October 23, 2018

We’ll build up nuclear arsenal until Russia & China come to their senses – Trump

Donald Trump has threatened to build up the United State's nuclear arsenal, until 'people come to their senses'...

He earlier vowed to scrap a nuclear treaty with Russia, that's been in force for almost 3 decades. Read more.


'US has weapons to destroy the world 10 times over, but they want more because of China' - RT
There are nearly 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world — and Russia, U.S. hold more than 90% - USA Today

Trump is creating a nuclear threat worse than the cold war - Guardian
US Nuclear Weapons Policy - Union of Concerned Scientists

Special Report: In modernizing nuclear arsenal, U.S. stokes new arms race - Reuters
British Parliament votes to renew nuclear weapons program for 3 more decades - Washington Post

Withdrawal From INF Nuclear Treaty Brings us “Closer to Doomsday” Than any Time Since 1950’s (video) - TRNN

John Bolton and US ambassador Huntsman visit WWII memorial in Moscow (video) - RT
Washington fears Moscow may play spoiler to US energy-related sanctions against Tehran - RT

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