May 9, 2017

Big Pharma's pollution is creating deadly superbugs while the world looks the other way

Antibiotic Resistance: Environmental standards do not feature in international regulations governing drug production

Industrial pollution from Indian pharmaceutical companies making medicines for nearly all the world’s major drug companies is fuelling the creation of deadly superbugs, suggests new research. Global health authorities have no regulations in place to stop this happening.

A major study published today in the prestigious scientific 'Journal of Infection' found “excessively high” levels of antibiotic and antifungal drug residue in water sources in and around a major drug production hub in the Indian city of Hyderabad, as well as high levels of bacteria and fungi resistant to those drugs. Scientists told the Bureau the quantities found meant they believe the drug residues must have originated from pharmaceutical factories. Read more.


- Pharma pollution fuels resistance to antibiotics, bacteria turns super bug - Times of India

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