February 8, 2018

Crypto: The End of Freedom!

Cryptocurrency will make a huge number of people fabulously rich, whilst choking the life out of the human race.

At this point, the amount of utterly baseless, contradictory propaganda, mass hysteria, and just flat out insanity the ruling classes have demanded they swallow is more than any human mind, no matter how medicated, could possibly handle.

A dire warning from Brandon Smith found here.

Music. Novaden by Septakon
Be aware. Come alive. Be prepared for the level shift. Be the explosion you want to hear.


- The Bitcoin Psyop (video) - Corbett Report
- RFID, Blockchain, AI, Bitcoin - The Truth Will Shock You! (video) - Shaking My Head Productions

- Bitcoin is NSA Project (video) - 1 Anonymous Org

- Bitcoins Mysterious Origins Revealed (video) - Do You See What I See Productions
- Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is a Government Conspiracy (video) - Do You See What I See Productions

- History of cryptography - Wikipedia
- History of Cryptocurrency, Part I: From Bitcoin’s Inception to the Crypto-Boom - CoinTelegraph

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