July 17, 2018

EU, China vow to protest multilateral economic order

During the 20th Summit between the European Union and China in Beijing, the two sides agreed to work to protect the world’s multilateral economic order.

This comes as the EU and China are involved in a trade war imposed by the US. From the capital Beijing, Steven Ribet reports.


China is investing 9 times more into Europe than into North America, report reveals - CNBC

China-EU summit consolidates momentum of improvement in ties: ambassador - Xinhua
Another leap forward! 1st subway line built by Chinese in Europe reports progress (video) - Xinhua

Japan, EU sign free trade pact amid worries about Trump (video) - Reuters

- Tusk roept VS, Rusland en China op wereldorde niet te vernietigen (video) - NOS
'VS en China met elkaar op de vuist, dat is desastreus voor de wereldeconomie' (video) - NOS

Hier draait het handelsverdrag tussen de EU en Japan om - RTL

July 16, 2018

Papers stolen in a daring Israeli raid on Tehran archive reveal the extent of Iran’s past weapons research

TEL AVIV — New details from a trove of Iranian nuclear documents stolen by Israeli spies early this year show that Tehran obtained explicit weapons-design information from a foreign source and was on the cusp of mastering key bombmaking technologies when the research was ordered halted 15 years ago.

Iran’s ambitious, highly secretive effort to build nuclear weapons included extensive research in making uranium metal as well as advanced testing of equipment used to generate neutrons to start a nuclear chain reaction, the documents show. Read more.

Washington Post

How Israel, in Dark of Night, Torched Its Way to Iran’s Nuclear Secrets - NY Times
Blowtorches in the night: Israel briefs US media on Iranian archive heist - RT

German court authorises extradition of Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to Spain on embezzlement charges

The German High Court in Schleswig-Holstein ruled Thursday that former Catalan regional president, Carles Puigdemont, could be extradited to Spain—but only on the lesser charge of embezzlement of public funds.

The German court threw out the charge of “rebellion” requested in Spain’s European Arrest Warrant (EAW), arguing that “violent clashes with the Civil Guards or the National Police did not reach a point where the constitutional order was under threat in Spain.” Read more.


‘Puigdemont extradition partially accepted, rebellion rejected' (video) - Catalan News
Germany to extradite ex-premier Carles Puigdemont for misuse of public funds - El País

Hundreds protest to keep Franco’s remains in Valley of the Fallen - El País

July 15, 2018

PTech and the 9/11 Software

Indira Singh explains about Ptech, the company with numerous investors and managers with direct links to terrorist financing. Ptech’s clients included the CIA, FBI, the White House, the Department of Energy, the Air Force, the Navy, the FAA, IBM and Enron…Yet Singh learnt they were a CIA front company and their software could gain control of the most sensitive computer systems in the country. Read more.

Corbettt Report

West scrambles to evacuate White Helmets from Syria amid assassination threats

Western countries have reportedly been scrambling to evacuate "volunteer" White Helmets from Syria, who have been accused of cooperating with Takfiri terrorists and staging false flag gas attacks.

CBS News broadcasting service reported on Saturday that White Helmets members are in danger of assassination and in need of rescue as the Syrian army intensifies its counter-terrorism operation in the country's southern part. Read more.


Western allies plan White Helmets evacuation from Syria (video) - CBS
'Nederland helpt bij plan om hulpverleners uit Syrië te halen' - NOS

Foute tafels

Ewald Engelen - Het was het economisch wonder van de wereld in de jaren negentig. Van heinde en ver kwamen delegaties op bezoek bij de Sociaal Economische Raad (SER) en de Stichting van de Arbeid (STAR) om te kijken hoe het hier werkte. En Kok en de zijnen vlogen als zendelingen de wereld over om uit te leggen hoe dat kon, hoge economische groei, lage werkloosheid, geringe ongelijkheid en een neoliberale ‘bevrijding’ zonder sociale onrust.

Eind jaren zeventig besloeg de publieke sector nog een ampele zestig procent van het bruto binnenlands product, midden jaren negentig was dat gedaald tot rond de veertig procent. Lees meer.


Israeli air raids kill two Palestinian teens in Gaza

Dozens of missiles have rained down on Gaza with deadly effect, in a major escalation of Israeli action.

The Israeli military said the wave of attacks targeted Hamas, but they came after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had been pressured to take action against burning kites being sent over the border by Palestinian protesters.

There were reports late on Saturday of a ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, but in the hours since that has given way to several new strikes.

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Gaza.

Al Jazeera

- IAF strikes terror tunnel, IDF officer wounded in Friday protest (video) - JPost
Gaza Flare-up: 2 Palestinian Teens Killed, 4 Israelis Wounded After Widest Strikes Since '14 War - Haaretz

- 200 projectiles fired at Israel from Gaza Strip - JPost

American Jews slam Israel’s ‘racist’ nation-state bill as thousands protest against it in Tel Aviv

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Israeli capital in protest against the so-called nation-state bill, which, they say, would enable ethnic segregation.

The controversial bill also drew criticism from US Jews. Demonstrators marched through the streets of Tel Aviv chanting: “Full equality and no less,” “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" and "The nation bill is a disaster," according to witnesses. Read more.


- Thousands of protesters gather against nation-state bill in Tel Aviv - JPost
‘Racist and Discriminatory’: U.S. Jewish Leaders Warn Israel Against Passage of Nation-state Bill - Haaretz

Liberman yells at Shin Bet: I won’t allow Palestinian families to reunite - JPost

July 13, 2018

Rightward Shift in Latin America Spelling End of Regional Integration

The Union of South American Nations – UNASUR – was an ambitious project to integrate South America not just on economic terms, but also on political and social terms, but the rightward drift in Latin America is leading to its dissolution, with the unfortunate help of Ecuador’s government, where its headquarters are, says former foreign minister Guillaume Long. Read more.


US Interventions in Latin America Continue and Intensify (video) - TRNN

Trump says NATO withdrawal is 'unnecessary' after allies agree to increase spending

President Donald Trump said NATO allies had committed to raising their defense spending beyond 2 percent on Thursday morning, following a flurry of public diatribes against key members of the 29-nation bloc.

“NATO is much stronger now than it was two days ago,” Trump told reporters in Brussels, shortly after he had prompted an unscheduled crisis meeting among the group’s members. Read more + video.


Trump Gives NATO Backing After Sowing Summit Discord (video) - Bloomberg
Trump vs. NATO: It's Not Just About the Money - Atlantic

NATO Shields U.S. From Its Military Adventures (video) - TRNN

Verwarring over extra geld bij NAVO na top met Trump - NOS
Trump: NAVO-landen zeggen veel meer geld toe - RD

Na keiharde uithaal roept Trump de NAVO-top uit tot een succes (video) - Nieuwsblad

Bad detective? Kiev accuses Blumenthal of exposing neo-Nazis under pen name

Ukraine is accusing the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" of spreading "fake news" after it published a report about Israel arming Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Read more.


Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine - Haaretz
Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine (video) - TRNN

Ukraine’s Got a Real Problem with Far-Right Violence (And No, RT Didn’t Write This Headline) - Atlantic Council

July 11, 2018

israel seizes Gaza vessel carrying injured Palestinians

Israeli warships have stopped a boat from a humanitarian flotilla set off from the Gaza strip to Cyprus to break the regime's 11-year siege on the coastal enclave. Read more.


Syrian troops seized French-made APILAS anti-tank systems in Daraa province

The Syrian government announced on 10 July that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops had seized several French-made APILAS anti-tank weapon system in Daraa province, in the south-west of the country.

The local media have released imagery showing a captured two APILAS anti-tank weapon systems developed in France by GIAT Industries. Read more.

Defence Blog

Syria seizes French anti-tank weapons in Dara’a: Report - PressTV
Army discovers US-made weapons left behind by terrorists in Daraa eastern countryside - SANA

July 10, 2018

China Warns of "Peace Disease" And "Unavoidable" War With US

A leaked Chinese memo reveals that the Chinese military is combating "peace disease" and avoiding an "unavoidable" war by . . . building up their military? What does all this mean, what does it have to do with Thucydides, and what is the reality behind this smoke and mirrors?

Find out in today's thought for the day. Read more.

Corbett Report

Israeli settlement goods face ban in Ireland

RT took to the streets in Dublin, Ireland to ask people what they thought of proposed legislation to ban imports from Israeli settlements. Read more.


July 9, 2018

Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Human rights activists petition the court to cease Israeli arms exports to Ukraine since some of these weapons reach neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine’s security forces

A group of more than 40 human rights activists have filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, demanding the cessation of Israeli arms exports to Ukraine. Read more.


Syrian Air defense intercepts Israeli aggression, downs a number of missiles that targeted T-4 airport

Homs, SANA-A military source announced on Sunday that Syrian air forces intercepted an Israeli aggression and downed a number of missiles which were targeting T-4 airport in Homs.

The source added that the Syrian Air defense hit one of the attacking warplanes and forced the others to leave the airspaces.


Syria: Israel Behind Attack on Iranian Air Force Base Near Homs - Haaretz
Syrian TV: Israel responsible for air strikes on T-4 military base in Homs - JPost

Syrian state media says air defenses hit Israeli plane, thwart missile strike - Reuters
Syrian air defenses repel missile attack on Homs T4 airbase - PressTV

Iran to remain in Syria to keep Israel out: Official - PressTV
Syria's war: Who controls what? - Al Jazeera

July 8, 2018

'Compounds found by OPCW in Douma commonly used in industry' – chemistry professor

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has issued an interim report, on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma in April.

It says various chlorinated substances were found in samples from two sites in Douma. Yet, the report also states no nerve agents or their degradation products were detected. The OPCW has not yet reached a final conclusion about the allegations, and its work is still ongoing. Read more.


Syria war: 'Possible chlorine' at Douma attack site - watchdog - BBC

KLM suspends service to Theran, delivers further blow to Iranian economy

The airline’s announcement coincided with a major diplomatic spat between Iran and the Netherlands.

Royal Dutch Airlines announced on Saturday that it will suspend its direct flights to Tehran, delivering another blow to Iran’s struggling economy. Read more.


Netherlands expels two Iranian embassy staff: Dutch intelligence service - Reuters
Iran slams Netherlands 'unconstructive' expulsion of embassy staffers - PressTV

Iran Summons Dutch Envoy Over Expulsion of 2 Diplomats - NY Times
Iran oil war: Netherlands kicks Iranian embassy officials OUT amid furious Trump row - Express

Speech by Ad Melkert at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte, Paris (video) - Iran Freedom

Franse rederij CMA-CGM en KLM trekken zich terug uit Iran - VRT

Twee Iraanse ambassademedewerkers het land uit gezet - NOS
Iran veroordeelt Nederland om uitzetten Iraanse ambassademedewerkers - NOS

Ad Melkert geeft speech bij Iraanse “terreurgroep” MEK - Joods.nl
Ad Melkert met Amerikaanse conservatieven op congres Iraanse dissidenten - Jalta

Arrestaties voor geplande aanslag bij Parijs op bijeenkomst Iraanse oppositie - NOS

July 7, 2018

Nederland gaf steun aan 22 gematigde gewapende groepen in Syrië

De afgelopen jaren heeft Nederland 22 gematigde gewapende groepen in Syrië gesteund. Het ging niet om militaire steun, maar om voedsel, medicijnen en communicatieapparatuur. Ook werden er tenten, uniformen, trainingen en 313 voertuigen gegeven aan de gewapende oppositie. Minister Blok heeft dat geantwoord op Kamervragen van CDA-Kamerleden Van Helvert en Omtzigt.

De waarde van de hulp bedroeg meer dan 25 miljoen euro. De hulp begon in het voorjaar van 2015 en heeft drie jaar geduurd. Lees meer.


Antwoord op vragen van de leden Van Helvert en Omtzigt over het steunprogramma aan de Syrische gewapende oppositie - Tweede Kamer
Antwoord op vragen van de leden Van Helvert en Omtzigt over de steun van de Nederlandse regering aan de rebellen in Zuid-Syrië - Tweede Kamer

How Trump’s trade war with China could go sideways on him

President Trump is a man who judges his successes by anecdote — both real and embellished. But his trade war is turning the anecdotes against him, and there are growing signs of trouble, even as the war officially began Friday.

A poll conducted by The Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University asked whether people felt Trump's "taxes known as tariffs" against China were a good thing or a bad thing, in light of news that China retaliated with its own tariffs on U.S. goods. Fully 56 percent of voters thought the situation was bad for U.S. jobs. Read more + video.

Washington Post

North Korea says US attitude in talks was 'extremely regrettable'

North Korea has accused the US of demanding unilateral denuclearization and said their attitude was "extremely regrettable." US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a different takeaway, saying the talks were "productive."

US and North Korean officials gave conflicting statements following the conclusion of high-level talks in Pyongyang on Saturday that took place following last month's summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Read more.


N. Korea dismisses U.S. talks as ‘robber-like,’ rejecting Pompeo’s takeaway - Washington Post
N. Korea regrets US attitude & unilateral denuclearization demands during Pompeo talks - RT

U.S. and Israel formed joint team to internally pressure Iran regime

Israel and the United States formed a joint working group a few months ago that is focused on internal efforts to encourage protests within Iran and pressure the country's government.

Why it matters: The Obama administration almost completely refused to discuss any potential efforts for stirring unrest or encouraging protest inside Iran with Israel due to its efforts to complete the Iran nuclear deal. The joint team is a major example of the Trump administration's policy shift in the region. Read more.


Israël en VS vormen werkgroep die Iraans regime moet destabiliseren - Express
Speech by Ad Melkert at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte, Paris (video) - Iran Freedom

The Weird DARPA/Facebook "Coincidence" You Never Heard About

Ever hear about "Lifelog?" You know, the DARPA project to create an automatically updated, itemized, organized, electronic list of every interaction you have, every event you attend, every place you go and everything you do?

The project that was announced as canceled the very same day Facebook launched? Well, neither had I? In today's Thought for the Day we explore the Lifelog/Facebook "coincidence" and what it tells us about our wired world. Read more.

Corbett Report

July 6, 2018

EU, UN & rights groups condemn Israel’s plan to bulldoze West Bank Bedouin village

The UN Human Rights Office and many European countries have slammed Israel’s decision to demolish a small Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank. Activists claim Israel wants to use the land to expand settlements.

Israeli authorities have moved three bulldozers to Khan al-Ahmar, a Bedouin herding village in the West Bank, following a court’s ruling that declared the settlement illegal under Israeli law. The military already left a land confiscation notice there on Tuesday, local media reported. Read more + video.


U.N., Europe urge Israel not to demolish Khan al-Ahmar (video) - JPost

- High Court temporarily suspends razing of Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar - JPost
Israel declares Khan al-Ahmar a closed military zone during European visit - JPost

July 5, 2018

25 Families Own $1.1 Trillion Between Them as the Global Wealth Inequality Gap Grows

Once a family-owned business Forbes is well known for producing their annual list of the world’s richest billionaires. Launched in 1982 the original list ranked the top 400 Americans by net worth. Only 13 billionaires were included in that list, and their combined worth was the equivalent of 2.8% of GDP.

In an era where “Greed is Good”, the list became wildly popular, by 2000 the combined net worth of the top 400 equated to 12.2% of US GDP. So prestigious became the list that an ex-employee of Forbes has claimed that Donald J Trump inflated his personal wealth to be included. Read more.

South Front

China: US tariffs will hit intl. supply chains

China says US tariffs on Chinese goods will hit international supply chains as Washington’s new duties are expected to take effect at midnight Thursday.

China’s commerce ministry reiterated that Beijing does not want a trade war with Washington. Separately, China’s customs agency said retaliatory tariffs on US goods will come immediately after US duties on China kick in.

The US measures target 32 billion dollars of Chinese goods. Beijing will impose duties on nearly 30 billion dollars of American products. The tit-for-tat trade spat between the two countries has recently escalated amid fears that the situation may get out of control.


U.S. tariff move hurting itself, the world: MOC - Xinhua
China to implement countermeasures immediately after U.S. tariffs take effect - Xinhua

How Trump’s trade war with China could go sideways on him - Washington Post

'See results!' Iran hints it will block all Gulf oil exports in case of American sanctions

Iran has threatened to block seaborne oil shipments along a route that is used for almost 1/3 of all oil exports if Washington attempts to halt ehran's own exports

The US State Department's policy planning official earlier said that America's goal was to reduce Iran's oil revenues to zero. Read more.


Iran Threatens to Stop Hormuz Oil Exports If Own Crude Cut (video) - Bloomberg
IRGC ready to act on Rouhani's warning on US oil bans: Chief commander - PressTV

Iran may alter cooperation level with IAEA: Rouhani - PressTV

July 4, 2018

Liberman yells at Shin Bet: I won’t allow Palestinian families to reunite

"As long as I am defense minister, there will not be any reunification of Palestinian families," Liberman said.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said during a recent heated debate at the Prime Minister's Office that he will not allow the reunification of Palestinian families inside Israel, according to Channel 2 News. Read more.


Israeli forces assault Palestinians, prepare to demolish village

At least 35 Palestinians wounded as Israeli forces prepare to demolish the entire Khan al-Ahmar village near Jerusalem.

Israeli forces have assaulted dozens of Palestinians protesting the demolition of a Bedouin village near occupied East Jerusalem and the forcible transfer of the entire community. Read more + video.

Al Jazeera

Scuffles break as Israel wanted to raze village in West Bank (video) - PressTV
European Countries Slam Impending Demolition of West Bank Bedouin Village: 'We'll Take Action (paywall) - Haaretz

July 3, 2018

British jets bombed Syrian forces in Tanf last month: Paper

A British warplane directly attacked Syrian forces near the border with Iraq and Jordan last month, killing an army officer and injuring seven others, the Sunday Times daily has reported. 

A Typhoon fighter jet dropped a 500-pound (226-kilo) bomb on Syrian forces who were fighting Takfiri terrorists near the al-Tanf base where British and US special forces train militants, it said. Read more.


- RAF bombed Assad’s border fighters (paywall) - Sunday Times
- US tells rebels not to count on its help as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest – report - RT

- US warns Damascus to cease army operations in Syria (video) - RT

- Israel deploys more artillery, armored reinforcements in occupied Golan - PressTV
- Syrian army advances against terrorists in Dara'a; Israel raises alert in Golan - PressTV

Former Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader speaks at NATO think tank event as it laments rise of right

The Atlantic Council hosted a top Ukrainian official with deep ties to neo-Nazi groups days after he lamented the rise of far-right violence in the country, underlining how the NATO-funded think tank continues to enable Kiev.

Andriy Parubiy, chairman of Ukraine's parliament, spoke at an Atlantic Council event in Washington, DC last week entitled "The Frontlines of Freedom: A Conversation with the Speakers of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine." Read more + video.


- Congress Hosts Actual Fascist as Nazi Violence Rages in Ukraine (video) - Mintpress
- Ukraine’s Got a Real Problem with Far-Right Violence (And No, RT Didn’t Write This Headline) - Atlantic Council

- Parliament Spokesperson urges US to deter Nord Stream 2 construction - 112.UA
- Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andriy Parubiy hopes that the U.S. Congress will soon adopt a resolution on recognizing the Holodomor of 1932-33 as genocide of Ukrainian people - Ukrinform

Tien redenen waarom we de NAVO beter kwijt dan rijk zijn

Op 11 en 12 juli slaan de NAVO-leiders opnieuw hun tenten op voor een NAVO-top in een peperduur nieuw gebouw waarvoor de belastingbetaler 1,1 miljard dollar moest neertellen. De NAVO is een product van de Koude Oorlog. 

Terwijl het vroegere Warschaupact – de militaire alliantie van het communistische Oost-Europa – ophield te bestaan, versterkte de NAVO zich tot een mondiale actor door: de uitbreiding van het grondgebied, door militaire interventies buiten dat grondgebied en door een hele reeks militaire samenwerkingsverbanden met partners wereldwijd. Lees meer.


July 2, 2018

"Mensen sterven omdat medicinale cannabis niet legaal is"

Wie meer wil te weten komen over het thema medicinale cannabis (MC) doet er goed aan om zich voor meer dan het medische luik te interesseren. Vandaag zijn we zelf in een situatie verzeild geraakt waarbij een arts en professor expliciet stelt dat er mensen sterven omdat medicinale cannabis niet legaal is.

Hoe de wereld in deze situatie aanbelandde, heeft in de eerste plaats te maken met ideologie, politieke vriendschappen en geld[1]. Veel geld! Dat de dubieuze situatie en passant op verschillende manieren de mensenrechten schendt, lijkt de betrokken politici (zijn ze niet allemaal betrokken?) niet te deren. Enkele dagen geleden sprak ik over deze hallucinante kwestie met de Amerikaanse arts, dr. Sunil Aggarwal. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Leftist Lopez Obrador favorite as Mexico votes for new president

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has led opinion polls throughout a campaign overshadowed by more than 100 murders of politicians. Sunday's elections for posts at every level of government are Mexico's largest ever.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor and anti-establishment outsider, has maintained a commanding lead in opinion polls throughout a campaign marred by more than 100 murders of politicians by suspected drug gangs. Read more.


- Ruling Party Candidate Concedes Defeat in Mexico Elections - teleSUR
- Latin America, World's Leftist Leaders Support Mexico's AMLO - teleSUR

- Anti-Trump populist poised to clinch Mexican presidency - Politico
- Mexican presidential elections could deteriorate foreign relations with US (video) - Fox

- US Interventions in Latin America Continue and Intensify (video) - TRNN
- 'Socialist Lopez Obrador wint presidentsverkiezingen in Mexico' - NU

Iran plans private-sector oil sales to thwart US sanction: First VP

Iran's first vice president says the country is considering oil exports by the private sector in a bid to thwart forthcoming US sanctions, which mostly aim to curtail the Islamic Republic's revenues by blocking its crude oil exports.

Addressing a conference held to mark National Day of Industry and Mine in Tehran on Sunday, Es’haq Jahangiri said, “The target of the US is firstly [to cut down Iran's] oil [sales]. Read more.


- Iran vows to thwart US efforts to block its oil exports - Al Jazeera
- Iran eyes private oil exports to help beat U.S. sanctions - Reuters

July 1, 2018

Air pollution contributes significantly to diabetes globally

Even low pollution levels can pose health risk

New research links outdoor air pollution -- even at levels deemed safe -- to an increased risk of diabetes globally, according to a new study. The findings raise the possibility that reducing pollution may lead to a drop in diabetes cases in heavily polluted countries such as India and less polluted ones such as the United States. Read more.