April 13, 2018

‘We didn't see any patients with symptoms of chemical attack’ – hospital staff in Russian MoD video

Witnesses of the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma say - in video released by Russia's Defence Ministry - that those brought to hospital were not showing symptoms consistent with exposure to a chemical agent.


US says it has proof Syria carried out Douma gas attack - Guardian
Global chemical weapons watchdog 'on its way to Syria' - Al Jazeera

Turns out, sources reporting on chemical attack in Douma are sponsored by West… Still surprised? (video) - RT
Sky News cuts off top British general after he asks ‘Why would Syria launch a gas attack now?’ (video) - RT

Eerste ploeg VN-onderzoekers aangekomen in Syrië - Gelderlander
Rusland: Londen betrokken bij nep-gifgasaanval Douma - AD

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