April 15, 2018

‘US, UK & France want new intl. order with no UN supervision’

The missile strikes on Syria are another step by the US, the UK and France toward creating they own global order, where they can do what they want without answering to the UN, Willy Wimmer, former OSCE Assembly vice-head, told RT.

“Since the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999, they [the US, the UK and France] want to have their own international structure,” Wimmer said. “They want to destroy the Charter of the UN. Read more.


From Srebrenica to Syria: How the US replaced the UN as ‘world police’ - RT
Putin: History pinned blame on US for ‘bloody carnage’ in Yugoslavia & Iraq, same will be with Syria - RT

Latin America Leaders Condemn US-led Attack On Syria (video) - teleSUR
Cuba Warns over Perils of the Likely Use of Force in Latin Americas - Prensa Latina

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