March 17, 2018

UK, Slovakia, Sweden, Czech Republic among most probable source of ‘Novichok’ – Moscow

The substance used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal may have originated from the countries studying the “Novichok” nerve agent, including the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Sweden, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“The most likely source of origin of the toxin are the countries which have been carrying out intense research on the substances from the ‘Novichok’ program, approximately since the end of the 1990s until the present time,.. Read more.


- Soviet toxin research was smuggled out and continued in other countries, including US – OPCW envoy (video) - RT
- First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW - Craig Murray

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