November 16, 2018

Merkel party’s youth wing filmed singing ‘Nazi-era’ song

The Christian Democrats’ youth wing was filmed yelling out a song sung by Wehrmacht soldiers in the 1930s, causing quite a stir in Germany and an accusation of getting closer to the far-right. Read more.


US carries out airstrikes in Syria using white phosphorus munitions, Moscow says

The foreign ministry spokeswoman recalled that Syria’s SANA news agency earlier reported that over 60 civilians had been wounded in these airstrikes

MOSCOW, November 15. /TASS/. US aircraft have resumed airstrikes against targets in Syria with the use of white phosphorus munitions, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday. Read more.


Abu Said: Washington violates int’l conventions using white phosphorus bombs in Deir Ezzor countryside - Sana

Russia says U.S. coalition uses phosphorus bombs against civilians in Syria - Xinhua
Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria, which Pentagon denies - Reuters

November 15, 2018

The WWI Conspiracy

What was World War One about? How did it start? Who won? And what did they win? Now, 100 years after those final shots rang out, these questions still puzzle historians and laymen alike. 

But as we shall see, this confusion is not a happenstance of history, but the wool that has been pulled over our eyes to stop us from seeing what WWI really was.

This is the story of WWI that you didn't read in the history books. This is The WWI Conspiracy.

Corbet Report

EU-wapenverkoop aan Saoedi-Arabië 55 maal bedrag EU-hulp Jemen

Lode Vanoost - Terwijl EU-regeringen en EU-instellingen hun bezorgdheid uiten over de gruwel van de oorlog in Jemen en het land "levensreddende hulp" aanbieden staan zij toe dat EU-wapenbedrijven nog steeds wapens verkopen aan Saoedi-Arabië en de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten voor een bedrag 55 maal groter dan het totaal van alle Europese 'hulp' aan Jemen.

Saoedi-Arabië en zijn bondgenoten in de regio voeren reeds meer dan drie jaar een verwoestende oorlog tegen de bevolking van buurland Jemen, omdat die in opstand is gekomen tegen een onderdrukkende en wreedaardige dictator die met steun van Saoedi-Arabië aan de macht was gebleven. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

Bomb Egypt, behead disloyal Arabs: Israel parts ways with 'Jewish ISIS' defense chief

Avigdor Lieberman has resigned as Israel's defense chief, but his inflammatory utterances – ranging from calling for disloyal Arabs to be beheaded, to proposing Egypt be bombed – remain as reminders of his right-wing politics.

Lieberman, who created Israel's right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, resigned as defense minister on Wednesday after denouncing the government's recent ceasefire with Hamas as a "capitulation to terror." Read more.


Israel's Defense Chief Resigns, Slams Netanyahu for 'Surrendering to Hamas Terror' (video) - Haaretz
Populism and Empty Threats: Lieberman Earned the Public's Disdain (paywall) - Haaretz

Hamas And Israel Agree To Egyptian-Brokered Cease-Fire - NPR
Abbas agrees to Egypt-mediated ‘calm’ between Israel and Hamas — report - Times of Israel

Israeli Defense Minister’s Resignation not a “Victory” for Gaza but a Warning that the Worst is to Come - MintPress

November 13, 2018

Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see: The Lobby - USA

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.

We are releasing the leaked film simultaneously with France’s Orient XXI and Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar, which have respectively subtitled the episodes in French and Arabic. The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017. Read more.

Electronic Intifada

- Tegenlicht: De Israël lobby (video) - VPRO

SWIFT Cuts Off Iran Central Bank As Tehran Sells 700,000 Barrels To Anonymous Direct Buyers

As reported last week, shortly after SWIFT caved to US pressure and defied the EU announcing it would cut off a selection of Iranian banks, on Monday, the US Treasury said the Iranian Central Bank has been officially cut off the SWIFT financial messaging system.

The disconnection, which comes at a time when Iran's economy is reeling and its currency is tumbling as a result of restricted oil exports (albeit offset by numerous temporary waivers for top Iranian oil clients), will made it far more difficult for the Islamic Republic to settle import and export bills. Read more.


SWIFT system to disconnect some Iranian banks this weekend - Reuters
EU says SWIFT decision on Iran banks regrettable - Reuters

Russia, Germany slam US re-imposition of sanctions on Iran - PressTV
U.S. sanctions on Iran has drawn barrage of global criticism (video) - PressTV

SWIFT’s Iran ban will ‘expedite global de-dollarization’ – Max Keiser - RT

November 11, 2018

Poland's president addresses far right at independence march

Nationalists burning flares and carrying fascist flags marched at same time as politicians

More than 200,000 people are estimated to have taken part in a controversial independence-day march through central Warsaw on Sunday, after a last-minute agreement was struck between senior politicians and the event’s far-right organisers. Read more.


Putin positive on Macron’s ‘European army’ plan, says it's good for multipolar world

Europe’s desire to create its own army and stop relying on Washington for defense is not only understandable, but would be “positive” for the multipolar world, Vladimir Putin said days after Donald Trump ripped into it. Read more.


Trump, Macron agree on European defense after Trump's 'very insulting' comment - CNBC

Joods-Europese organisaties: "Israël spreekt niet in onze naam"

Vertegenwoordigers van Joods-Europese organisaties protesteerden op een persconferentie samen met groene en linkse Europarlementsleden tegen een samenkomst georganiseerd door de regering van Israël in Brussel, die de bedoeling heeft elke kritiek op Israël te brandmerken als anti-semitisme.

"Niet in onze naam". In Brussel ging op 6 en 7 november in Brussel een conferentie door georganiseerd door de Joods-Europese Associatie en twee Israëlische ministeries, waarop leden van het Europees Parlement uitgenodigd zijn. Lees meer.

De Wereld Morgen

November 7, 2018

Even the FBI Thinks Police Have Links to White Supremacists — but Don’t Tell the New York Times

OVER THE WEEKEND, the New York Times Magazine published a lengthy and in-depth piece on how U.S. law enforcement has willfully ignored the threat of white supremacist extremism for decades. The author, Janet Reitman, takes an ostensibly deep dive into how law enforcement — particularly federal agencies — has neglected the growth of the violent far right, in part owing to Republican political agenda setting. For a story framed around a “blind spot,” though, the piece itself is hobbled by an egregious case of sightlessness.

The Times tells a story about law enforcement failing and struggling to deal with white supremacy. Read more.


- U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It. - NY Times
US hate crimes: White extremism on the rise (video) - Al Jazeera

NCTV: rechts-extremisme gevaar voor Nederlandse maatschappij - NOS
Zes rechts-extremisten opgepakt voor beramen aanslag op Macron - NOS

Twitteralternatief Gab was toevluchtsoord voor extreemrechts - NOS
Extreemrechts in Nederland is 'what you see is what you get' - NOS

November 5, 2018

Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA

Can President Trump save America? Will the Federal Reserve Board be able to pull off yet another round of extremist interference and postpone a crisis? 

Find out how Mike he believes it will play out.

Mike Maloney

Remember, remember the 5th of November: ‘Anonymous’ followers expected to hold rallies worldwide

Thousands of demonstrators across the globe are expected to take to the streets on Monday for the Million Mask March. 

The protest is led by hacktivist group 'Anonymous' and has been held every year since 2013.


Anonymous descend on London for 'Million Mask March' (video) - RT
Million Mask March in London 2018: Who are Anonymous? What is the event? Where is it and what time is it? (video) - Standard

Turkey will not accept attempts to seize eastern Mediterranean resources, Erdoğan says

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned Sunday that Turkey will not allow oil and gas extraction in eastern Mediterranean through plans excluding the nation and the Turkish Republic off Northern Cyprus

(TRNC). "We will not accept attempts to seize natural resources in eastern Mediterranean through exclusion of Turkey and the TRNC," Erdoğan said at a ceremony at the Istanbul Shipyard Command of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Tuzla district for the delivery of TCG Burgazada corvette to the Turkish Navy. Read more.

Daily Sabah

Turkey vows to make ‘sea bandits’ drilling gas off Cyprus pay, like ‘terrorists in Syria’ did - RT