October 22, 2017

‘It’s a coup’: Thousands protest power transfer from Barcelona to Madrid

The head of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, has denounced Madrid’s decision to transfer the powers from the regional authorities to the central government as a “coup” as hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Barcelona in protest.

Earlier, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said his government wants to dissolve the Catalan parliament and call a snap election to restore order in the region. Read more + video.


- Spanish PM activates Article 155, stripping powers of Catalan government - El País
- Catalan leader: Madrid’s steps toward direct rule are 'worst attacks' since Franco’s dictatorship (video) - RT

- Catalonia leader urges strong response to Spain government (video) - PressTV
- Catalonia cannot accept control from Madrid: Regional President - PressTV

- Spanje straft Catalaanse separatisme met centralisme - Trouw

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