August 25, 2018

DNC says suspected hack attempt turned out to be a security test

What the Democratic National Committee this week thought was an attempted hack of its valuable voter file turned out to be a security test organized by a state party, unbeknown to the national organization.

The committee on Tuesday alerted the FBI to a fake online portal it thought had been set up as an elaborate attempt to trick DNC staff into giving up their log-in credentials — through a hacking technique known as “phishing” — as a way to gain access to the party’s VoteBuilder database. Read more.

Washington Post

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DNC cyberattack was not more Russian hackers, just a simulating phishing test (video) - Newsweek

Poging tot hacking op Democraten was een test - Nieuwsblad
Amerikaanse Democraten dan toch niet gehackt: “Het was maar een test” - HLN

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