April 9, 2018

Enter Bolton: Trump’s new security adviser comes with chemical casus belli on hand

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump will meet senior Pentagon officials with his new mega-hawk National Security Advisor John Bolton taking part. Bolton enters the office with a brand new pretext to bomb Syria. 

Bolton, a key player in building the George W Bush administration’s fraudulent case for attacking Iraq, starts his tenure in the Trump administration this week. Read more.


- Syria attack response looms over Bolton's first week as national security adviser (video) - CNN
Bolton starts today, with a Syria crisis on the agenda. But there are limits to what he can do. - Washington Post

- Trump says U.S. to decide on response to ‘atrocious’ Syria chemical attack in 24 to 48 hours (video) - Washington Post
- WikiLeaks issues a US$100,000 reward for information chemical attack Douma - Wikileaks

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