June 25, 2017

IDF strikes Syrian targets in response to Golan crossfire

The IDF says spillover from the Syrian civil war is treated with the utmost severity, after several projectile land on Golan.

Israel will not tolerate any violation of its security on any front, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday shortly after the IDF retaliated against Syria for the firing of 10 projectiles onto the Golan Heights. Read more + video.


Two Killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Syrian Army in Golan Heights, Local Reports Say (video) - Haaretz

Israeli airstrikes on Golan Heights leave civilian casualties (video) - PressTV
Israel, Nusra target Syria’s Golan simultaneously: Army source - PressTV

- Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran over Syria involvement after Golan exchange - JPost
Israel Has Warned Iran It Won’t Tolerate Arms Factories in Lebanon (paywall) - Haaretz

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