May 19, 2018

U.S. Scraps Military Exercise to Appease North Korea

North Korea has been seeking a one-on-one meeting between its supreme leader and the U.S. president for more than two decades. And it isn’t difficult to understand why: For the leader of the world’s most powerful country to sit down with his North Korean counterpart would be to bestow an aura of legitimacy and international importance on the rogue state’s regime.

For this very reason, Donald Trump’s immediate predecessors declined to honor North Korea’s request, absent sweeping concessions that Pyongyang proved unwilling to make. Read more.

NY Mag

Trump really wants the (North Korean) show to go on (video) - CNN
US reportedly cancels B-52 bomber exercise with South Korea amid threats from North Korea - CNBC

Is Xi Jinping the puppetmaster behind North Korea's pushback on talks? (video) - CNN
China denies Trump's view that Xi could be influencing N. Korea - Yonhap

The Guardian view on North Korea: no art as Trump seeks deal - Guardian

Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr bloc wins Iraq elections

An alliance headed by the former Shia militia chief Moqtada Sadr has won the parliamentary elections in Iraq.

Final results released by the electoral commission give his Saeroun bloc 54 seats, with current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in third place with 42. Read more.


Moqtada al-Sadr's alliance wins Iraq's parliamentary elections - PressTV
- Iraq: anti-US cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s bloc confirmed as election winners - Guardian

Sjiitische geestelijke al-Sadr wint Iraakse verkiezingen - NU

‘There Is No Opposition in Israel’ as Netanyahu Massacres Gazans, Israeli Journalist Says

Renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says "the victims of Gaza hardly touch anybody in Israel," as the IDF mows down protesters.

Hardline right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a stranglehold on politics and the left barely exists.


Not all Israelis unified on IDF's response to Gaza violence - JPost
How the Trumps screwed Palestine - Intercept

May 18, 2018

Syrian Army detains 60 French forces

Damascus, May 17, IRNA – Syrian Army has detained 60 French military forces in Hasaka Province in the north of the country, Syrian media said on Thursday.

The detained forces crossed the Syrian border from Iraq in a convoy comprised of 20 Toyota vehicles. Read more.


Media: Syrian forces detain French military in Hasakah province - UAWire
More US, French Military Vehicles Dispatched to Northeastern Syria – Reports - Sputnik

French troops allegedly enter northern Syria - AMN
French troops enter SYRIA from Iraq 'in support of Kurdish forces' - Express

France renews backing for Syrian rebels, denies troop moves - AP
Syrian Kurds call on France to do more against Turkish offensive - RFI

U.S. sends new military aid to Kurdish militia in northern Syria (photos) - AMN

May 17, 2018

Haifa the forgotten Palestinian city

This Palestinian family produced an abundance of goods from Haifa, until their homes and factories were destroyed by Israeli settlers.

Lost Cities of Palestine shows rarely seen archival footage of forgotten Palestinian cities before the creation of Israel.

Al Jazeera

Lost cities of Palestine (interactive) - Al Jazeera
Lost cities of Palestine: Haifa, Nazareth, and Jaffa (documentary/video) - Al Jazeera

3 strikes in 24 hours: Israel Attacks Hamas Posts in Gaza Overnight

IDF responds to earlier gunfire, says 'We are determined to ensure security for the residents of Israel'

The Israeli army attacked Hamas military compounds in the northern Gaza Strip overnight on Wednesday, according to the IDF spokesperson's unit. Read more.


Liberman: Israel, U.S. must leave UNHRC over its Gaza support

The UN body is set to discuss the deadly protests in Gaza and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem Friday.

Israel and the US must immediately withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council to protest its decision to hold an emergency session Friday against Israeli actions on the Gaza border, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. Read more.


Turkey Calls for UN Action on Jerusalem, Gaza Amid Diplomatic Row With Israel - Haaretz
Israel should be taken to International Criminal Court over Gaza massacre: Turkish FM - PressTV

IDF Spokesperson to U.S. Jews: We Failed to Minimize Gaza Casualties, Hamas Won PR War (paywall) - Haaretz
Israel Said 32 Countries Confirmed They'd Attend U.S. Embassy Gala. Here's Who Really Came (paywall) - Haaretz

UN Human Rights Council approves int’l probe into Israeli crimes in Gaza - PressTV

West's knowledge of Novichok came from sample secured in 1990s: report

BERLIN (Reuters) - The West’s knowledge of the secret Russian nerve agent that Britain says was used to poison an ex-spy and his daughter came from a sample obtained by Germany in the 1990s, German media reported on Wednesday.

In a joint report, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the weekly Die Zeit and broadcasters NDR and WDR said Germany’s BND spy agency had secured the sample of the Novichok nerve agent from a Russian scientist. Read more.


‘No secret’: Western countries have known Novichok formula for decades, German media report - RT
Head of military research institute sacked - Radio Praha

BND beschaffte Nowitschok aus russischem Labor - Zeit
- Chemiewaffen: Lügen, Gift und Überläufer - Suddeutsche Zeitung

Gift im Fall Skripal: Der Westen kannte Nowitschok schon früh - Tagesschau
Länder im Westen kennen Nowitschok seit den 90er-Jahren (video) - Tagesschau

Why Chile is giving citizenship to Palestinian refugees

It may sound surprising, but Chile is home to the largest Palestinian community outside of the Middle East.

It is also one of the few countries that in recent years has given citizenship to Palestinians from Middle Eastern refugee camps. Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman explains why.

Al Jazeera

Russian government mulls law to register and identify cryptocurrency users - report

The Russian government plans to fight money laundering by only allowing members of the state-run “register of crypto-investors” to mine for and use digital currencies, a popular daily reported.

Mass circulation daily Izvestia quoted its unnamed sources “close to the Russian Central Bank and Finance Ministry” as saying that the bill regulating all cryptocurrency operations is already in the works and it could receive an assessment from the State Duma Committee for Legislative Work as soon as this week. Read more.


May 16, 2018

EU to Switch From Dollar to Euro in Payments for Iranian Oil Supplies – Source

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The European Union is planning to switch from US dollars to euros when paying for the oil supplies from Iran, a diplomatic source told Sputnik.

On Tuesday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that after talks with the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Iran in Brussels that the sides had agreed to work out practical solutions... Read more.


Europe offers no guarantees but vows to keep Iran deal alive (video) - Reuters
UPDATE 1-Europe seeking quick solution to save Iran nuclear deal -Mogherini - Reuters

EU tells Iran it will try to protect firms from US sanctions - Guardian

Russian bank helps Venezuela defy US sanctions on cryptocurrency

The world’s first state-backed digital currency ‘el petro’ launched by Venezuela this year to circumvent US sanctions is reportedly getting help from a Russian bank.

According to Associated Press, Russia’s Evrofinance Mosnarbank has become the first international financial institution so far willing to back the petro after US authorities warned potential investors over related risks. Read more.


Russia bank helps Venezuela defy US cryptocurrency sanctions - AP
Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Crypto Petro Grows Thanks to a Little-Known Russian Bank - CCN

May 15, 2018

Argentinians Protest Against Negotiations Between Government And IMF

In Argentina, the negotiations between Mauricio Macri's government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are moving forward. IMF officials said the two sides are looking to reach an agreement quickly.


US: IMF's Lagarde talks with Argentina's economic Minister (video) - AP
Argentine Government Negotiating Loan with IMF (video) - teleSUR

IMF: We Want To Reach A 'Quick Accord' With Argentina - teleSUR
IMF says supports Argentina floating exchange rate as peso tumbles - Reuters

Argentina braces for investor flight amid bid to save peso - AFP
Argentina economy: From comeback kid to turbulence - BBC

Argentina peso crisis: Move to seek IMF aid criticised (video) - Al Jazeera

Trump overdose? Concerns POTUS-bashing displaces vital issues in US media coverage

An obsession in the U.S. media is making it difficult to find variety to your daily news 

RT's Caleb Maupin now, looks at how Donald Trump has been keeping the mainstream media satisfied.


The Rothschild Syria Connection - Major Revelations

Latest Blackstone Intel from inside Iraq/Syria. Plus... stunning details about the Rothschild connections to the White House. Crowd funding makes my investigations possible!

Blackstone Intelligence Network

Trump's new cabinet pick Wilbur Ross reportedly served as head of a secret Wall Street frat - Business Insider
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Kappa Beta Phi -- Wall Street's Super Exclusive Frat - Business Insider

A Secret Society On Wall Street Has Tremendous Influence Over Colleges Nationwide - Huff Post

Ex-FBI agent caught teaching police Islamophobic ideas

Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit has found that members of an anti-Muslim network have been providing counterterrorism training to US law enforcement.

Islamophobia Incorporated is made up of organisations that work to demonise Muslims and portray them as a threat. Al Jazeera traced the groups that make up the multi-million dollar network.

Simon Boazman reports.

Al Jazeera

How ACT for America encourages citizens to spy on Muslims - Al Jazeera

Chinese World Order Rises in Ashes of Iran Deal

China has just opened a new railway link with Iran and CNPC is set to fill the void left by France's Total if and when they leave the South Pars field.

It looks like the US pulling out of the Iran deal is win-win for China and the BRICS world order...and the engineered destruction of the west continues apace. Read more.

Corbett Report

China’s petro-yuan ‘thundering into action’ as Iran ditches US dollar in oil trade - RT
Iran oil sanctions could advance China's 'petro-yuan' - Reuters

May 14, 2018

Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract

It’s been nearly three months since many Google employees—and the public—learned about the company’s decision to provide artificial intelligence to a controversial military pilot program known as Project Maven, which aims to speed up analysis of drone footage by automatically classifying images of objects and people. Now, about a dozen Google employees are resigning in protest over the company’s continued involvement in Maven.

The resigning employees’ frustrations range from particular ethical concerns over the use of artificial intelligence in drone warfare to broader worries about Google’s political decisions—and the erosion of user trust that could result from these actions. Read more.


Google employees quit over controversial Pentagon work - NY Post

Google-medewerkers stappen op uit onvrede over samenwerking Pentagon - NU
'Werknemers Google nemen ontslag vanwege samenwerking met Pentagon' - NOS

70 jaar Nakba, de geboorte van de laatste koloniale staat

Heel vaak wordt de koloniale oorsprong van Israël vergeten, maar die is vandaag belangrijker dan ooit. Even uw geheugen opfrissen.

De Britten hadden indertijd in hun mandaatgebied Palestina chaos verwekt door de immigratie te steunen van Europese joden die de politieke doctrine van het Zionisme aanhingen. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

'70 jaar na het ontstaan van Israël is het tijd om het land te dekoloniseren' - Knack

JEWISH COLONIAL TRUST, THE (Jüdische Colonialbank) - Jewish Encyclopedia
Nakba 70 years on: Palestinians dream of returning home (video) - Al Jazeera

‘Terrible massacre’: Israel kills 58, injures 2,771 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem

Forty-one Palestinian protesters have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations ahead of the US embassy inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.

More than 1,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza so far on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 74 children and 23 women, according to the ministry. Read more + video.


Deadliest Gaza protest in weeks amid US embassy move - Al Jazeera
Jerusalem Embassy and Gaza Protests: 41 Palestinians Reported Killed by Israeli Gunfire at Border - Haaretz

Dozens of Gazans dead in clashes ahead of U.S. embassy move (video) - JPost
Israeli snipers target protesters on Gaza 'day of rage', kill dozens (video) - PressTV

Israel to 'double' troop numbers in Gaza, West Bank ahead of US embassy move - New Arab
‘All people can live in peace,’ says Jared Kushner as Israel kills dozens of Palestinians - RT

US embassy move sparks anger in many cities (video) - PressTV

Palestijnen gaan morgen staken om doden van vandaag te herdenken - NOS
'Protest Palestijnen is ook om schaduw over feestelijkheden Israël te werpen' - RTL

Netanyahu: acties tegen demonstrerende Palestijnen in Gaza is zelfverdediging - RTL
Israëlische leger schiet minstens 43 vreedzame betogers dood in Gaza - De Wereld Morgen

Infamous Islamophobe pastor picked to pray at US embassy opening in Jerusalem

The man picked to lead a prayer at Donald Trump's much-vaunted opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, is a militant Baptist preacher, known, among other things, for calling Islam's Prophet Muhammad "a bloodthirsty warlord."

As if Monday's relocation of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem needed more controversy, the priest picked to lead a prayer at the unveiling ceremony is Dr. Robert Jeffress, a megachurch Baptist preacher from Dallas and long-time supporter of Donald Trump. Read more.


Ceremony to open US embassy in Jerusalem (video/live) - RT
Jerusalem, point of contention: What’s next after US Embassy move? (video) - RT

Jerusalem, point of contention: What’s next after US Embassy move?

Isarel and Palestine have long-time claims over the territory. Here's a look at how the conflict all started - and what's next after Washington's embassy move.


Bolton: U.S. sanctions 'possible' on European firms over Iran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States threatened on Sunday to impose sanctions on European companies that do business with Iran, as the remaining participants in the Iran nuclear accord stiffened their resolve to keep that agreement operational.

White House national security adviser John Bolton said U.S. sanctions on European companies that maintain business dealings with Iran were “possible,”... Read more.


- Bolton says 'it's possible' US will sanction European companies working with Iran (video) - CNN

May 13, 2018

Most US' EU Allies to Ignore Embassy Move to Jerusalem, With a Few Exceptions

Several European states, such as Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, have declined the invitation to Sunday’s relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem for technical reasons or due to their stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The US decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem was largely met with criticism by the European Union, although states such as Austria, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic accepted the invitation... Read more.


Four European countries to attend US embassy opening despite EU position - PNN
Most US Allies to Ignore Washington Embassy Move to Jerusalem - Fars

- Victor Orban and Hungary Block EU Motion to Condemn Trump for Moving Embassy to Jerusalem - Gateway Pundit
Foreign Ministry Condemns Blocking of EU Statement Rejecting US Embassy Move - IMEMC

Most EU Envoys Expected to Boycott Jerusalem Embassy Event; Jared, Ivanka Land in Israel (paywall) - Haaretz

India to Keep Off Events Marking Shift of US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - Wire
The UK must act to counter Trump’s destructive Jerusalem decision - Guardian

Amerikaanse ambassade vestigt zich in Jeruzalem: waarom of waarom niet? (video) - VRT

Trump, Take Note: How Jerusalem Went From Hosting 16 Embassies to Zero

The U.S. and a handful other nations are moving their embassies to Jerusalem. But in the past, other countries - including Chile, the Netherlands and Kenya - sent ambassadors to the city, and then left it

Some confusion followed President Trump’s December 6, 2017, announcement that he intended to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Read more.


May 12, 2018

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

There is in fact a Middle Eastern nation that is in fact in control of a vast, undeclared stockpile of nuclear weapons. This nation does have the capability of deploying those weapons anywhere in the region. 

It is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its arsenal has never been inspected by any international agency. But this nation is not Iran. It's Israel. Read more.

Corbett Report

Qatar warns against Iran escalation, calls for nuclear-free Middle East - New Arab

Iran's foreign minister calls for world's nuclear weapons states to disarm - Guardian
Iran Calls Nuclear Arms Production a ‘Great Sin’ - NY Times

May 10, 2018

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek maakt eigen kankermedicijn

Het gaat om Vorinostat, een medicijn tegen een vorm van lymfeklierkanker. Het ziekenhuis kan op deze manier de farmaceutische industrie ontwijken, omdat op het Amerikaanse medicijn geen patent meer rust.

De kankeronderzoekers hebben ontdekt dat Vorinostat aanslaat bij patiënten wier tumorcellen resistent zijn geworden tegen een standaardbehandeling. Lees meer.


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek gaat extreem duur kankermedicijn zelf maken en op de markt brengen - Volkskrant

Onderzoek: alle kankermedicijnen te duur - NOS
Minister juicht toe dat AMC duur medicijn zelf maakt - Parool

Nederlanders ontdekken manier om resistente kankercellen te doden (video) - NOS

Argentina seeks IMF loan to help 'avoid crisis' as peso slides

Argentina is in talks about a financing deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This comes after recent turmoil saw interest rates hit 40 percent, the highest among major economies.

President Mauricio Macri has said the aid would "strengthen growth" and help avoid crises of the past, but many people are not convinced. Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires.

Al Jazeera

Peso storm: Argentina requests a US$ 30bn precautionary credit from IMF - MercoPress
Argentina Is in Talks to Get a $30 Billion Flexible Credit Line From the IMF (video) - Bloomberg

The Likely Outcome Of Argentina's Return To The IMF - Forbes
- Fear and loathing in Buenos Aires: will Argentina’s IMF gamble pay off? - Guardian

Geopolitics of Germany

FLORENCE - As a nation in the centre of the European continent, Germany and its immediate surrounding hold the densest concentration of wealth in the world.

Its extensive navigable waterways and arable land give the country an edge in trade and commercial activities. Yet, for all its advantages, the country is utterly exposed to neighbouring powers. For the past two centuries, these conditions have determined the geopolitics of Germany.

Soundtrack: Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod (

Caspian Report

Shocking video shows terrified Yemeni children dragged from rubble after Saudi-led bombing

Distressing video footage has captured the moment rescuers scrambled to help Yemeni children trapped under piles of rubble following an airstrike. The agonizing scenes are the latest grim chapter in a war ignored by MSM.

The children are victims of an attack on the Hamdan district of Sanaa, which Yemeni officials have blamed on the Saudi-led coalition that has been carrying out a military campaign for the last three years. Read more + video.


Israel-Syria cross-border strikes reported in occupied Golan Heights

Strikes have been reported across the border between the Israeli-occupied and the Syrian portions of the Golan Heights. Syrian media says Israeli shells hit its territory, while Israel reports it was targeted by Iranian missiles. 

The shells were fired from the Israeli-controlled area towards the city of Baath in northern Quneitra, Syria’s state SANA news agency reported. Read more.


Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down Israeli Missiles Attacking Golan (video) - teleSUR
- 28 Israeli jets fired about 60 rockets in overnight strikes on Syria – Russian MoD (video) - RT

Syria downs Israeli rockets after Quneitra shelled (video) - PressTV
Iranian Force Launches Missiles at Golan; Syria Says Intercepted Rockets Launched by Israel - Haaretz

Projectiles fired towards Israeli forward defensive line in the Golan - JPost
IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some - Times of Israel

Has Israel opened a new front in Syria's war? (video) - Al Jazeera
Britain hits out at Iran over Golan rocket attacks, but remains silent on alleged Israeli raids - RT

‘Iran has no reason to strike Golan’: Analysts dispute Israel’s ‘political’ claim of missile attack - RT
Raketaanvallen Israël en Iran: 'Neerwaartse spiraal van geweld' - RTL

Middle East tensions at heart of Netanyahu's visit to Moscow

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been in Moscow, meeting the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Speaking after those talks he said he did not believe Russia would try to limit Israel's military actions in Syria.

It follows reports of an Israeli attack on an Iranian military facility near Damascus. Israel is concerned about Russia's growing closeness to Iran and its involvement in Syria. Al Jazeera's Rory Challands reports from Moscow.

Al Jazeera

After Putin meet, PM indicates Moscow won’t curtail Israeli strikes in Syria - Times of Israel
Leaving for Moscow, Netanyahu urges continued military coordination in Syria (video) - JPost

May 8, 2018

Why a US defence bill seeks a halt to arms sales to Turkey

Proposed military policy bill calls for a temporary halt to weapon sales to Turkey, threatening already strained ties. 

A draft bill on US military spending is calling for a temporary halt of American weapons sales to Turkey, a key Middle East ally of Washington. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Turkey threatens to retaliate if US halts weapons sales - Middle East Eye
U.S. lawmakers set $717 billion defense bill with eye on Turkey, Russia, China - Hürriyet

Israel makes military move in Golan after US exit from Iran deal

Israel has instructed local authorities in the “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters” in occupied Golan Heights as US President Donald Trump's JCPOA announces JCPOA departure.

In its statement released on Tuesday, Israel’s military further announced that its missile systems had been deployed and that its troops were put on high alert, after claiming the presence of “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria”. Read more.


Israel strikes Syrian army positions, no casualties - State media (video) - RT
Syria accises Israel of new strikes while IDF oder bomb shelters opened - JPost

Alleged Israeli strike reported in Syria after IDF sounds alarm in north - Times of Israel
Netanyahu applauds Trump's 'brave decision' to pull out of Iran deal - JPost

Trump announces plans to pull out of Iran nuclear deal

President Trump said pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal sends a message that “the United States no longer makes empty threats.”

NY Times

Rouhani says Iran ready & warns US of 'historic remorse' (video) - PressTV
Trump announces plans to pull out of Iran nuclear deal despite pleas from European leaders (video) - Washington Post

President Rouhani says Iran will stay in JCPOA - PressTV
Rohani: Iran to Remain in Nuclear Deal but Ready to Restart Enrichment - Haaretz

British PM says she regrets Trump's decision on Iran - PressTV
Turkey: US decision on Iran deal to cause instability - AA

'EU determined to preserve nuclear deal' (video) - PressTV
President’s decision follows last-ditch efforts by Britain, France and Germany to persuade him (video) - Washington Post

- World media react to Trump’s threat to upend Iran nuclear deal (video) - PressTV
Trump promises Iran 'highest level' of sanctions, 'bigger problems' if nuclear research continues (video) - RT

- Behind Trump’s Termination of Iran Deal Is Risky Bet That U.S. Can ‘Break the Regime’ - NY Times
- Donald Trump: The Deal-breaker in Chief (video) - PressTV

Trump: VS stapt uit atoomakkoord met Iran, stelt sancties opnieuw in (video) - NOS
Syrische staatstelevisie meldt Israëlische raketaanval - NOS

’Trump vertelt Macron dat VS Iran-deal opzegt’ - Telegraaf
Blok: opzeggen atoomdeal 'slecht nieuws voor Nederlandse veiligheid' - RTL

Donald Trump: The Deal-breaker in Chief

Onderzoek: alle kankermedicijnen te duur

Vrijwel alle kankermedicijnen zijn onevenredig duur. Dat concluderen onderzoekers van de Erasmus Universiteit op basis van een eigen rekenmethode. 

De veelgehoorde argumenten van de farmaceutische industrie over hoge ontwikkelingskosten van pillen en lange terugverdientijd van investeringen zijn quatsch, zeggen de onderzoekers Carin Uyl-de Groot en Bob Löwenberg. Zij maakten een eigen algoritme om te berekenen wat dan wel eerlijke prijzen zouden zijn. Lees meer.


Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?' - CNBC
“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask - Ars Technica

New family of promising, selective silver-based anti-cancer drugs discovered

A family of economical silver-based complexes, simple to synthesize, show very promising results against a number of human cancers in laboratory tests, with very low toxicity in rat studies and minimal effects on healthy cells.

A new family of very promising silver-based anti-cancer drugs has been discovered by researchers in South Africa. The most promising silver thiocyanate phosphine complex among these, called UJ3 for short, has been successfully tested in rats and in human cancer cells in the laboratory. Read more.


Silver bullet to beat cancer? - ScienceDaily

Antitumor activity of colloidal silver on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells - NCBI
Silver bullet for cancer: Metal can kill some tumours better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects - Daily Mail

US demands cancellation of Venezuelan election

The United States has sanctioned three Venezuelans and 20 companies said to have ties to President Nicolas Maduro, accusing them of narcotics trafficking activity. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called for other nations to join in increasing pressure on Venezuela.


US slaps more sanctions on Venezuela, urges halt of 'sham' vote - AFP
U.S. imposes fresh sanctions on Venezuela, Pence calls for more action - Reuters

Venezuela: One of the World's Most Transparent Electoral Processes (video) - teleSUR

Nature’s way? Thousands of starving horses & deer killed in Dutch ‘wild reserve’

Large grazing animals have been shot in their thousands at a fenced-off Dutch ‘reserve’ to keep their population in check, while activists were prevented from feeding the starving animals, in keeping with “natural” processes.

The dire situation has plagued the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, located in central Netherlands on the banks of Markermeer lake. Due to the lack of food and harsh weather, the population of grazing animals on the reserve plummeted by some 60 percent this winter. Thousands of starving grazing animals are packed in a barren-looking area of the reserve, unable to get out to graze somewhere else. Read more + video.


Eindstand: 62 procent dieren Oostvaardersplassen dood (video) - Omroep Flevoland
Ruim 3200 grote grazers Oostvaardersplassen dood afgelopen winter - NOS

Het is stil aan de overkant

Waar zijn eigenlijk Julia en Sergei Skripal gebleven? Nadat het nieuws over de meest spectaculair omslachtige poging-tot-moord allertijden wekenlang de krantenkoppen domineerde, is het op dit moment muisstil rond de Russische ex-spion uit Salisbury en zijn in Rusland woonachtige dochter. Het verhaal is eigenlijk blijven hangen bij de miraculeuze wederopstanding, het mogelijk vergeven van een nieuwe identiteit voor de twee (Poetin’s assassins zijn schijnbaar nog steeds achter de not-so-high-value-spy aan) en verdere verwarring over het moordwapen „Novichok“.

De stilte is zo oorverdovend dat sommige commentatoren beginnen te suggereren dat de paranormaal begaafde Britse overheid een zogenaamde „D notice“ heeft uitgevaardigd ten aanzien van de zaak, wat zoveel betekent als dat de media geen verslag meer over de Skripals mag doen vanwege het aloude stokpaardje „nationale veiligheid“.

Waar precies het gevaar voor deze nationale veiligheid vandaan komt, dit is dezelfde overheid die de bewoners van Salisbury en bezoekers van het roemruchte restaurant waar de Skripals uren na besmetting nog uitgebreid zaten te dineren adviseerde om „kleren te wassen“ of „met babydoekjes“ de restjes hoog giftig Novichok weg te vegen of te spoelen, weten waarschijnlijk alleen May, Johnson&co….. aangenomen dat Skripal nu een „D“-tje is en dat er niet een algemene en collectieve desinteresse voor deze Monty-Python-eske moordzaak bij de Britse media is ingetreden. Lees meer.


May 7, 2018

How to make Ginger Beer - probiotic or alcoholic, you decide!

Kane Watson of The Living Food Project shows you how to make a traditional wild fermented ginger beer. Simple, good for you and delicious!

Living Food

Homemade Dry Ginger Ale ~ Naturally Carbonated! (video) - Better Done Yourself
How To Make A Ginger-Tumeric Bug (video) - Korenn Rachelle

How to make a ginger bug and soda (video) - Sean Symons
Ginger Bug and Ginger Soda made easy (video) - Cooking with the Gutti

- Fermented Mexican Pineapple Drink: Tepache (video) - Bon Appétit

Het gemberbier. Het recept. - Kerygma
Surinaams Gemberbier - Moeders en Dochters

Gemberbier - 3 methodes -Teveel Kookboeken
Vijf alternatieven voor bier die verrassend gezond zijn - HetKanWel

Je eigen gemberbier: suiker, water, en laat maar bubbelen - VN
Fermenteren doe je zo: saptrend van 2016 - RTL

Syrian script was written in forgotten war on Yugoslavia

By now largely forgotten, the 1990s NATO intervention in Yugoslavia paved the way for US-led regime change wars and “humanitarian” bombings: first Iraq, then Libya, and now Syria.

RT’s Yulia Shapovalova looks back at 1999, and Nebojsa Malic talks with RT America’s Anya Parampil about failing to learn from history.


May 6, 2018

US Interventions in Latin America Continue and Intensify

Most US citizens don't realize it, but the US government has continued and even intensified its regime change agenda in Latin America and successfully helped reverse the so-called "pink tide" of left-of-center governments over the past ten years, says CEPR's Mark Weisbrot.


Chinese ambassador warns U.S. not to drag Latam into trade dispute - Business Insider
Financial Experts: US Will Fail to Undermine China-South America Free Trade Deal - Sputnik

‘China is just as important to South America as the US’: why Argentina is keen to start talks on free-trade agreement - SCMP

'Party for Macron': 40K+ people march in Paris against labor law change

40,000 people turned out in Paris to protest the French president's economic reforms in what they're calling 'a party for Macron'.

The heavy policing's a result of this week's May Day rallies turning violent. And, although this event's generally passed without incident, at least one police officer is reported to have been injured. Read more.


Macron Is Depicted as a King Amid Protests of ‘Soft Dictatorship’ - NY Times
Paris deploys thousands of cops to mass anti-Macron protest - NY Post

May 5, 2018

NSA collected 534 million call records in 2017, nearly three times more than 2016: Report

FORT MEADE, Md. -- The National Security Agency nearly tripled its collection of phone records between 2016 and 2017, according to a new report.

In its newly released Statistical Transparency Report for 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence divulged that the NSA collected 534,396,285 call detail records in its repositories, up from 151,230,968 in 2016. Read more.


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'Surveillance exposed by Snowden never stopped happening' - Human & Labour Rights lawyer (video) - RT
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OPCW corrects its own chief’s bizarre claim that ‘50-100 grams of Novichok’ were used on Skripals

The world’s chemical weapons watchdog has been forced to amend a sensational allegation by its own director-general, that “a quarter cup to a half cup of Novichok” – enough to kill thousands – was released to poison the Skripals. Read more.


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Weapons Watchdog Corrects Estimate of Nerve Agent Used in U.K. Attack - NY Times

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Army Special Forces Secretly Help Saudis Combat Threat From Yemen Rebels

WASHINGTON — For years, the American military has sought to distance itself from a brutal civil war in Yemen, where Saudi-led forces are battling rebels who pose no direct threat to the United States.

But late last year, a team of about a dozen Green Berets arrived on Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen, in a continuing escalation of America’s secret wars. Read more.

NY Times

Pentagon admits that US soldiers are helping Saudi Arabia protect its border with Yemen (video) - RT

US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal could lead to war: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that a possible US withdrawal from Iran's nuclear deal could lead to a war.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Macron pointed to US President Donald Trump's threats to abandon the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and said, "That would mean opening Pandora's box, it could mean war," The Hill reported on Friday. Read more.


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Syrian army uncovers Israel-made weapons caches

Syrian government forces have discovered considerable amounts of Israeli-made munitions, including chemical warfare, digital equipment and drugs, destined for foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants and Daesh terrorists in the country’s central province of Homs as well as the southwestern province of Rif Dimashq.

The Arabic service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported that Syrian army troopers launched a clean-up operation in the southern part of Homs, located 162 kilometers (101 miles) north of the capital Damascus, and uncovered a huge cache of ammunition and explosives, where were meant to be distributed among anti-government extremists groups. Read more + video.


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Syrian army finds Israeli-made weapons in IS hideouts (video) - JPost
Syrian army reportedly seizes Israeli-made weapons on their way to ISIS - JPost

Police Crack Down on Puerto Rico May Day March Against Austerity

Thousands take to the streets in Puerto Rico on May 1 as officials seek to privatize Puerto Rico's schools and utilities


Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to Swiss shoppers

Supermarket takes advantage of law change to sell ‘relaxing’ tobacco alternative

You may have heard about their cut-price stollen, and possibly their surprisingly flavoursome jam. But you probably won’t have sampled the latest range offered by the supermarket chain Lidl: locally grown cannabis. Read more.


May 4, 2018

U.S. freezes funding for Syria's "White Helmets"

Less than two months ago the State Department hosted members of the White Helmets at Foggy Bottom. At the time, the humanitarian group was showered with praise for saving lives in Syria.

"Our meetings in March were very positive. There were even remarks from senior officials about long-term commitments even into 2020. There were no suggestions whatsoever about stopping support," Raed Saleh, the group's leader, told CBS News. Read more.


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US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets as group’s Douma chem attack claim falls apart - RT

White Helmets: State Department freezes funding (video) - RT
Syrië – Witte helmen worden door USA vrijwel geruisloos afgevoerd - Veren of Lood

Macri in Hot Water Over Unapproved U.S. Military Deployment

The United States Army is deploying in the country for a two day military exercise. But the Argentinan opposition says they're in the country without sufficient approval. Our correspondent in Argentina Edgardo Esteban has more details.


US Military Enters Argentina Without Congressional Approval - teleSUR
US Will Build New Military Base in Northern Argentina - teleSUR

'Macri victory in Argentina is unequivocally good for Israel and the jews' - JPost

Germany wanted to get chemical arms from US to use against USSR in case of war: Cold War-era files

Just 20 years after WWII, the West German army proposed a plan to use chemical weapons against the Soviet Union and its allies in the event of war. It asked the US for munitions and training, declassified Cold War files reveal.

West Germany’s military (the Bundeswehr) was planning to wage all-out chemical warfare against Soviet Union and its Warsaw Treaty allies in case of war, arguing the deadly weapons were a more cost-efficient “deterrent” than nuclear projectiles. Read more.


‘No need to lie:’ Czech President says country produced Novichok, same nerve agent used on Skripals

The Czech Republic has apparently produced and tested a chemical agent known as Novichok, the country’s president, Milos Zeman, told state media. His statement follows an inquiry conducted by the Czech security services.

“One has to conclude that our country produced and tested Novichok, even though [it was produced] only in small quantities and then destroyed,” the Czech leader told the Barrandov TV Channel. “It would be hypocritical to pretend it is not so,” he said, adding that “there is no need to lie.” Read more + video.


Czech president: Czechs made Novichok, citing spy agency - Washington Post
Czech president asks spy service to see if Novichok was produced locally - Reuters

Info that Novichok was produced by Czechs is ‘crushing blow’ to London’s theory – Russian Senator - RT

May 3, 2018

UK Defense Minister wants YOU to fight Russia in fake news wars

If you’re a reporter or a computer geek, then Gavin Williamson wants you to help him in the war on fake news. 

The UK defense secretary issued to a call to arms to tech and communications experts to fight the cyber propaganda war. Read more.


Ongeloofwaardig gifgas, de loze luchtslag, WWIII en het publiek dat er niets om gaf (III)

Tijdens de door het Pentagon gehouden presentatie over de „resultaten” van de F.UK.US aanvallen op drie lege gebouwen in Syrië (voor de westerse propaganda onderdeel van Assad’s “chemische wapens programma” maar door het uitblijven van een complete chemische ramp (het platbombarderen van chemische wapendepots is niet zo milieu- en mensenvriendelijk) overduidelijk niet datgene wat het trio May, Macron en Trump de wereld had willen verkopen) laat de dienstdoende woordvoerder een opvallend feitje vallen: direct na de illegale aanvallen noteert het Amerikaanse Ministerie van Defensie een 2000% toename van activiteiten door zogenaamde Russische “bots”. Kennelijk werden, naar Israëlisch voorbeeld, van Moermansk tot Kamtsjatka alle sluimerende bot-farms opgestart om overweldigend en overal op het internet de westerse „mening“ over het naar aanleiding van een paar youtube-filmpjes bombarderen van een land te beïnvloeden.

Hoe het Pentagon dergelijke activiteiten meet, een samenhang met de luchtslagen vaststelt en alles herleidt naar het gewraakte Rusland (home of the proxy) wordt helaas niet verraden. De Britse regering op haar beurt, tot de nek in de problemen vanwege Salibury en nu de „fake“ gifgasaanvallen, nam het magische getal, verdubbelde de inzet tot 4000% en noemde gelijk man en paard door een aantal „twitter-accounts“ als bots aan te wijzen. Helaas voor May&co. handelde het in de aangehaalde voorbeelden domweg om critici en sceptici van vlees en bloed die de gebruikelijke staatspropaganda niet voor zoet koek slikken en dus niet om een een of andere Siberische bot-farm mamouchka. Maar juist dit „foutje“ (blunder) geeft prima aan wat eigenlijk onder „Russische bot“ (en waar het hele „fake news“ vehaal voor verzonnen is) wordt gerekend: alles wat kritisch ten opzichte van F.UK.US, oorlogen in het Midden Oosten, de tenenkrommende infantiele media, de uitvoerende wehrmacht voor de neoliberale politiek NATO en USA en EU beleid staat.

Wie vragen durft te stellen, of onze propaganda niet gelooft, werkt voor de vijand. Met toenemende (naar willekeurige criteria. Zie Facebook) censuur hand-in-hand met de in het “vrije” westen steeds vaker autoritair optredende staat die bepalen wil wat volwassen mogen lezen en schrijven en het in het „vijandelijke kamp“ schuiven van critici, is dit een uitermate (zoals de geschiedenis leert) gevaarlijke ontwikkeling. Nog wat wetten en de daarmee samenhangende represailles en de gevangenis in EU en VS sluit zich. Lees meer.


- Ongeloofwaardig gifgas, de loze luchtslag, WWIII en het publiek dat er niets om gaf (I) - Donkerdoorn
- Ongeloofwaardig gifgas, de loze luchtslag, WWIII en het publiek dat er niets om gaf (II) - Donkerdoorn

May 2, 2018

Not linked to 9/11, Iran has to pay billions: US judge

A federal judge in New York has ordered Iran to pay $6 billion to the alleged families of 9/11 attacks even though a state investigation has found no link between Tehran and those who carried out the bombings.

The judgement, issued by Manhattan federal judge George Daniels on Tuesday, is also hollow because Iran has never responded to the lawsuit and is unlikely to ever pay. Read more.


Iran ordered to pay billions to relatives of 9/11 victims (video) - ABC
US judge: Iran must pay $6bn to victims of 9/11 attacks - Al Jazeera

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Australia faces rubbish crisis as China bans waste import

The world's recycling industry is facing a shake-up. Previously, China imported half the world's recycled plastic and paper - but not anymore. 

New restrictions effectively ban imports, leaving places like Australia with nowhere to send much of its recycled waste.

 Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

Al Jazeera

U.S. asks China not to implement ban on foreign garbage - Reuters
Trump Goes After Beijing in Trade War, China Shuts Door on US Trash Imports - Sputnik

Press freedom on trial: The DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks | The Listening Post

The US Democratic Party has recently filed a lawsuit against the Russian government, Donald Trump's presidential campaign and WikiLeaks, charging that they carried out a wide-ranging conspiracy to influence the 2016 US presidential election.

Suing WikiLeaks - a news organisation - for publishing leaked material, when it is hardly the only news outlet to do so, could set a troubling precedent for press freedom. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Democrats may regret opening this Pandora's Box (video) - CNN
Unprecedented: DNC’s Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Threatens to Suppress Free Speech (audio) - Sputnik

Protest in Moscow against Telegram app ban

Some 10,000 people took to the streets in Moscow on Monday to protest against recent restrictions on internet freedom in Russia.

Authorities this month began blocking the messaging app, Telegram, over its refusal to hand over keys to its data encryption.

In Iran, meanwhile, the authorities have similarly just banned the app that is a communication mainstay for liberal youth and blamed by hardliners for having promoted last year's reformist election victory.

Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull reports.

Al Jazeera

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Bolton sees Libya as disarmament model – should that inspire Kim somehow?

Donald Trump's national security adviser says that the Korean denuclearisation process should be modelled on what happened in... Libya. Read more.


North Korea not foolish to accept Libya model: Analyst (video) - PressTV