June 12, 2017

Supporters of Independence Boycott Puerto Rico's Plebiscite

While the government urged voters to back Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state of the United States, pro-independence groups called on people not to vote in a non-binding referendum they say is illegal and will change nothing.


With 78% Abstention, Puerto Rico Plebiscite Seen as 'Failure' - teleSUR

New Puerto Rico referendum bid to become US state - BBC
Puerto Rico holding referendum on US statehood -- let's brush up on it! (video) - CNN

Rothschild replaces Millstein as Puerto Rico financial adviser - Reuters
Rothschild to advise Puerto Rico on $69bn debt restructuring (paywall) - FT

Referendum: Puerto Rico wil staat VS worden - NOS
Puerto Rico kiest voor toetreding tot VS in niet-bindend referendum  - NU

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