January 20, 2018

Turkish planes bomb Syrian Kurdish targets as Ankara-backed rebels enter Afrin

Turkey has begun a military operation on Syria's Kurdish-held region of Afrin launching air strikes and cross-border shelling with a ground invasion expected on Sunday. Read more.


- Turkish jets destroy PYD/PKK targets in Syria's Afrin - AA
- Erdogan: Operation in Syria's Afrin has begun - Al Jazeera

- Syria condemns Turkey’s ‘brutal aggression' on Kurdish enclave Afrin - PressTV

- Turkey informs UK, France, China on Afrin operation - AA
- Turkey summons UN Security Council member envoys, writes to Syrian regime on Afrin op - Hürriyet

- US ‘made terrible mistake’ by supporting PYD/PKK - AA
- Russia blames US for fuelling tensions in Syria - RT

- Damascus warns Turkey against Afrin attack: Syrian state TV - Reuters
- Damascus warns it may shoot down Turkish planes attacking Kurds within Syrian borders - RT

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