April 28, 2018

Trump-Russia investigation: House intelligence committee finds 'no evidence' of collusion in final report

The FBI and Senate investigations are still ongoing

The US Congress’ House intelligence committee has found “no evidence” of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russian officials in its final investigative report about whether Moscow interfered with the 2016 US election. Read more + video.


No Russia Collusion, House Republicans Say in Their Final Report (video) - Bloomberg
GOP-led House Intel Committee ends its probe, says 'no evidence' of Trump-Russia collusion (video) - CNBC

Trump hails House Intelligence Committee report on Russia - Politico
‘No collusion’: Redacted US House report on Russia released, officially clears Trump (document) - RT

House Republicans release redacted Russia report (video) - CNN
Report: Russian Lawyer at Trump Tower Worked With Government - NY Times

Judge tosses Manafort civil suit challenging special counsel  - Politico
House Intelligence Committee report accuses James Clapper of ‘inconsistent’ testimony on the Steele dossier - Business Insider

Democrats may regret opening this Pandora's Box (video) - CNN
Unprecedented: DNC’s Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Threatens to Suppress Free Speech (audio) - Sputnik

'Snowball started with Clinton fail': Trump cleared of collusion with Russia in US House report (video) - RT

- Mending Russia-US ties will be easier under Pompeo, expert says - TASS
'Geen bewijs voor samenzwering medewerkers Trump en Rusland' - NU

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