September 24, 2018

WARNING Exposed & Dangerous: Joyetech Riftcore Duo Review and Horrible Business Practices and Lies

READ This before commenting: This is a exposure of Joyetech and their lovely ceramic or whatever they think it is Riftcore Duo RTA/Wickable Tank.

There is so many things wrong with this device, it should not be ignored. This is the same thing as the NCR RDA and the Vexus. Those devices werent successful and rightfully so, shouldnt have been. What I am saying in this video, especially when you get to the end you will see all the information which is all available on public domain.

Even if the argument that it is safe to vape on, why is all the stuff hidden on their website and msds sheets on their sites are inaccurate and not true.

Here is a bunch of links for you Joyetech's Riftcore Site:
- Joyetech's Riftcore Site:
- NCR Review:
- Vaping360 Site Warning:
- Aluminum Nitride MSDS Sheet:,%20AlN.pdf

Jai Haze

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