May 8, 2018

Nature’s way? Thousands of starving horses & deer killed in Dutch ‘wild reserve’

Large grazing animals have been shot in their thousands at a fenced-off Dutch ‘reserve’ to keep their population in check, while activists were prevented from feeding the starving animals, in keeping with “natural” processes.

The dire situation has plagued the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, located in central Netherlands on the banks of Markermeer lake. Due to the lack of food and harsh weather, the population of grazing animals on the reserve plummeted by some 60 percent this winter. Thousands of starving grazing animals are packed in a barren-looking area of the reserve, unable to get out to graze somewhere else. Read more + video.


Eindstand: 62 procent dieren Oostvaardersplassen dood (video) - Omroep Flevoland
Ruim 3200 grote grazers Oostvaardersplassen dood afgelopen winter - NOS

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