October 2, 2017

Suffer for democracy? Police crackdown at Barcelona school during independence referendum

Spanish FM says police actions in Catalonia ‘proportionate,’ number of injured rises to 840. Read more.


- Spanish PM defends police action in Catalonia: “We did what we had to do” - El Pais
- Guardia Civil brutality forces Catalan police into emotional standoff to protect civilians (video) - RT

- 90% of voters said ‘Yes’ to independence from Spain – Catalan government - RT
- Pro-Russian networks see 2,000% increase in activity in favor of Catalan referendum - El Pais

- Madrid vs Barcelona: Catalonia's referendum (lead/video) - Al Jazeera
- “Gewelddadige escalatie dreigt in Catalonië door acties Spaanse regering” - De Wereld Morgen

- De EU steunt Spanje, maar wel heel stilletjes - Trouw
- Jambon over geweld in Catalonië: “Europa moet Spanje eerst tot de orde roepen”

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