August 2, 2018

Saudi Arabia planned to invade Qatar last summer - Rex Tillerson's efforts to stop it may have cost him his job

THIRTEEN HOURS BEFORE Secretary of State Rex Tillerson learned from the presidential Twitter feed that he was being fired, he did something that President Donald Trump had been unwilling to do. Following a phone call with his British counterpart, Tillerson condemned a deadly nerve agent attack in the U.K., saying that he had “full confidence in the U.K.’s investigation and its assessment that Russia was likely responsible.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had called the attack “reckless, indiscriminate, and irresponsible,” but stopped short of blaming Russia, leading numerous media outlets to speculate that Tillerson was fired for criticizing Russia. Read more.


Rex Tillerson stopped Saudi and UAE from 'attacking' Qatar - Al Jazeera

Defence minister: Saudi, UAE intended to invade Qatar - Al Jazeera
- Trump Warned Saudis Off Military Move on Qatar (video) - Bloomberg

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