June 9, 2018

Israeli Military Pushes Misleading Video in Attempt to Smear Slain Palestinian Medic Razan al-Najjar

In Gaza, thousands of Palestinians have resumed protests against the Israeli blockade. Israeli soldiers have killed at least 119 Palestinians and wounded more than 13,000 more since the Palestinians’ nonviolent Great March of Return protests began on March 30.

A week ago today, Israeli forces shot dead Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar as she was helping evacuate wounded Palestinians at a protest near the separation fence between Israel and Gaza. At the time of her killing, she was wearing a white medical coat and a medical ID card. Read more.

Democracy Now

After saying it shot medic by accident, IDF claims she was ‘no angel’ - Times of Israel
Israel army smears slain medic Razan Al-Najjar with edited video clip - MEM

Israeli army edits video of Palestinian medic its troops shot dead to misleadingly show she was 'human shield for Hamas' (video) - Independent

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