February 20, 2018

Assad to get involved in conflict between Kurds, Turkey - reports

With Turkey trying to oust the Kurds from northern Syrian region, both sides appear to be looking to strike an unlikely alliance.

Damascus is reportedly in talks to assist the Kurds while Turkey said it would welcome any effort by the Syrian army, to drive out what it calls terrorists from Afrin. Read more.


- Pro-Assad terror groups withdraw from Afrin - AA
- Turkish army shells pro-Syrian government forces as they enter Afrin - PressTV

- Pro-government fighters move into Syria's Afrin - Al Jazeera
- Syrian pro-govt. forces will enter Afrin 'within hours' (video) - PressTV

- Over Dozen civilians killed in new US-led strikes in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr - PressTV
- Dozens of Russian, CIS citizens killed & injured in recent clashes in Syria – Foreign Ministry - RT

- Syrian National Coalition: Ghouta being 'exterminated' (video) - Al Jazeera

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