November 30, 2018

Senate vote on Yemen rebukes Trump administration's pro-Saudi stance

Senators allow floor vote on cutting US military aid for war. Mattis and Pompeo fail to dampen unease about US-Saudi ties. 

The Senate has delivered a significant rebuke to the Trump administration by defying the advice of its top officials and advancing a measure that would cut US military support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Read more.


Yemen war: Vote in US Senate delivers rebuke to Trump - BBC
Senate advances bill to end U.S. involvement in Yemen war after 'inadequate' briefing on Saudi Arabia - NBC

Senate defies White House on Saudi support in Yemen - Politico
Lobbyists have paid five of the Senators who shot down Yemen bill - Al Jazeera

Senate votes to end Saudi support in Yemen over Jamal Khashoggi murder  - Telegraph
Senate Vote on Yemen: An Embarrassment to Trump, a Blow to Saudi Arabia (paywall) - Haaretz

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