August 20, 2018

Turkey & Qatar seal currency swap deal to cut US dollar transactions

Qatar and Turkey have inked a currency swap agreement to boost liquidity and provide financial stability, Qatar’s central bank said, days after Doha pledged $15 billion of direct investment into Turkish markets.

The deal, which aims to boost cooperation between the countries, was clinched on Friday. The agreement will set up a two-way currency exchange line and facilitate exchange of trade between the nations, according to the Qatari central bank statement. Read more.


Turkey lira crisis: Turkey and Qatar sign currency swap agreement as US sanctions bite (video) - Express

August 19, 2018

Japan & China slashing US sovereign debt is Washington's worst nightmare

Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that Russia and Turkey are not the only countries to dump US debt bonds. Washington’s second-biggest creditor, Japan, is doing the same.

Tokyo dumped $82.9 billion, or seven percent of its US Treasuries holdings, over the twelve months ending in June - the latest month for which data is available. Read more.


Possible Wolverines? US plans to revolutionize warfare through bio-enhanced soldiers

Captain America, Deadpool, Wolverine: three fictional characters with superhuman bodies boosted for combat. Such stories, however, may soon become reality through US military trials currently proposed to revolutionize warfare. Read more.


De Staat - Witch Doctor

The Technocratic Global Government of the Future Is Here

Truthsteam Media

- Asgardia
'Space kingdom' Asgardia wants IQ tests for wannabe citizens - Independent

Asgardia: The Real Space Nation (video) - Full Frontal on TBS
- De ruimtenatie Asgardia (video) -

Police question Netanyahu in 11th interrogation over graft probes

PM faces investigators at his official residence for final questioning over Bezeq corruption allegations, before expected recommendation of bribery charges 

Police investigators rolled into the Prime Minister’s Residence Friday morning to interrogate Benjamin Netanyahu in the high-profile Bezeq graft probe, known as Case 4000, in what is expected to be his last questioning over allegations of bribery. Read more.

Times of Israel

Israeli Police Again Question PM on Corruption Allegations - NY Times
“Crime Minister” Netanyahu interrogated by police! (video) - PressTV

What does IDF closing Black Friday war crimes probe mean for ICC?

The good news for Israel is the ICC Prosecution is taking its time and not rushing to conclusions like the UNHRC.

So much action happened and so many Palestinian civilians died tragically on Black Friday, August 1, 2014, that it is hard to distill the issues. Read more.


Weed firms fume as government rolls with cannabis research but stubs out exports

The Volcani Center's medical marijuana research is part of Israel's bid to be a world leader in medical cannabis, though businesses are angry over Netanyahu's exports freeze 

The State of Israel’s official marijuana plants grow in four squat, unassuming greenhouses in the city of Rishon LeZion. About 100 marijuana plants grow in carefully controlled conditions, grown exactly to specifications for ongoing medical research. Read more.

Times of Israel

- Police chief calls for more cannabis clubs where drug can be used and traded safely - Guardian

August 18, 2018

Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US

(CNN) The bomb used by the Saudi-led coalition in a devastating attack on a school bus in Yemen was sold as part of a US State Department-sanctioned arms deal with Saudi Arabia, munitions experts told CNN.

Working with local Yemeni journalists and munitions experts, CNN has established that the weapon that left dozens of children dead on August 9 was a 500-pound (227 kilogram) laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of the top US defense contractors. Read more + video.


US condemned for supplying bombs to Saudis - PressTV
Saudi-led coalition defends deadly Yemen bus attack - NewArab

Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign - RT

US creates Iran Action Group to ‘change regime’s behavior’

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has formed a special group that will co-ordinate Washington's policy on Iran, that's as it continues to pressure the country with sanctions. 

The head of the new group, Brian Hook, says the US is prepared to punish any country trading with Iran. Read more.


US forms ‘Iran Action Group’ to run aggressive policy toward Tehran (video) - PressTV
Trump administration forms new team to promote pressure policies against Iran - Washington Post

1953 Iran coup – a crime authored in London and Washington - RT

August 17, 2018

Qatari emir vows $15bn Turkey investment after Erdogan meeting

Qatar pledges to make direct investment in Turkey, currently hit by currency crisis amid a diplomatic standoff with US.

The Turkish lira rallied from record lows on Wednesday after Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said Qatar was standing by its "brothers in Turkey" as he announced a $15bn investment into the country's financial markets and banks. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Turkish lira rallies as Qatar makes $15bn loan pledge - Guardian
Germany, Qatar vow support for Turkey amid US pressure - PressTV

World financial markets suffer as US-Turkey ties decline, Washington vows to keep sanctions (video) - RT

August 16, 2018

UN Report Finds ISIS Given “Breathing Space” in US-Occupied Areas of Syria

By maintaining an ISIS pocket in the territory it occupies, the U.S. can continue to justify its illegal presence in the country for the long-term, ultimately substituting Iran for ISIS as its new regional boogeyman.

NEW YORK — A recent report from the UN Security Council’s Sanctions Monitoring Team has found that many of the places in Syria where the terror group Daesh (ISIS) continues to operate, recuperate and extract oil for profit are in areas of the country occupied by the United States. Read more.


'Islamic State': Up to 30,000 fighters still in Syria and Iraq, UN says (video) - DW
Islamic State may still have 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, even after setbacks - Washington Post

Syria warns of Saudi plots as Daesh 're-emerges' - PressTV
UN warns terror group rising in Syria again (video) - PressTV

Syria, UN delegation discuss redeployment of peacekeepers to occupied Golan

A delegation of UN commanders has visited Damascus for talks with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayyoub on the redeployment of the world body’s peacekeepers to the volatile demilitarized zone along the Israeli-occupied side of Syria’s Golan Heights.

In a meeting in Damascus on Tuesday, the two sides discussed coordination between the Syrian government and the world body’s command on the resumption of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)’s mission along the ceasefire line between Syria and Israel based on the 1974 armistice, Syria’s official SANA news agency reported. Read more.


Defense Minister, UN delegation discuss coordination on redeployment of UNDOF in disengagement zone - SANA

Geo-economics of the Istanbul Canal

BAKU - After being elected into another term in June 2018, President Erdogan of Turkey is getting ready to construct an ambitious new waterway on the European side of Istanbul.

The canal will be the third megaproject in the city after a new continent-crossing bridge was completed in 2016 and the world’s largest airport will be finished by the end of the year.

Yet, the government’s vision for a new canal also carries extensive geo-economic consequences for the Black Sea domain.

Soundtrack: Crypto by Kevin MacLeod (


Left 2.0: Wagenknecht launches ‘Stand Up’ movement against German establishment

The leader of Germany's Left Party is launching a new political movement called 'Stand Up.' One of the new group's self-proclaimed goals is to defend the interests of those who feel ignored by the current government.


August 15, 2018

Turkish President Erdoğan vows to boycott US electronic goods, including iPhone

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed Turkey will boycott U.S. electronic goods in retaliation to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to double tariffs on aluminum and steel on Turkey amid a deepening crisis between the two sides over the continued detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

“We will boycott American electronic goods. If they have iPhone, there is Samsung on the other side. We have Vestel Venüs in our country. We will adopt these measures,” Erdoğan said... Read more.


US-Turkey get deeper into tariff spat over American pastor detention (video) - RT

Trump signs defense spending bill to delay F-35 delivery to Turkey - Hürriyet
US sanctions hurting its own reputation, Turkish FM says after meeting Russia's Lavrov - Hürriyet

Turkish Lira rebounds to help global shares regain footing - Hürriyet
Turkey to continue taking steps within free market rules: Albayrak - Hürriyet

'America and Trump are hurting ordinary Turkish people' - Al Jazeera
Apple of Discord: Turks smash their iPhones amid Ankara's economic spat with USA (video) - RT

August 14, 2018

teleSUR English Removed From Facebook for Second Time

This is the second time the teleSUR English page has been taken down by Facebook moderators.

teleSUR English's page has been removed from Facebook for the second time this year without any specific reason being provided. It should be noted that the first time this occurred back in January 2018, Facebook did NOT provide any explanation in spite of our best efforts to understand their rationale. This is an alarming development in light of the recent shutting down of pages that don't fit a mainstream narrative. Read more.


Facebook's anonymous censors take down Latin America's Telesur, and nothing can stop them (video) - RT
New terms of censorship: Facebook bans news outlets critical of US establishment (video) - RT

Five examples that show internet censorship is as much a threat to the left as the right - RT

Facebook schakelt ex-woordvoerder van de Navo in om inhoud en accounts te screenen

Facebook besteedt voortaan een deel van haar censuurbeleid uit aan een ex-Navo-woordvoerder. 

Eind juli schrapte Facebook 32 pagina’s en accounts die volgens de sociale mediareus betrokken waren bij ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’. Wie er achter zat, wist Facebook niet te vertellen. Eén van die pagina’s was die van de Shut it down-coalition. Dat is een collectief dat vorig weekend acties organiseerde tegen een nieuwe bijeenkomst van neonazi’s, één jaar na de mars in Charlottesville die het leven kostte aan één antifascistische tegenbetoogster. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

A Four Person NATO-Funded Team Advises Facebook On Flagging "Propaganda" - ZeroHedge
Banning users & throttling posts: Facebook leans on NATO think tank to ‘sort out the Russian bots’ (video) - RT

Exposing Media Censorship While The Mainstream Cries Wolf!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the medias attempt to silence certain voices while at the same time saying it is they who are being attacked by the current presidential administration and they are the ones in danger.

Luke exposes this media censorship by the mainstream as they huff, puff, and cry wolf to try and take out independent personalities such as Gavin Mcinnes


Trump signs $716 bn defence authorization bill

US President Donald Trump on Monday signed the $716 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law.

The bill for the fiscal year 2019 was named after Republican Senator John Mccain, a former Republican presidential nominee and one of Trump's leading critics within the party, Xinhua reported. Read more.

Business Standard

Trump signs defense bill but snubs the senator the legislation is named after — John McCain (video) - Washington Post

Google tracks your movements, like it or not

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so. Read more.


Yes, The Big G is following you: Google admits it tracks users when location history is turned off - RT

August 13, 2018

'We won't let Washington dictate to us with whom we can do business' - German economy minister

Washington cannot dictate trade rules to others, Germany’s economy minister said, adding that his country should be more assertive and defy American sanctions – particularly by investing more in Iran. Read more.


German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier lashes out at Trump tariffs, sanctions - NBC
Turkish finance minister says appreciates support over U.S. tariffs - Reuters

Germany's Anti-Trump Strategy Begins to Take Shape - Spiegel
Altmaier kritisiert US-Wirtschaftspolitik scharf - Produktion

August 12, 2018

Wanneer verliest het zwarte goud zijn glans?

Dat de toekomst ongewis is, weten oliebedrijven als geen ander. Leiden kelderende olieprijzen binnen twintig jaar tot financiële malaise? Of verdient bijvoorbeeld Shell nog honderd jaar goed geld met olie?

Wat moet je als oliebedrijf in een wereld die langzaam maar zeker afstapt van fossiele brandstoffen? Dan moet je nieuwe manieren verzinnen om geld te verdienen. Zoals Gerald Schotman, directeur van de NAM, eerder zei tegen de Volkskrant: ‘Olivetti kan ook niet alleen typemachines blijven maken.’ Lees meer.


August 11, 2018

Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction

While Donald Trump works to distract the public, his administration is working to dismantle every aspect of government that benefits the people.


Germany cracking down on armed far-right Reichsbürger

Germany's government has said it confiscated firearms from hundreds of members of the Reichsbürger scene. Authorities have identified some 2,000 more people who identify with Germany's most idiosyncratic far-right group.

The head of Germany's domestic security agency on Saturday hailed efforts to disarm members of the far-right Reichsbürger scene and other groups who reject the German state, but warned the group's threat level still remains critically high. Read more.


New US Sanctions on Russia and Iran Raise Tensions, May Backfire

The US has imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia over the Skripal poisoning in Britain, despite the absence to date of evidence. This follows the reimposition of Iran sanctions following Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. The sanctions will further bleed the targeted countries, but could they backfire?

We speak to journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal. Read more.


US recognition of Israel’s claim over the Golan Heights

BAKU - President Trump handed Prime Minister Netanyahu a significant win when he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocated the US Embassy there. 

Now, Israeli lobbying groups in Washington are pushing Republican lawmakers for the recognition of Israel’s claim over the Golan Heights. Such an act would mark the most significant validation of forcefully acquired land since 1945, and it would have a dramatic impact on the interpretation of international law.

Decisions Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Explosion at Salisbury military hardware factory kills one

Police said another man is badly injured after incident at Chemring Countermeasures

One person has been killed and another has been left in a critical condition after an explosion at a military hardware factory near Salisbury, police have said. Read more.


1 killed in explosion at military factory in Salisbury - RT
Explosion at Salisbury military hardware factory leaves one dead - BBC

August 9, 2018

US Senate calls Julian Assange to testify on Russian 'meddling'

The US Senate Intelligence Committee has requested that persecuted WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange testify before committee staff. The committee is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Read more.


Senate Intelligence Committee calls on Assange to testify (video) - CNN
US Senate Calls On Julian Assange To Testify - ZeroHedge

‘Amerikaanse senaat wil Assange horen in Ruslandonderzoek’ - NRC

August 8, 2018

Debunking A Century of War Lies

In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate the public to fight. That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies.

From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the “enemy,” here are all the examples you’ll need to help debunk a century of war lies. Read more.

Corbett Report

August 7, 2018

AP Investigation: US allies, al-Qaida battle rebels in Yemen

ATAQ, Yemen (AP) — Again and again over the past two years, a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and backed by the United States has claimed it won decisive victories that drove al-Qaida militants from their strongholds across Yemen and shattered their ability to attack the West.

Here’s what the victors did not disclose: many of their conquests came without firing a shot. Read more + video.


Study finds US, Saudi collusion with al-Qaeda in Yemen under US supervision - PressTV
Saudi Arabia Doesn't Defeat Al-Qaida Terrorists - They Bribe Them to Stop Fighting - Haaretz

Are U.S. and al-Qaida fighting on the same side in Yemen? (video) - PBS
Yemen conflict: Al-Qaeda seen at coalition battle for Taiz - BBC

Europe: World must hold end of bargain with Iran

The European Union says the international community has an obligation to maintain economic relations with Iran, despite the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from a multilateral deal with the Islamic Republic that could hamper such relations.

Referring to a 2015 deal between Iran and originally six world powers, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said during a trip to Wellington, New Zealand, on Tuesday that Iran was in compliance with its obligations under the agreement, which warranted reciprocal commitment. Read more.


Trump warns EU over decision to protect Iran trade - PressTV
Trump says anyone trading with Iran will not trade with US as sanctions come into force - RT

Rouhani: US not trustworthy for negotiations after quitting nuclear deal - PressTV
China’s petro-yuan oil contracts surge as US sanctions hit Iran - RT

August 6, 2018

Saudi Arabia Expels Canadian Ambassador Over Rights Criticism

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador on Monday and announced a freeze on “all new business” between the two countries in response to Canadian complaints about the arrests of two Saudi rights activists.

In a series of uncharacteristically aggressive statements on its Twitter feed, the Saudi Foreign Ministry declared the Canadian ambassador, Dennis Horak, persona non grata and gave him 24 hours to leave the kingdom. Read more.

NY Times

Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador, freezes new trade deals - Al Arabiya
Saudi suspends scholarships to Canada, transfers thousands to other countries - Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia Feud With Canada Explained (video) - RT
Tensions rising between Saudi Arabia, Canada over human rights - PressTV

Did Saudis threaten Canada with 9/11-style attack? Some believe they did… - RT

QAnon rukt op in Amerika: complotgekkies of wakkere patriotten?

Een mysterieuze club van Amerikaanse complotdenkers timmert aan de weg en laat zich steeds vaker zien. Wat is QAnon?

Voor de een zijn het volslagen gekkies, voor de ander puzzelaars die doorgronden wat de meesten van ons niet kunnen of willen begrijpen. Feit is dat QAnon, de jongste Amerikaanse beweging van complotdenkers, steeds prominenter in beeld komt. Letterlijk, op de laatste bijeenkomst van Donald Trump, deze week in Florida. Lees meer.


Q, waar blijft de storm? - Bovendien
Het mooie verhaal van ‘Q’.. Hoopvol of afleiding? - WantToKnow

August 5, 2018

The Saudi-US Agenda Behind Destroying Yemen

Part 2

A Saudi-led airstrike has killed dozens in Yemen’s port city of Hodeida amid UN warnings of another catastrophic cholera outbreak. 

Professor Isa Blumi of Stockholm University and author of “Destroying Yemen,” discusses the motives and impact of the unrelenting US-backed assault.


Saudi Coalition Bombs Fish Market & Hospital in Hodeida Killing Scores of Civilians - Mintpress

Medisch onderzoek in de tang van multinationals: ‘Geld gaat boven kwaliteit’

De jacht op onderzoeksgeld maakt artsen wanhopig. Sinds de overheid de geldkraan heeft dichtgedraaid, hebben ze moeite om hun wetenschappelijk onderzoek te bekostigen en zijn ze genoodzaakt hun hand op te houden bij de industrie. Die afhankelijkheid zorgt voor grote frustraties onder artsen. ‘De winst van een behandeling staat voorop, niet de genezing van een patiënt.’

Eindeloos formulieren invullen, onderzoeksvoorstellen van tientallen pagina’s indienen en protocollen schrijven: artsen worden opgeslokt door de administratieve ballast die met een subsidieaanvraag gemoeid gaat. Lees meer.


Netherlands facing the driest summer ever

If the sun keeps shining in the Netherlands, it'll further test the land of dykes and canals.

It's experiencing its driest summer ever, which is causing problems for a country with a delicate balancing act when it comes to water. Al Jazeera's Fleur Launspach explains.

Al Jazeera

Tens of thousands attend Druze-led protest against Nation-State Law

"The state did not see us as equals," said Sheik Mowafaq Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel.

We want equality!” chanted tens of thousands of people at an unprecedented demonstration led by the Druze community in protest against the Nation-State Law at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night. Read more.


- Mass protest in Israel over ‘discriminating’ nation-state law (video) - RT
'We Need Equality': Tens of Thousands Attend Druze Rally Against Nation-state Law (paywall) - Haaretz

Druze Rally Against Israel’s Nation-state Law: 'We’re Here to Tell Jews It’s Patriotic to Protest' (paywall) - Haaretz

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Survives Drone Attack

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez confirmed the attack late Saturday, shortly after video of the incident began surfacing on social media.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has survived an apparent attack on his life during a military parade celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard in the capital, Caracas. Read more.


Venezuelan president Maduro targeted with drone bombs (video) - RT
Venezuela's Maduro target of drone 'attack,' but unharmed: government - Reuters

Attempt Against President Of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Moros (video) - teleSUR
Video claimed to show mid-air explosion of drone used in attack on Maduro (video) - RT

- US has nothing to do with alleged attack on Maduro – Bolton - RT

Iran slams assassination attempt against Venezuela's president - PressTV
Turkey condemns attack targeting Venezuelan President Maduro - Hurriyet

August 2, 2018

Saudi Arabia planned to invade Qatar last summer - Rex Tillerson's efforts to stop it may have cost him his job

THIRTEEN HOURS BEFORE Secretary of State Rex Tillerson learned from the presidential Twitter feed that he was being fired, he did something that President Donald Trump had been unwilling to do. Following a phone call with his British counterpart, Tillerson condemned a deadly nerve agent attack in the U.K., saying that he had “full confidence in the U.K.’s investigation and its assessment that Russia was likely responsible.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had called the attack “reckless, indiscriminate, and irresponsible,” but stopped short of blaming Russia, leading numerous media outlets to speculate that Tillerson was fired for criticizing Russia. Read more.


Rex Tillerson stopped Saudi and UAE from 'attacking' Qatar - Al Jazeera

Defence minister: Saudi, UAE intended to invade Qatar - Al Jazeera
- Trump Warned Saudis Off Military Move on Qatar (video) - Bloomberg

August 1, 2018

Brazil: Many alarmed over boost to pesticide use in agriculture

A Brazilian government commission has recommended easing restrictions on the use of pesticides to aid the country’s agricultural industry.

Congress will debate the issue shortly. But families in rural areas say the pesticides already in use are contaminating air, food and water, causing death and disease. Already, four of the 10 most commonly used pesticides in Brazil are banned in Europe.

Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler reports from the northeastern state of Ceara.

Al Jazeera

July 30, 2018

US amends UN tuberculosis paper, removing ‘anti-pharma’ paragraph

Tuberculosis - the world's deadliest infection - may become more expensive to treat. That's after the U.S. requested a paragraph be removed from a UN resolution draft.


S. Africa opposes US push to make UN declaration on TB friendlier to big-pharma - RT
Global Health Community Says The U.S. Is Picking Big Business Over Patients Again - Huff Post

Israel Arrests Italian Artists Who Painted a West Bank Mural of Ahed Tamimi

Palestinian officials said Israeli border police arrested the two artists who crafted the large painting, now on display at a separation barrier in Bethlehem

Israeli border police on Saturday arrested two Italian graffiti artists who were painting a mural of a jailed Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi, on the Israeli separation barrier in Bethlehem in the West Bank, according to Palestinian officials. Read more + photos.


Ahed Tamimi speaks to the press after her release (video) - RT
Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian viral slap video teenager, freed in Israel (video) - BBC

Israël laat 17-jarige Palestijnse activiste vrij (video) - NOS
Israël laat Palestijnse activiste Ahed Tamimi (17) vrij - AD

Palestijnse tienerterroriste Ahed Tamimi (17) na acht maanden weer vrij - TPO
Palestijnse verzetsheldin Ahed Tamimi bedankt het Turkse volk en president Erdogan - DutchTurks

Ahed Tamimi wordt zondag vrijgelaten: '1 meisje kan de wereld niet veranderen, een hele generatie wel' - De Wereld Morgen

July 29, 2018

Russia’s gold reserves approaching Stalin-era record, cutting dependence on US dollar

With 2,000 tons of gold in reserves, Russia’s bullion holdings are approaching the Soviet peak seen in 1941. Moscow is striving for financial independence and escape from US dollar hegemony, analysts told RT.

“Some countries in the world want to depend as little as possible on US policy, they dump the dollar in trade and American assets as reserves. Read more.


Kurds reach deal with Damascus to end Syria conflict

An alliance of Kurdish and Arab militants in Syria says it has come to an agreement with the Syrian government to develop negotiations to end violence in Syria.

The announcement was made after the so-called Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), sent a delegation to Damascus for talks with Syrian officials earlier this week. The SDF, itself, is a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants. Read more.


Syrian Kurds, Gov't Agree to Work Towards 'Decentralized Syria' - Reports - Sputnik
Syrian Kurds say they will 'chart roadmap to decentralized Syria' with Damascus - Reuters

Syrian Kurds confirms it agreed to chart roadmap with Damascus - Kurdpress
Dealing in Damascus: Rojava Kurds consider pact with Assad - Rudaw

- US-Turkey to conduct joint patrols in Syria: Pentagon head - Kurdpress

EU piles pressure on Imran Khan after Pakistan election

Observers noted ‘systematic attempts to undermine ruling party’ ahead of disputed vote

The EU has piled further pressure on Pakistan’s likely next prime minister, Imran Khan, after his country’s disputed general election, noting a “lack of equality of opportunity” and “systematic attempts to undermine the ruling party” ahead of the vote. Read more.


Final results: PTI becomes the largest party in NA with 115 seats - Samaa
Pakistan election: Imran Khan begins coalition talks as opposition parties protest 'rigged' vote - Independent

Cricket star Imran Khan wins in Pakistan but needs coalition - AP

Imran Khan's dangerous victory - DW
The many challenges awaiting Pakistan's Imran Khan - Al Jazeera

July 28, 2018

Islamic State fired at Israel in bid to draw it into Syria, says ex-intel chief

Amos Yadlin says IDF was correct to shoot at jhadist missile launcher and not regime target after projectiles landed in Sea of Galilee

The former head of the IDF’s military intelligence said Thursday that the firing of a pair of missiles from Syria into the Sea of Galilee a day earlier was likely an effort by the Islamic State group to draw Israel into a confrontation with the Syrian regime. Read more.

Times of Israel

July 26, 2018

Imran Khan claims victory, rivals allege rigging

Cricketer-turned-politician promises peace with neighbouring India, says he plans to put country on the right track.

Pakistan's Imran Khan declared victory as his PTI party increased his lead in a divisive general election marred by a long delay in ballot counting and allegations of vote rigging by the opposition. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Imran Khan likely to be next PM - PakTribune
We completely reject election results: Shahbaz Sharif - PakTribune

Imran Khan: Welfare state, peace, stronger institutions our policy - Samaa
Imran promises wide-ranging reforms: 'All policies for the people' - Dawn

Cricket star Imran Khan wins in Pakistan but needs coalition - AP

Imran Khan's dangerous victory - DW
The many challenges awaiting Pakistan's Imran Khan - Al Jazeera

Verkiezingsuitslag Pakistan vertraagd, cricketlegende aan kop - NOS
Omstreden cricketlegende gedoodverfde nieuwe premier van Pakistan (video) - AD

Uribe Resigns

After the Supreme Court of Justice announced that Alvaro Uribe Vélez would be investigated for corruption, the former president announced his resignation from the senate via Twitter... 

Our correspondent in Bogota, @PortellateleSUR... has more.


Venezuela's New Currency Starts Circulating August 20

The Sovereign Bolivar has five zeros less than the current currency and will be anchored to the Venezuelan digital cryptocurrency, the Petro. 

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that on Monday, August 20, a new currency will begin to operate in the country, going from the Bolívar to the Bolívar Soberano (Sovereign Bolivar), anchored to the cryptocurrency, the Petro, the president said. Read more.


Iran closer to own digital money as sanctions loom

Iran says it is preparing to develop its own digital currency as a solution which officials in Tehran say would help the country dodge the returning US sanctions.

A plan to create an indigenous cryptocurrency was already on the agenda of the Directorate for Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Presidential Office, Iran’s media reported. Read more.


With economy faltering, Iran appoints new head of central bank - Reuters
Iran Readies Own Digital Currency to Get Around US Sanctions – Reports - Sputnik

Iran cryptocurrency project on track despite cenbank ban, minister says - Reuters
Iran becomes latest rogue state to develop its own cryptocurrency - CNBC

Hotels In Iran Begining To Accept Cryptocurrency, Will Be US Sanctions? - CoinDiary
Iran Proposes India to Establish Joint Fund for Exchange of Cryptocurrencies - Crypto News

July 25, 2018

DARPA Wants Mind Control Tech for Super Soldiers #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

This week:
Story #1: US Treasury Quietly Allows ‘Dark Money’ Groups to Keep Donors Secret
Story #2: Japan, US Renew Nuke Pact Amid Japan Plutonium Stock Concern
Story #3: The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops. Read more.

Corbett Report

The Minds of Men - Trailer

It’s finally finished… the feature-length documentary we’ve been working on for what seems like forever is finally out! (Yes, this is why we’ve been so quiet lately.) Read more.

Truthstream Media

- A Talking Cricket, a Self-Writing Quill, and the Coming Hive Mind (video) - Truthstream Media

July 24, 2018

I traced missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers, so it’s time for the west to reveal who they sell arms to

I don’t think either Nato or the EU has the slightest interest in chasing the provenance of weapons in the hands of Islamist fighters in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East

Readers, a small detective story. Note down this number: MFG BGM-71E-1B. And this number: STOCK NO 1410-01-300-0254. And this code: DAA A01 C-0292. I found all these numerals printed on the side of a spent missile casing lying in the basement of a bombed-out Islamist base in eastern Aleppo last year. Read more.


Western-produced weapons end up in terrorists’ hands – report (video) - RT

Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus - RT
Syrian Army Reportedly Finds Cache of French Weapons in Liberated Eastern Ghouta - Sputnik

A Bosnian signs off weapons he says are going to Saudi Arabia – but how did his signature turn up in Aleppo? - Independent
US and Saudi Arabia arms significantly enhanced Isis’ military capabilities, report reveals - Independent

Who is supplying weapons to the warring sides in Syria? - BBC
America's Guns: Secret Pipeline to Syria (video) - Al Jazeera

Beating Soros at his own game: Ex-Trump adviser to promote 'right-wing revolution' with foundation

President Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon has announced plans to spark a right-wing revolution in Europe

He wants to create a new foundation, promoting the ideology. Bannon says he aims to rival the impact of Open Society Foundations, set up by liberal billionare George Soros. Read more.


Bannon plan for Europe-wide populist 'supergroup' sparks alarm - BBC
Steve Bannon Wants to Divide and Conquer in Europe Too - Bloomberg

Former Trump aide Bannon sets up group to undermine EU - Reuters

Steve Bannon wil uiterst rechts een derde van de zetels in het Europees Parlement bezorgen - DM
Sophie in ‘t Veld (Sterk, Solidair, D66, EU) deelt waarschuwende reuzenklap uit aan Steve Bannon - TPO

Modrikamen steunt populistische revolutie van Steve Bannon in Europa - DM

EU: No new trade offer when Juncker meets Trump

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker won't be bringing a specific trade offer when he meets with US President Trump on Wednesday. Germany's foreign minister said the EU won't "cave in" to US trade threats.

Ahead of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's meeting with US President Donald Trump, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday escalating threats won't resolve a trade dispute with the United States. Read more.


‘Tariffs are the greatest!’ Trump tweets tough ahead of trade negotiations with EU - RT

Trump calls Nord Stream 2 ‘horrible,’ but two-thirds of Germans disagree – poll

Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is currently under construction, is set to deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany. The project has been widely criticized by the US which wants to supply its own liquid natural gas instead.

Trump has also warned that the pipeline will make Berlin too dependant on Moscow, but, according to a recent poll, it seems the majority of Germans don't see it that way. Read more.


- EU, China will both get LNG from US, without Russian gas being sidelined, say experts - TASS

Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet Penetrating Israeli Airspace

Two Patriot missiles fired at Russian-made Sukhoi plane, which entered two kilometers into Israel

Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet that penetrated Israeli airspace on Tuesday, the Israeli army said. It said that the Russian-made Sukhoi was under surveillance when it entered some two kilometers into Israeli airspace. Read more + video.


- Israel fires Patriot missiles against Syrian jet in Golan heights (video) - JPost

Israeli military fires 2 interceptor missiles at Syrian Sukhoi warplane - RT
No ‘confusion’: IDF knew intercepted Sukhoi jet was Syrian, not Russian, spokesman confirms - RT

July 23, 2018

Bloc willing to build bridges in trade dispute with US: EU

EU finance chief Pierre Moscovici has said that the bloc is willing to build bridges in the ongoing trade dispute with the US.

"What I stressed several times in my meetings here is that the EU is certainly not the author of major trade imbalances," said Moscovici while addressing reporters during the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires. Read more.


- EU's Moscovici says trade differences persist after G20 talks - Reuters
EU's Moscovici warns of hit to markets if trade tensions escalate - Reuters

G-20 calls for more dialogue on rising trade tensions that threaten global economy - Chicago Tribune

July 22, 2018

Israel Evacuates 800 Members of White Helmets Rescue Organization to Jordan

Israel calls move an 'exceptional humanitarian gesture' that was done at the request of the U.S. and its European allies due to 'an immediate threat to Syrian lives'

Israel rescued some 800 members of the humanitarian organization "White Helmets" from Syria overnight Saturday, allowing them across the Syrian-Israeli border and then transporting them to Jordan. The operation was confirmed by both the Israeli army and the Jordanian Foreign Ministry. Read more.


Syria conflict: White Helmets evacuated by Israel (video) - BBC
Israel Aids Evacuation of Hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ and Families in Syria - NY Times

Israel evacuates 800 White Helmets in face of Syria advance - Guardian
Additional Syrian rebels begin evacuating area bordering Israel - Times of Israel

Israel evacuates 422 White Helmets & families as Syrian army advances (video) - RT
Four rebel commanders flee to Israel as Syrian Army takes over Quneitra - AMN

Netanyahu: Trump asked me to evacuate White Helmets from Syria (video) - RT
Netanyahu: Trump & Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate White Helmets from Syria (video) - RT

- Years of suffering end as thousands of Syrians evacuated from besieged strongholds (video) - RT

White Helmets evacuation to Israel shows their ‘true nature’: Syria (video) - PressTV
White Helmets fail to acknowledge Israel's part in their rescue from Syria - JPost

Stef Blok heeft een veel groter probleem: de steun aan groepen in Syrië - Geenstijl
Wat u nog moet weten over ‘White Helmets’, gesteund door NL, die nu door Israël worden geëvacueerd - TPO

Evacuatie van bekritiseerde Witte Helmen lijkt 'blijk van waardering' - NOS

July 21, 2018

Chinese Man - Step Back

Music video by : Fred & Annabelle
avec l'aide de Lise Corriol à la modélisation
Characters design : Julien Loïs aka
produced by : Chinese Man Records

Hamas Spokesman Says Cease-fire Reached With Israel

Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian snipers; Israel pounds Hamas targets in Gaza ■ Four Hamas members killed in attack after snipers target Israeli soldiers ■ Three rockets launched from Gaza, two intercepted by Iron Dome

Israel and Hamas have agreed to restore calm in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Hamas said on Saturday, after the Israel Defense Forces launched a massive attack on the Gaza Strip late Friday evening, following an exchange of fire between Israeli troops and Palestinians in Gaza. Read more.


Qatari envoy sheds light on US plans for Gaza - Al Jazeera
- How the Gaza crises connects Qatar, Egypt and Washington - JPost

- Liberman: Hamas is forcing Israel into a larger Gaza war than 2014 - JPost
Hamas: Kushner and Greenblatt spokespeople for Israeli occupation - Al Jazeera

Don't inflame Gaza situation more: UN to Israel - PressTV

An unlikely union: Israel and the European far right

Israel has been engaging far-right groups and parties across Europe, ignoring their anti-Semitism.

In November 2017, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) hosted a gala dinner in New York City honouring Stephen Bannon, US President Donald Trump's then-chief strategist. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

July 20, 2018

‘Dark step towards the end of democracy in Israel’: IDF critics to be banned from schools

Israel’s parliament has passed a law giving the education minister sweeping powers to ban any organizations critical of the Israeli state or military from entering schools. Read more.


Knesset okays banning groups critical of IDF from schools - Times of Israel

Israel passes controversial 'Jewish nation-state' law

Law defines the country as Jewish homeland, further marginalising 1.8 million Palestinian citizens of Israel. Israel's parliament on Thursday adopted a law defining the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people, provoking fears it will lead to blatant discrimination against its Palestinian citizens. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Israel adopts divisive Jewish nation-state law - Reuters
Read the full Jewish Nation-State Law - JPost

Israel passes Jewish nation law branded 'racist' by critics (video) - Independent
Jewish Nation-state Law Makes Discrimination in Israel Constitutional (paywall) - Haaretz

Israel Legislates Apartheid into Law (video) - TRNN
EU leads criticism after Israel passes Jewish 'nation state' law - Guardian

British Labour Party's Anti-Semitism Document: Criticizing Israel Is not Anti-Semitism

Moshé Machover discusses the advances and limitations of the Labour Party's document on anti-semitism, which represents an important step forward to diffuse an issue that has become an artificial controversy designed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn


- New Labour anti-Semitism code faces criticism - BBC
Debate continues over Labour’s code on antisemitism - Guardian

Chief rabbi: Labour should toughen up anti-Semitism code - BBC
Jeremy Corbyn called 'f****** racist and antisemite' by Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge - Independent

An unlikely union: Israel and the European far right - Al Jazeera

July 19, 2018

Biologische landbouw in Nederland neemt toe

De biologische landbouw is afgelopen jaar duidelijk gegroeid ten opzichte van een jaar eerder. Dat meldt het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) op basis van de meest recente gegevens.

Het totale aantal biologische varkens groeide in vergelijking met een jaar eerder met bijna een kwart tot ruim 91.000. Lees meer.


Biologische landbouw groeit - CBS