February 25, 2019

Cell Phone RADIATION & 5G DANGERS | An In-Depth Exploration


The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On

Hezbollah: US main cause of persisting crisis in Syria

A high-ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says the United States is the main cause of the persisting crisis in Syria.

In remarks published by Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office on Sunday, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said the US had prolonged the presence of foreign-backed militants in the Middle Eastern country. Read more.


Trump administration plans to leave 400 troops in Syria - Washington Post

February 22, 2019

India to block Kashmir water supply from Pakistan

India has stepped up its response against Pakistan, a week after an attack in Indian-administered Kashmir that killed 40 members of their security forces. A senior minister has announced that New Delhi will block the flow of its share of water from rivers originating in the disputed region into Pakistan.

Of the total 207 billion cubic metres, India's share of water from three rivers is nearly 20 percent. India currently uses 93 percent of its share from three rivers under the "Indus Waters Treaty". The other seven percent goes to Pakistan.

The World Bank treaty gives India access to three eastern rivers, and Pakistan access to three western rivers. India's decision will not affect Pakistan's access to the western rivers allowed under the treaty.

Al Jazeera's Faiz Jamil has more from New Delhi.

Al Jazeera

Han Solo Pimps World Government - #PropagandaWatch

Fresh off the heels of pimping for Amazon, Harrison Ford is back at it, this time lending his face and voice to climate change buffoonery for the World Government Summit taking place in the United Arab Emirates.

I wish I was making this up. Today, I break down the World Government Summit and the real nature of these globalist institutions that seemingly sprout out of nowhere. Read more.

Corbett Report

France considers anti-Zionism as hate crime: President Macron

February 19, 2019

NATO’s Atlantic Council hijacks Munich conference with revisionist ‘principles’ declaration

Taking over the annual Munich security conference, the Atlantic Council has come out with a declaration of principles that seeks to legitimize the rogue behavior of the West after the Cold War as a ‘rules-based’ world order.

For almost three decades now, Washington and its numerous clients and allies have insisted they were only upholding a “rules-based international order” against those who seek to challenge it, be it “rogue states” such as North Korea and Iran or great powers such as Russia and China. Read more.


More sanctions: US hits Maduro government with new penalties

#Washington is continuing to ramp up the pressure on the Venezuelan government. On Friday, it hit the crisis-stricken country's state-owned oil company, and five of Nicolas #Maduro's top officials, with a fresh wave of #sanctions.

‘They want to enslave us!’ Maduro slams Trump’s ultimatum & ‘Nazi-style’ attack on socialism - RT

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- Venezuela turns to India for oil exports as U.S. sanctions bite - Reuters

Trump Hits Venezuela with More Sanctions as US Military Planes Bring ‘Aid’ - Venezuelanalysis

Mercenary team? 5 US citizens among heavily armed group arrested amid Haiti protests

A group of seven foreigners and one local were apprehended by Haitian authorities amid violent unrest in the nation. The suspects, who allegedly have military backgrounds, were equipped with an arsenal of guns and even drones.

The group was apprehended on Sunday in the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince, shortly after leaving the Bank of Haiti, local newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported. Read more.


Haiti arrests: US confirms Americans among group detained - BBC
5 Americans arrested in Haiti as violent protests continue - CNN

Haiti’s Unfolding Revolution Is Directly Linked to Venezuela’s - Haïti Liberté
Er vindt een revolutie plaats in Haïti, rechtstreeks verbonden met VS-ingrijpen in Venezuela - Krapuul

Haïti volksopstand tegen een regime waar u niets over hoeft te horen - De Wereld Morgen