September 6, 2018

Vape Life Documentary: Smoking and Tobacco Addiction

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Episode 1 of a multi-part documentary about vaping; the technology behind it, the vaping industry, the culture and community and the movement.

Episode 1 is about the causes of tobacco addiction, the possibility that nicotine is not the main cause of addiction, (that MAOI's in combination with the thousands of other chemicals in combustible tobacco may be the actual cause,) and discussion about current FDA approved NRT's (nicotine replacement therapies) and their effectiveness.

Episode 2 - Vape Life Documentary: Vaping Innovation and Technology

United Vapers

Formaldehyde in Electronic Cigarettes vs Combustible Tobacco (video) - Robert Cranfield

Vaping Is 95% Healthier and 40% Cheaper Than Smoking - Time
E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review - Gov.UK

The evidence keeps piling up: e-cigarettes are definitely safer than smoking - Guardian
Nicotine Propaganda ~ Don't feed the LIARS (video) - Qorax Stan

Effects of tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapor exposure on the oral and gut microbiota in humans: a pilot study - PeerJ
- De gezondheidsrisico’s van e-sigaret gebruik - RIVM

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