June 3, 2017

High Potential: Rosneft-Iraqi Kurdistan oil deal signed, US oil plans shaken

One of the most important contracts that have been signed during the SPIEF 2017 is an agreement between Russian oil giant Rosneft and the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq.

The deal is estimated at over one billion dollars and is set to last 20 years. It will involve the joint exploration and development of five oil fields in Iraq's Kurdistan. And Rosneft will get access to a key regional pipeline.

However, not everyone might be happy with the deal. Here's Jacqueline Vouga with more.... Read more.


Rosneft expands in Iraq's Kurdistan with exploration, pipeline deals - Reuters
Russian Rosneft signed major oil deal with Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government - NSNBC

Rosneft and Kurdish ministry sign long-term contract on oil and gas - Rudaw
Rosneft Said to Prepay About $1 Billion for Kurdistan Oil - Bloomberg

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