June 12, 2018

Trump & Kim sign 'historic' documents

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have signed a “historic” document that would lead to “major change,” they announced at a joint news conference after their first face-to-face meeting in Singapore. Read more.


Trump's North Korean gamble ends with trust but little verify - CNN
Read the full text of the Trump-Kim agreement here - CNBC

North Korea sanctions to 'remain in effect’ – Trump - RT
Trump-Kim summit: Trump says U.S. will end its ‘war games’ with South Korea (video) Washington Post

Iran warns N. Korea over possible Trump U-turn on Singapore deal - RT
Generations of betrayal: US presidents have trend of scrapping predecessors' deals (video) - RT

Intentieverklaring Kim en Trump: denuclearisatie en veiligheidsgaranties (video) - NOS
Trump en Kim bevestigen vooral goede wil in verklaring (video) - AD

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