November 22, 2017

Syria Milestone: Last round of peace talks marks crucial change in long military op

Since ISIS lost its last city in Syria, there's renewed hope that a political solution could finally bring peace.

Today in Sochi, the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran are holding talks that could bring the long-lasting conflict to an end. RT’s correspondent Ilya Petrenko is following the developments.


- Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani agree on holding Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi  (video) - RT

- Turkey, Russia, Iran meet in bid to end war in Syria - Hürriyet
- Turkey's Erdogan meets Iran's Rouhani at summit in Russia (video) - PressTV

- Putin brings Iran and Turkey together in bold Syria peace plan - Guardian
- Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani speak after Syria talks in Sochi (FULL PRESSER) (video) - RT

- Syria welcomes final statement of Sochi summit - Sana
- Sochi Summit statement: intensifying efforts to preserve Syria’s sovereignty independence and territorial integrity - Sana

- Putin Talks to Trump as Russia Sees Endgame in Syria (video) - Bloomberg

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