July 3, 2018

British jets bombed Syrian forces in Tanf last month: Paper

A British warplane directly attacked Syrian forces near the border with Iraq and Jordan last month, killing an army officer and injuring seven others, the Sunday Times daily has reported. 

A Typhoon fighter jet dropped a 500-pound (226-kilo) bomb on Syrian forces who were fighting Takfiri terrorists near the al-Tanf base where British and US special forces train militants, it said. Read more.


- RAF bombed Assad’s border fighters (paywall) - Sunday Times
- US tells rebels not to count on its help as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest – report - RT

- US warns Damascus to cease army operations in Syria (video) - RT

- Israel deploys more artillery, armored reinforcements in occupied Golan - PressTV
- Syrian army advances against terrorists in Dara'a; Israel raises alert in Golan - PressTV

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