June 22, 2018

Syrian government forces besiege US base in al-Tanf

Syrian government forces have reportedly encircled a US military base at the al-Tanf border crossing with Jordan, after recapturing large parts of the Badyia region from Daesh.

As part of an anti-terror operation that was launched from the Hamimeh region in southern Aleppo and the second and third oil pumping stations in Badiya a few days ago,.. Read more + video.


Syria's Assad defies U.S., presses southwest assault - Reuters
Army continues to advance in Badiya desert, inflicting heavy losses upon Daesh - Sana

Syrian president says talks with US would be 'waste of time' (video) - PressTV
US warns Damascus to cease army operations in Syria (video) - RT

US tells rebels not to count on its help as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest – report - RT

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