May 25, 2017

Bilderberg 2017 split on Trumps future

This year’s Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia from June 1st through 4th may very well decide Donald Trumps future. Impeachment, open battle or a new modus vivendi with the establishment are all on the table.

During the campaign the big gimmick was „the man of the people“ draning the swamp, but in reality the picture is much more complex, as demonstrated by the split view on Trump amongst the members of the powerful Bilderberg group.

Some big regular names that are unhappy with Trump or neutral are Banco Santander, Evercore, the European Central Bank, Lazard, the IMF, most media like the Washington Post. But there are also movers and shakers in Bilderberg who like Trump and actucally work with him. Read more + video.


Bilderberg 2017 - What You'll Need To Know (video) - Press For Truth

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