February 10, 2018

US transferred ISIL members to Afghanistan by helicopter: Russia

A high-ranking Russian official has accused the U-S military of allowing Daesh terrorists - who have been defeated in Syria and Iraq - to infiltrate Afghanistan.

The Russian envoy for Afghanistan says various witness accounts indicate that the terrorists are often transferred to Afghanistan by helicopters. Zamir Kabulov added that because the U-S and NATO fully control the skies over Afghanistan, there is every reason to believe they have a hand in the transfer, or at least refuse to confront such flights.

In 2001, the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of 'war on terror'. Some 17 years on, terrorism is still growing in Afghanistan. The Daesh terrorist group has recently established a foothold in eastern and northern Afghanistan and stepped up its attacks against civilian targets across the country.


- UN official calls for 30-day Syria cease-fire - AP

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