March 15, 2018

Thousands flee militant-held areas in Ghouta

Thousands of civilians have managed to flee militant-held territory in Syria's flashpoint region of Eastern Ghouta.

The mass evacuation has taken place through the Hamouriyah humanitarian corridor. Media footage shows women and children flooding to government-held shelters under the protection of the Syrian Red Crescent. The International Committee of the Red Cross says a 25-truck convoy carrying food and medical supplies has entered Douma.

The besieged militant-held town is considered the capital of Eastern Ghouta where government forces are advancing. They have retaken the town of Hamouriyah, and seized parts of the town of Jisrin after fierce clashes with armed groups.

The district, which is ten-kilometers from Damascus city centre, has been used as launching pad by terrorists to shell the capital.


- Syrian army forces in key East Ghouta town in major blow to militants - PressTV 

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