April 28, 2019

America's Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence

It’s honestly a weird feeling to go to the birthplace of America – where the ideals of freedom, liberty, independence, etc. were enshrined – only to find that these symbols have been watered down, transferred, or stolen, and subsumed into a “global vision” that lacks substance, sovereignty or liberty of any kind. And yes, U.S. of A. is a “republic” not a “democracy” in the first place – but the powers that be are replacing either/both of those anyway…

The United Nations takeover of United States’ landmarks is sending a clear message to newer generations – that the days of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, independence, and the like are somehow gone – magically evaporated in the wake of a new world order that no one voted for, only a tiny elite few championed, and yet everyone is supposed to yield and submit to.

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April 25, 2019

Afghan and U.S.-led allied forces killed more civilians than Taliban in first three months, U.N. says

Kabul, Afghanistan -- Afghan and international forces have killed more civilians than the Taliban and other militants in the first three months of this year -- the first time deaths caused by government forces and their allies have exceeded those caused by their enemies, a new U.N. report said Wednesday. The insurgents were still responsible, however, for the majority of the killed and wounded civilians combined, according to the report by the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

The report said that 1,773 civilians were killed or wounded overall in the three months -- a significant drop from the same period last year, when 2,305 civilians were killed or wounded in conflict. Read more.


- More civilians now killed by US, Afghan forces than by insurgents — UN - Mail&Guardian

Psychedelic Psychotherapy: Using LSD, MDMA and Psilocybin to Treat Mental Health

While psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, and DMT are most commonly associated with recreational highs and headtrips, a groundswell of academic opinion suggests that the substances could be utilised to serve a raft of therapeutic benefits as well. In Australia, official trials of medicinal psychedelics are only just starting to get off the ground. 

But a small community of experimental psychotherapists—along with self-medicating users—have been using acid and mushrooms to treat mental health conditions for years, with promising results. We speak to some of the people who are at the coalface of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in Australia—and hear their views on how mind-expanding drugs could be the next frontier in mental health treatment.

Please note that since this video was made, a medical trial using psilocybin for palliative care patients will be introduced in Melbourne, Australia. Read more.


April 21, 2019

Cut Military Aid, Not Humanitarian Aid, to Reduce Refugee Numbers

Trump's announcement to cut humanitarian aid to Central America will not have much effect. It's the military aid that reinforces brutality in Guatemala and Honduras, says Prof. Adrienne Pine.


Tweede man van Forum Henk Otten: ‘Baudet trekt de partij te veel naar rechts’

Mede-oprichter FVD Het is hoog tijd dat Forum voor Democratie meer van zichzelf laat zien dan alleen voorman Thierry Baudet, vindt mede-oprichter Henk Otten.

We zullen Henk Otten, zegt Henk Otten, vaker gaan zien. En wat hem betreft ook andere, nu nog onbekende politici van Forum voor Democratie. De tijd is voorbij, vindt Otten, dat dat alleen de partij was van Thierry Baudet, en ook wel van het ándere Kamerlid, Theo Hiddema. Lees meer.


- Strijd tussen Baudet en Otten om koers in partijtop, kan Forum flink beschadigen - AD
- FvD-voorzitter Otten wil extreemrechtse ideologie binnenskamers houden - Joop

De Thaise constructie van televisiebaas Frans Klein

NPO-chef Frans Klein was bestuurder van een brievenbusfirma voor zijn broer, die kampte met schulden van Thaise restaurants. Waarom deed Klein, die gaat over 500 miljoen subsidiegelden, dit? „Je mag het naïef noemen.” Het uitzicht is adembenemend.

Vanaf het balkon van 15 Alexandra Corniche in Hythe, even ten zuiden van het Engelse Dover, kun je op een heldere dag Frankrijk zien. Lees meer.


April 14, 2019

IS targets the Philippines

Is the so-called "Islamic State" aiming to use the Philippines as its bridgehead in Asia? IS took control of the predominantly Muslim city of Marawi in 2017, and it took the Philippine army five months to take it back.

We report from a country that the so-called "Islamic State" apparently wants to use as a bridgehead to spread its ideology in Asia. Marawi's total destruction made the Philippine state look weak and incapable of defending its own territory. The IS fighters may have been defeated, but the grueling house-to-house fighting against a well-equipped army supported by the USA was a propaganda coup for the Caliphate. Martial law still applies on Mindanao, the second largest island in the south of the Philippines where Marawi is located.

More than 60,000 of the city’s inhabitants are still living in refugee camps or other emergency shelters, and reconstruction could take years. The terrorist group’s capture of Marawi was the climax to an old, religiously charged conflict that IS did not cause but was able to exploit. A feud between local Muslim inhabitants and Christian colonial rulers and settlers from the north of the archipelago has been smoldering in the south of the Philippines for more than 400 years. Many Muslims still complain about the discrimination they face from a mainly Catholic society, which is an ideal environment for the recruitment of new fighters for jihad.

The fact that the Islamists' black flag flew over Marawi for 154 days could boost radical forces throughout the entire region. IS terrorists are also targeting neighboring Indonesia. And Rodrigo Duterte, a president better known for his toughness than his talent for peace making, is pouring fuel on the flames. Read more.


April 13, 2019

The dangerous health business

More and more people are dying or suffering injury from unsafe medical devices such as prostheses, pacemakers or breast implants. In Germany, such incidents have tripled over the last 10 years, whilst in the USA it’s five times as many.

Jürgen Thoma, who needed a new hip in 2005, says "We were the guinea pigs". He was recommended a new product, an "innovation" better than anything on the market so far. But this "innovation" has probably caused massive suffering to hundreds of people.

The metal in the prostheses deteriorated due to abrasion and many patients suffered from metal poisoning that ate into their bones. Thomas Woska suffered years of pain until a defective prosthetic disc was removed from his back in a lengthy operation. The prosthesis had disintegrated, distributing fragments of plastic along the channel of his spinal cord.

Internal documents from companies and ministries and countless conversations with industry representatives and whistleblowers show that side effects are repeatedly concealed. The authorities usually leave it to the manufacturers to recall defective products or issue safety warnings. Since 2010, this has happened around 1000 times a year, an average of about three times a day, but the authorities seem to have ordered only six recalls during the same period.

Often nothing at all is done about defective products. Doctors regularly implant products that have hardly been tested. Internal documents from 2016 show that even the Ministry of Health assumes that only one in ten medical devices with the highest risk levels has been clinically tested, and the public is largely unaware of the risks. By linking compensation payments to obligations of confidentiality, companies prevent patients from talking about their cases.

More than 250 journalists from almost 60 different media companies were involved in the worldwide research into medical products under the title "The Implant Files," including the BBC, Le Monde and representatives from Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Tunisia and many European countries.


- Implant Files - ICIJ

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- Verantwoording voor het Implant Files-onderzoek - Trouw 

Pilger: What got Assange into trouble was exposing the homicidal nature of American wars

Journalist and documentary filmmaker, John Pilger, thinks among all the leaks, what really landed Assange in trouble, was the revelation of the true nature of modern war.


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