January 11, 2018

UK, Germany and France urge US not to tear up Iran nuclear deal

Three EU signatories to 2015 deal say Iran is respecting agreement that has made world safer and ‘prevented potential nuclear arms race’

Washington’s closest allies have sent a carefully timed warning to Donald Trump not to tear up the Iran nuclear deal, saying it is essential for international security, and no better alternative has been suggested by the White House. Read more.


- EU officials praise Iran deal, urge US to stick to agreement (video) - RT
- EU to meet Iran to back nuclear deal in message to Trump (video) - Reuters

- Zarif hails talks with European ministers (video) - PressTV
- ‘Trump’s termination of Iran deal will harm US interests’ (video) - PressTV

- AP sources: Trump to extend sanctions relief for Iran - Politico

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