April 11, 2017

Longhorn: Tools used by cyberespionage group linked to Vault 7

First evidence linking Vault 7 tools to known cyberattacks

Spying tools and operational protocols detailed in the recent Vault 7 leak have been used in cyberattacks against at least 40 targets in 16 different countries by a group Symantec calls Longhorn. Symantec has been protecting its customers from Longhorn’s tools for the past three years and has continued to track the group in order to learn more about its tools, tactics, and procedures. Read more.


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Wikileaks' CIA Vault 7 files linked to North American hacking group - Wired

Vault 7: Projects - Wikileaks
Beveiligingsbedrijf ontdekt cyberaanvallen die wijzen naar CIA - NU

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