep met open ogen in Turkse val - Sargasso

Erdogan geeft Rutte een verkiezingscadeau - DLM
Buma wil af van verdrag met Turkije - Europa Nu

Relatie tussen Nederland en Turkije loopt serieuze schade op - Biflatie

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